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I am having one of those moments when I find my…

I am having one of those moments when I find myself insanely jealous of those who can:

A) Work from home
B) Don’t have to work at all

I am officially worried about money…with the extra time off I needed for doctors and tests this OFF time couldn’t have come at a worse time

3. I am officially pensive. Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful, Suggestive or expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness.

*Now, as for that BOOK I was talking about…I have been spending so much time “blogging” being sick, adjusting to new medications, a new school year, trumpet lessons, student council meetings, a full time job, family obligations, holding up my end of friendships, and running a household alone, that I haven’t written a WORD in the book in months…. months. I don’t know if it’s because it’s HARD or because it’s SCARY to write from that place inside of me? However, a new fire has been lit under my ass.

SUNDAY NIGHT: A friend of mine RODGER, whom I met when our kids were in the same karate class a few years ago, has a friend with an impressive bio. (see here) After Rodger read my book, and fell in love with it, Rodger has asked my permission to forward the material to that friend of his (see here). When he asked me, I was shocked that anyone thinks anything I wrote is good or worthy, but wanting to forward it to someone in the real writing world? When I re-skimmed through it quickly before shooting it off in an email, I realized just how long it has been since I have written, and what a mess it is. Rodger has always been a dear friend to me, and I am lucky / thankful to have him support the “work in progress.” Who knows what/if anything will come of that email, but you never know. Even some advice, or direction, or tell me it’s a piece of shit… I need brutal honesty from a stranger (non biased family / friend). I am determined now more than ever to re-visit the book, and work hard on that project.

(Also that new MAC! NOTEBOOK! yippee! I will be getting THIS WEEK! yippee! will help facilitate with said project with all its fabulous tools for writing construction)

Then, today, WEDNESDAY, completely out of the blue, and completely unprovoked by me, I received these two emails (see below) from MALE BFF regarding the book too!! Male BFF is a TOUGH audience; in fact, I think this is the FIRST compliment he has ever given me on the book. (other than using the term prolific to describe my writing style)

1.) “Read book entry on Georgia… It was very good… Don’t respond to this email lest I never read another word written by you… Just take the compliment as it is..”

2.)“Kicked outta Virgo’s… good… I would by your book, and read it…”

3. My BFF Jennifer is forever telling me how good / great the book is. (but that’s her JOB as BFF to tell me I am great, all the damn time, plus she loves me and love is blind, I value her compliments, I appreciate that she even read it at all)

So, coincidence? Or is someone telling me something?

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