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Holiday Spirit

I haven’t been in much of the holiday spirit. While I love holiday season, with ‘The Move’, ‘Office Annual Reviews’, and ten million other things all going on at once, I haven’t had a chance to sit down, let alone get into the ‘spirit’ of things.

Alas, I found the cure.

* (I just hope my family doesn’t kill me for these….After all, this post is DEDICATED to them!)*

If watching a bunch of people digitally dance around, dressed up as elves, doesn’t get you ‘knee-deep’ in holiday joy, I dont know what will.

Check out the following links!

My Father (Ron), My Mother (Pam), My Son (JCH) & ME! (Meleah).

My Brother (Adam), My Sister-in-law (Traci), My Nephew (Mason).

My Brother (Lee), My Sister-in-law (Maya), My Nephew (Jackson), My Niece (Zaibryn).

My Uncle Rick, my Uncle Bob & My Gramma Ev.

And last but NOT least…POPPA SYE.
(I am so sending this out to all of my family members as Poppa Sye’s holiday card.)

*Bonus Material Includes:

The Colonna Brothers!

The 4 Grandkids!

Just The Women.

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  • Uncle Rick

    Ha! Very Funny.

  • Uncle Bob

    These were GREAT. The Three Brothers….SOOO FUNNY.

  • Meleah

    I had sooo much fun making these. I was Cry-Laughing the whole time.

    (Jackson is sooo friggen cute dancing I cant stand it…)

    And my FATHER….IS SO CRAZY looking!!! In the 1st one, when RON is dancing all WRONG from the rest of the family killed me.

  • The videos are too funny! 🙂
    Great to know this cool elf yourself site here, I gotta do one for husband now 🙂

  • We elfed ourselves last week! Isn’t it fun?!? I was hysterically laughing too!

  • Meleah


    You have to do it… it will CRACK you up/


    I died! I just died. This is such a great site! I haven’t had so much fun messing with family photos in awhile!

  • That was hysterical!! Poppa Sye’s is the best!!!! Too Funny, I love the kids dancing too. My Daughter heard the music and came running…now she wants me to do it for her. That should get everyone in the Holiday Spirit!!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:

    When I showed this to Poppa Sye, I thought he was going to choke to death. He laughed so hard.

    I am very happy that he is allowing ME to be his designated holiday E-CARD sender this year. I am totally including THIS as his signature in the card!

    OOOOOH… You have to do it for her…and POST IT ON YOUR BLOG so I can see it!

  • The best friend

    I cant take it. Bobs serious concerned steps are killing me, while mom and dad are sporting the glasses it makes it totally more believable that they are elves!! I love these Its such a clever holiday idea that just makes people laugh an shit.

  • jodi

    Thats great! My kids are still chuckling!

  • Meleah


    I KNOW! I took my time choosing the photos to make them look even MORE crazy! HA! I friggen LOVED this.


    You HAVE TO DO IT. You will LAUGH soooo friggen hard. Im not even kidding.

  • My least favorite holiday viral email crap so far this year. I think I have received eleventy billion of these so far. Gah.

  • Bossy only hopes that Elf person isn’t a millionaire right now. Why does *everyone else* always have the good internet ideas?

  • Meleah


    Really? I got a KICK out of this.


    I dont know. I really dont know.

  • These are great, especially the kid ones. I’ve been cracking up over this for two days now. I heard about it yesterday, hence my post. No idea you did the same. I did another one with cabbage, a bowling ball, a walnut and Frosty.

  • I saw a similar version of this last year, and it gets funnier every time I see it!

  • LOL! They were hilarious. My sides still hurt ….

  • Oh, you know I’m doing this! Thanks for the idea!! These are SO funny!

  • Okay, so as usually, Kelly is late to the party (will she ever change?) and every freaking link says the same thing…that the Elves are on Strike and that due to popular demand, it will be fixed later.


    That’s what I get, isn’t it, meleah. Jeez.

  • and then my comment was erased by that error code.

    All I wanted to do was laugh until my sides hurt just like Nick.

    But no.

  • Fantastic! Talk about bustin’ some moves. I’m going to go and make my own now. What fun!

  • Meleah


    Me to.

    Kelly pea:

    Late is better than never! Sorry you can’t view these. They were / are videos of my family animated as elf cartoons dancing around all crazy to holiday music..


    You SHOULD do them. It’s so much fun.

  • me.olly

    I love the elf yourself and you too Boo!

  • Meleah

    ditto. xxoo xxoo

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