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Homework…. It Was NEVER This Much Fun, When I Was In High School!

My 14-year-old son, JCH, had a pretty interesting Homework assignment. Justin, and two of his classmates, had to make an “infomercial” of sorts – for any product made during the 18th or 19th century.

But rather than explain it to you?

I’d rather just show you.

Here’s the finished creation.

In case you don’t know, my son is the one with the long, moppy, blond hair.

And, he was the one who shot the video.

And, he did all of the editing.

I’m seriously impressed, and such a proud momma!

[PS: I think my favorite part is the *disclaimer* portion.]

Did YOU ever have this much “fun” with Home Work – when YOU were in High School?

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  • Thanks, Slyde!

  • “you are really dumb…fo’ real”

    That CRACKS me up – EVERY time!

  • “you are really dumb…fo’ real”

    That CRACKS me up – EVERY time!

  • That was awesome! They really did a fantastic job. I absolutely LOVED the disclaimer at the end.

  • Thanks, Ziva!
    I didn’t know how the final production was going to turn out.
    I was MORE than surprised AND impressed!

    They better get an A++ on this project!

  • Tell your son he impressed three of us here at the ranch. Fo’ real.

  • YAY! Will do! Thanks, Chelle B.

  • Rachele

    Most excellent job fo’real. Very impressive. You should both be very proud.

  • Jules

    haha that’s a great video!! only $1!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Meleah – For some reason videos load very slowly on my computer here, so I’ll have to watch your son’s infomercial when I get back to Socal. But, no, I don’t remember anything anywhere near as fun as making a video infomercial back then. Of course, there were no videos or infomercials then either.

  • Thanks, Woman!

  • Only if you call RIGHT NOW!

  • Same here, Bud!

  • That is just freakin’ adorable. No, I didn’t have that much fun in my high school. Back then we didn’t have any cool stuff. I went to school with the Wright brothers.

  • Gee, why wasn’t my homework assignments this fun to do? Great video and editing too 😀

  • Oh I picked him out immediately!!! That is the way my son would be… creative, clever and the one that stands out. We are raising some COOL kids, no?!

  • Ahahahha, Jayne!

  • Thank you, Nick!

  • Hell Yes, WE are!

  • Stafford

    I rang the number to order my plane and there was nobody there! Is this a hoax?

  • Hahahahaha!

  • Porkstar

    LMAO pretty impressive and creative!

  • Right?!

    Fo. Real.

  • That was such a great assignment. What a wonderful way to teach history.

  • Right?!

  • Ummm….I recorded a history assignment once on reel to reel tape, and used snippets from songs of the day. Nope, not as much fun.

  • Get Out! That’s awesome!

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