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Whoo Hooo! I won THIS award from the very talented writer, Gina, who authors the blog called A Muse In My Pocket! [And, she is awesome.]

This award means I have to tell you 10 personal things about myself that I haven’t already blogged about. And I have to give it to six other bloggers.  Passing this award forward will not be difficult. However, coming up with 10 things I haven’t already told you? Is proving to be quite the challenge.  But, I’m going to give this my best. So here goes….

1. I am still very conflicted over a certain ‘On’ again ‘Off’ again relationship in my life. And NO, I do NOT want to talk about it. I am just trying my best to stay focused on ‘Doing Things Differently’ because that seems to be working well for me.

2. I honestly believe that having a really good sense of humor is absolutely crucial. And that it’s very important to be able to laugh at your self.

3. In addition to my fear of Spiders and Bridges, I am also terrified of being alone for the rest of my life.

4. Occasionally, I still have delusional dreams of grandeur.

5. I am 35 years old but sometimes I still tell people I am 33.

6. I think I am starting to LIKE cooking, but please don’t tell my parents.

7. I am extremely indecisive and it can take a very long time for me to make up my mind.

8. My father always says to me, “For some one who is so smart, you sure are quite gullible.” And, he’s right.

9. I am a ‘People Pleaser’ which is NOT always healthy.

10. I may be a good person, but I am not always a nice person.

Geez. Sorry to be such a downer people. This honesty stuff is brutal.

Now, I am not really into Astrology or any of that jazz. But. Apparently, I am the Walking Definition of the Libra sign. On a whim I Googled my sign ‘Libra’ right AFTER I wrote the above list and found this:

The basic Libran nature is diplomatic and charming. Libras have an idealistic and generally peace loving nature. They are easygoing and sociable, in general. On the other side of the scale, Librans are known to be indecisive and changeable, gullible and easily affected. Often good looking, they exude certain elegance, charm and fine taste. As lovers of beauty and harmony, both in art and life, their nature is gentle and kind. They are gifted with a strong sense of justice and fair play, and have fine analytical abilities. They are known to be objective and impartial in making judgment calls. They are more interested in making friends than enemies, are willing to go along, to get along and therefore will usually do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship. Librans are sensitive to others and understand the emotional needs of their associates. They are optimistic and cheerful people and have an ability to charm and delight their friends and acquaintances. Very sociable, they abhor cruel or vicious actions, and shy away from vulgar and offensive behavior. They dislike scenes, and will often go out of their way to avoid conflict. They prefer to cooperate and compromise, and will give up, even when they feel they are in the right, rather than put up with the ordeal of an argument. Discord makes them totally insecure, and uncomfortable. They need and want harmony in their lives, and will do whatever it takes to have it. Librans are not loners, and do better in partnership both in their personal, and in their business life.

Um. Yeah.

That is spot-on accurate.

And now, the six bloggers I am passing this along to are:



Cute Ella




*Hopefully, ya’ll will post something a little more cheerful than I did!*

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  • okay. I am going to believe you!

  • Thank you for saying THAT!

  • agg79

    Nice award. You deserve it.

    Some of those facts I am not surprised about.

    #2 is essential. The way things go, you gotta have a sense of humor. Life's too short to spend it being grumpy. And I would definitely say you've kept your sense of humor.
    #4 grand people always dream big/think big.
    #5 I'm skirting 53, but sometimes I have been accused of acting 15
    #6 pffft. Tell me something I didn't know, Ms Iron Chef. (I won't blab if you cook dinner)
    #7 you're not indecisive. Well, maybe you are. Wait, no, no you're not…
    #10 you're nicer than you know. You think you are bad, but your heart's too big.

  • Aw!! Agg! I love your comment! I have the biggest smile on my face after reading that!

  • Jay

    Oh, my goodness, Meleah! I was reading this post thinking, 'but that's 'ME!' and then I got to the end and you have that thing about Librans. Well, that's me, too. No wonder we're so similar! LOL!

    No. 10 is totally me. Oh yeah. And I've started to not be so much of a doormat which means I have to deal with conflict, and you know what? I'm so not good at it, I usually end up feeling physically ill for days if I really disagree with someone up front and personal.

  • I'm a people pleaser too. Not a good thing at all.

  • Ooh, I should have said “Jennifer is a people pleaser….”


  • ladyV

    informative. i really thought you told us everything about you already and here i am learning something new.

    i may not be thinking out loud any more. you still have that on your roll sister. thanks.

  • Jay!
    I also get SICK TO MY STOMACH if I have to deal with confrontation!
    That is The Worst for us Librians!

  • ahahahhahah! Ahahahahhaah! No! These kind of posts are in the 1st person! AHHAHHAhahhahahahhahahahaha

  • We need to work on that!

  • barbaraLayla

    60 comments! You are rockin the blogworld. I am over here getting caught up!

  • We've got a chef in the making! :p

  • Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Your site was one of the Blogs we gave props to in our new post today.

  • well HALF of them are MINE, so its NOT really 60!

  • 🙂

  • OMG! Really! Im so flattered! Thank you

  • cmk

    FYI sweetie: I FINALLY got around to doing this! Hope you enjoy. xoxoxoxo

  • YAY! I cant wait to read it! xoxo

  • YAY! I cant wait to read it! xoxo

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