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Holy hell…

Holy hell…

The traffic on the turnpike this morning was the worst I have seen to date, I was late late late to work, and………on the miserable drive in to the office while battling all the goddamn assholes, I decided to use the illegal divider to change from the car lanes to the truck lanes, (not the safest or smartest idea) then, while driving like an asshole myself, I received not one, but two phone calls from my sons school, from the teacher and the vice principal, both calling to inform me that my son (aka SOB) hasn’t done his homework in days, that his attitude and anger have gotten way out of hand, so as punishment he has 2 “before school” detentions, which means I have to have him AT school AT 715am tomorrow and Thursday morning…and my father is so far up my ass about SEVEN different accounts that all need insurance coverage RIGHT.FUCKING.NOW. (no I did not punctuate, or even take a breath while writing / saying / thinking all of this.) and this all happened before 915am.


I can’t. with today. I can’t.

Oh… and when I log into to blogger, if I have to see the blinking banner screaming “Let your blogging pay off with relevant ads from Google AdSense.” one more freeking time, I am gong to cover my page in every single obnoxious ad until there aren’t even WORDS here anymore, and then move my whole blog to WordPress. (no wonder why all these “new bloggers” have those kinds of pages)


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    I’ll have a venti, white mocha, xanax latte too.
    (with whipped cocaine on top for a little motivation.)

  • meleah rebeccah

    aw…. thank you! and i am out of control with photos and videos

  • Anonymous

    You blog is great – you are hilarious! I’ll be sure to watch you if you ever have a camera!

    Charlie Metcom

  • Michael

    Yikes! Hope your day smoothes out!

  • meleah rebeccah

    “whipped cocaine ontop for motivation” is killing me right now.

    THAT sentance- made my day better!

    Now I am off to KILL a SMALL BOY.

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you


    If I ever had a choice to either walk the plank or face Mel during raging hours, I can honestly say that walking the plank and getting eaten by sharks is much less painful and quicker way to die.

    Hopes you have a better day tomorrow Mel.



  • meleah rebeccah

    nah yo…. shit got WORSE

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