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Household Appliance Repairs

And THIS video … Is WHY

I love iMovie ‘07.

So. Very. Much.

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  • Now that’s what I’m talking about… a man who can fix stuff!!!!

  • Your Dad is definitely the man. And I get the flyswatter in the tool belt – you never know what nasties will climb out of the garbage disposal unit. I love a man who’s prepared for anything. And Poppa Sye’s braces? Adorable!

  • Uncle Rick

    Great job Meleah. I can’t believe he really did it.

  • George Z

    Hey Mel,

    I just viewed this with my wife at home. It’s hilarious. Too Funny. My wife wants to meet you so you can show her how to use iMovie. We spent an hour watching all of your videos. You are in the wrong business!!

  • Harry

    I thought it was funny and I always love to hear dad drop the f bomb, it makes me feel all warm and happy inside. As a fellow home repair specialist I can feel Ron’s glee upon completion of the project and his $240 savings. I like poppa sye’s suspenders almost as much as his polyester pants, and his supervision of the project gives it that extra ooomph. I also thought the music choices were great!


    Good job dood!


  • Olly



  • Uncle Bob

    well that wasa lot better then when he tried to fix the friggen draw…

  • Meleah

    Fixes and cleans! Now that’s a man! Oh BTW Melevision is BACK on! I have a new post up and Thursdays and Friday are covered as well! 🙂

    Poppa Sye’s suspenders crack me up every day. And his crazy pants. Im lad you liked the video

    Uncle Rick:
    Its a miracle

    Really? Get out! Okay…I will talk with you about a meeting with your wife later today. xxoo

    You have been a LONG TIME supporter of my father! You have been around since the story of 75 cents! I knew YOU would appreciate this one! Thanks dood. Mad love to you.

    xxoo xxoo 🙂 Thanks!

    Uncle Bob:
    ha ha ha I know. Aren’t we SO proud!

  • Meleah

    To Everyone A “Technical” Question:

    I haven’t had the chance to get The New Movie onto my Apple-Mac Website just yet. And I don’t know when I will find the time.

    But, how do you guys LIKE “VIRB” ? (personally, I am amazed with the clarity.)

    However, the video might be a little small depending on “What You Application (and /or) Device You Are Using To VIEW The Movie.”

    For example: On my personal Mac/Apple computer (using Firefox) my video on Virb is teeny teeny tiny. But, when I look at my video from another computer (a P.C. desk top with Windows XP, using Internet Explorer) the video is much bigger.

    What does the movie look like on YOUR END?

    And, I also managed to put the latest saga of Home Repairs onto my YouTube account. (Even though YouTube makes all of my videos blurry.)

    So can you tell the difference between Virb & YouTube? Or am I just overly obsessed?

  • Meleah

    Oh! People, Just ONE More Thing:

    Question: I am NOT sure if the “CHAMP” shot really works?

    I tried to work in photoshopping my dads head onto Bob Vila (that famous home repair cat) but you couldn’t even tell it was Bob Vila so it just looked like my dads head was all messed up.

    Then I thought…maybe I should change it to Tim The Tool Time Taylor (with my dads head) ? I don’t know.

    However since I’ve already dedicated 40 + hours, 19 cups of coffee and 87 cigarettes to a 3 minuet an 5 second video. I should probably just LEAVE IT ALONE already.

    (And yes MOM, I know I need to get back to WRITING MY BOOK instead of f*cking around with videos).

    * BTW: My favorite part of this movie is the “One Hour Later” (with the clock ticking sound effect.)

  • I swear I have never seen this movie before!
    Ok, with that out of the way, I can tell you how kickassamaginglygoodbetterthanhalfofwhatisontvthesedays great this movie was.

    Also, I am signing up for your dad’s ‘learn how to fix stuff so people stop calling you a girl’ 10 week program!!

    Very well done Meleah, but then you already know that 😉

  • That was AWESOME!! I thought the virb version looked great. I also watched the Youtube version and didn’t see any difference. I did watch your “take me as I am” movie. I LOVED IT!! You look fantastic in every picture!
    As for fixing the disposable…I was lughing so hard when all of a sudden he was working at warp speed. And just before the comment about Poppa Sye’s suspenders came up, I had just thought to myself, “How cute is hein his little red suspenders!” Great job…What a great movie making program and you have mastered it!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    Ha Ha Ha…. Well NOT everyone has the special ‘Sneak Peek Preview Privileges’ that YOU have. Still, I am so happy you enjoyed it. And THANK YOU for all of your encouragement and support while making this movie! You are The Best.

    Chef Mom:
    So I am obviously overly obsessed. But that works for me. Thanks for watching both versions.

    Oh the “Take Me As I Am” movie I have kept very LOW KEY and I haven’t ever ‘blogged” about that one. (People that don’t “know me” or about the crohn’s (the bowl photo) and all that jazz might just think I am an egotistical maniac or something. And I am actually thinking of reconstructing it now that I have a better handle on my editing skillz. I use the same photo too many times and I want to change it up a bit.)

    I am THRILLED you enjoyed the Garbage Disposal movie. Poppa Sye is adorable. Oh yeah…Warp Speed rules. I love that ‘effect’ in iMovie. That effect is called Fast/Slow/Reverse (which is also missing in iMovie 08) and gives me the ability to really mess with peoples actual movements.

  • Nope, you are the best!

