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History Repeating…

I was UP, as in AWAKE, as in PLAYING and/or WORKING with the MAC… for X amount of hours (that shall remain disclosed) AGAIN.

Yesterday, after a much needed visit to the APPLE MAC store, I obtained the much needed software and the kick ass LaCie External HARDDRIVE

Look!! How puuuurty!!

Then I spent waaaaaaay tooooooo many hours, creating THIS WEBPAGE… you have to CLICK HERE to see the new mac web page, and trust me there is alot to see

and… then….Jennifer and I made THIS MOVIE.

The Movie is HERE, ON MY MAC PAGE, There is a MY MOVIES TAB (top right corner) HOORAY!

All my Movies …..WILL BE LINKED THERE!! …. from now on!!!

In the future I will put a permanent LINK in the SIDE BAR —> over there —>


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  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you


    I see you gathered enough money to buy a LaCie Hard drive. Now you can spend all night long writing and reading my e-mails. Well until I fall asleep in which case it has been until 1 or 2 am. High ^5’s Meleah, I liked the movie, next time I have to make sure to have pop-corn and a Pepsi.

  • meleah rebeccah

    I was up all night last night until 10AM…

    That’s right I went to bed at 10 AM today.

    Since yesterday.

    I took a 4 our NAP, cleaned my house and blogged the new mac pages

    I am DONE

    And in BED

    And have work tomorrow

    NOW I have all the DISK SPACE I need to WRITE again

    THANKS TO MY BFF Jennifer (the one in the movie, the one who made the movie) who BOUGHT the LaCie disk and other software products I wanted / needed…

    Ahh….. The MAC LIFE rulz!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely getting better!


  • meleah rebeccah



    FINALLY….. movies, that ARENT bluuuuuuury, or smuged, or fuzzy, and you can READ the damn subtitles!

    Thanks !



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hey M!
    I’m like devastated! I followed the link to the Apple website and got a message stating that my Quicktime Player ‘lacked a file that is unavailable for downloading’ (that’s paraphrase – not the exact words). Are others with PCs having a similar problem or just me? If the only way I’m gonna see you and Jen is on film, dammit, then it better work.
    A Disgruntled Viewer
    (you know me as “Al”)

  • meleah rebeccah





  • Anonymous

    You are EXACTLY the way I pictured you to be and that is a great thing! You are fun, sweet, outgoing, in other words, my type o woman.

    If I was only single and living in Jersey, im sorry New Jersey. Oh and if I was only rich lol. Shit I cant even afford to go to Wisconsin in the summer to go fishing lol.

    You are great Meleah,


    Your bud Harry!

    I was unable to watch you new video on your new page because of my glitch. Can you e-mail it to me so I can see it?

  • meleah rebeccah

    aww… harry that was sweet

    people either love me or hate me, I’m glad it was the ladder.

    I’m surprised, I was able ot live up to your expectations of me!!

    and try what I told AL to do? see if that works at all?

  • Leslie

    Hey chica!

    Loving the new site – showing some Mad Meleah Internet Skillz now, fo-shizzle!

    You can embed the Quicktime Player right on your page for people if you want. I’m sleepy now but I’ll look for the codey-thiingy to do that for you tomorrow.

  • meleah rebeccah


    I can put that shit HERE? on my BLOGGER pages? On MOMMA MIA?? A QUICKTIME player? So my peeps can see the movies?

    I will heart you FOREVEA if you hook a SISTA up !

    Im sooooo happy you dig the MAC WEBPAGES

    Them took me some mad hourz to create and I was awake for DAYS n DAYS n DAYS in a ROW…but it looks soooooo nice

    Thanks woman!

    I LOVE me a MAC….

    My life pre mac, just BLEAK dood … BLEAK

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