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I Am Fabulous


The Twisted Sisters, Dawn and Ann, have graciously awarded me with another gift. Wheee!

I am fabulous and I have an award to prove it.

*Christy from Totally Fabulous and Mike Wheeler of Ordinary Folk, have created this Fabulous New Award for Totally Fab bloggers! The criteria for this award…. You have to be fun, cool, and of course Totally Fabulous!

I would like to pass this bad ass award on to the following FABULOUS bloggers:

Leslie @ Smoke Rings and Coffee Stains

The Domestic Minx

Amber @ Random Magus

Laurie Anne @ All Over The Bored

KellyPea @ Kellementology

SomeGirl @ Hiding In Public

Selma@ Selma In The City

*I know, I know, I was only supposed to pick THREE, but, C’mon, I can’t help it if there are this many FABULOUS women in my life.

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  • Way to go, Mrs. Fab!!! I shall celebrate your fabulousness by watching a rerun of 30 Rock tonight, knowing that you get Tina…

    hey, if we’re twins, does that make me fabulous?

  • Meleah

    Yes, YOU ARE Fabulous. 🙂

  • Congrats on the award, you are Ab Fab.


  • Congrats on the Fab award!!!

    Although no award is needed to know you are fabulous!

  • You are fabulous. And very generous. Thank you for your support and constant commenting over on my fledgling blog. I really do appreciate it.

  • Oh! Ab Fab, sweetie darling, finally!!

    Love you too, fabulous girl!!!


  • and you are fabulous my darling… absolutely totally fabulous….

  • simply totally fabulous Meleah!

  • Aww shucks, thanks…

  • Well deserved because you are fab! Congrats!

  • Congrats on the Fab Award Meleah, you totally deserve it 😀

  • Meleah, you are simply mahv-alus!

    I’m going to have to install another sidebar pretty soon with all the awards you deem me worthy of. Thanks! Maybe a special page to put them on?

  • Hey Miss Fab… thank you!!! muuuaahhhh

  • congrats on your superfantabulous award–great to see the martini glasses in the background—i’ll take mine stirred, not shaken….
    you should start off a bloggers directory of new drink cocktails—–meleah de menthe is the start—cheers–bottoms up—-jivoli

  • Lis

    Hey fab girl, congrats! That’s a really fab-looking award!

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