  • I’ll keep it on the down low, but I loved it!! Those of us that “know” you, it’s just YOU!! Does that make any sense?? Better yet, it comes across as showing you as we’ve come to know and love you!!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    Okay. I am.

    Chef Mom:
    Aww…Thanks. I know someone like YOU who does “know” me would GET that video. xxoo 🙂

  • Apple has tutorials right on their site for noobs at iMovie and other apps. They are pretty good, actually. You can read abbout them here:

    They also offer free classes if you live near a store and genius bar.

  • Melz, I’ve noticed your site is having server connection issues and problems pulling images. I am swamped for a couple of days but I’m making it my priority to see what’s going on for you, babe. Hang tight. I’ll check it out ASAP.

    Your fearless web bitch, Leslie

  • The best friend

    i cant take it i love it!!!

  • Meleah


    1. I have only taken ONE class. The rest of my movie making = self taught. Not too shabby! (and if I didnt have a day job HOGGING all my time, I really would take a million Apple classes).

    2. Yes. My ‘server’ or webhost or whatever IS fucked. Ive gotten quite a bit of emails from people telling me they cant get in, or view my page, or leave any comments….but I didnt want to harass you since I know that you are currently mad-crazy-bizy. I will totally be patient because I know that YOU always take care of me and my blog. I am not panicking ….YET.

    I love it too. and my daddy. He is such a GOOD sport.

  • The best friend

    awesome work!

  • He IS the man!! He even cleans up!

    Does he know he wants to marry me?

  • Cool! You just gotta love men who can fix things 😉

  • He is the ‘MAN” whoo hoo…I think Poppa stole my suspenders…:)))))) that was great I loved it..

  • Meleah

    But you are marrying Chef Mom! xxoo

    He really is The Best Father /Man In The World.

    Loving the suspenders.

  • Well … I will go with Robert here. Suspenders – I love that word. (sorry I could not watch) 🙁

  • Nice work putting that in. I would not have been as successful. I LOVE the suspenders BTW.

  • Great video, Ms. Biscuit Cottonball.

    Sincerely, Marshmallow MacBunny.

  • Danny AKA CGB

    Great video Mel. Nice work..’Again’

  • yo momma

    umm… momo…my husband better NOT know that!!

    We wouldn’t want meleah to have a breakdown, now would we??? (i’d say i’d send his brother your way, but they’re both taken.)

    Yup! I am the absolutely Luckiest and Happiest Married Woman In the World!!!

    ….and that ain’t changin’!!

  • Uncle Bob

    I am proud to say he is my adopted brother.. he he he

  • Broham (Adam)

    Not only did he save $240 on installation…he just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico! That looked like a friggin pain in the aish! Nice job
    capturing the moment(s).

  • Meleah

    I wish there was a way you COULD see the movie…. and yes…Suspenders Rule.

    Thank you. This movie was a lot of work!

    Michael C:
    HA HA HA!!!! The Easter Names from Selma’s site! “Ms. Biscuit Cottonball” & “Marshmallow MacBunny.: HA HA xxoo

    Was it one of the “GOOD” ones? As good as ‘Three Men And A Chandelier’?

    Momo is married, bur I think she has plans to Marry Chef Mom! (and yes, you ARE “Luckiest and Happiest Married Woman In the World!!!” ) I can only hope to have THAT one day. I love you mom. I cant wait to make YOUR movie! xxoo xxoo

    Uncle Bob
    Totally “adopted” brother. HA HA HA

    Oh YEAY! You got to see the movie! Thanks Adam. Making the movie was also a PAIN in the ASS. I miss you and my nephew MASON. xxoo xxoo 🙂 Sorry I missed out seeing you last Saturday (damned strep throat!)

  • I saw your name there and couldn’t resist. But then I saw the word biscuit and it made me hungry.

  • Lee

    As of last week, your dad would have been subject to a fine of $5,000 for installing that new disposal if it was in Raleigh, NC. In addition, you as homeowner, if discovered, would have been subject to a $10,000 per day fine. Our wonderful city counsel has decided that garbage disposals are the cause of sewer backups and clogs and are no longer allowed. Disposals cannot be sold or installed within the city. In addition, an community that is on the City of Raleigh water system is banned from installing them too. How they are going to police that one is a mystery to me. Thankfully, we just installed a new one about a year ago and they’re good for about 10 years.

  • Meleah

    Michael C:
    mmmmm biscuts. Now I am hungry. Oh wait….I am always hungry.

    How odd? I never heard of anyting like that.

    All I know is my dad is friggen hysterical in this movie. I loved the comic captions on the tools. I loved the CHAMP shot and the medal award music. I cant believe I worked COLD PLAY “Fix You” into a MOVIE.

  • That was awesome. I would’ve charged more than $240, just so you know. 😛 haha
    I love that he had a 24″ level in the belt!

  • Meleah

    Coming from a a man with professional “Fo-Tog” abilities AND a slice of ‘street cred’ ….THAT comment? = Means A. Lot.

    Thank you.

    (for “getting it”)

    xxoo xxoo 🙂

  • Was your Dad Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos? ; )

    Yay for Dad! Cute video. : )

  • Meleah

    Nah. But he does kind of look like him….I refer to my father as Tony Bennett. glad you enjoyed the movie!

  • Shelly

    I absolutely loved this!!!! The music was perfect. Great job cousin.

    love you,



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