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He’s Growing Up Way Too Fast For Me…

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  • OMG – He’s so hansome. If my daughter where just a little bit younger, we could have set them up !!!! They grow up way to fast, I agree.

  • He sure is handsome !

    But loose the suit and tie, Kid !

  • It’s truly amazing how fast the time goes. Yesterday I was changing diapers, today I’ve got a 15-year old.

    He looks like quite the young lady-killer. It’s obvious where he gets his good looks from, too… 😉

  • Oh. My. God.

    What a handsome young man! I would say he’s a total hottie but that is going somewhere I don’t want to go. I missed you during my absence. I think I’m back now.

    I’ve been working on a book proposal I’m going to send to a few literary agents who will promptly reject me. I just know it. How is your book going????


  • Lady killer in the making I tell ya!

  • Awww, he’s lovely and yes it’s scary how quickly they grow up and away.. My oldest is now 27!

    (Funny that coz I’m only 35 – hehehe, I wish!)

  • He is just adorable, Meleah. And has quite the twinkle in his eye. Can anyone say charisma?

  • Meleah

    The Girl I Want To Bring Home:
    JCH is 12, going on 35!

    He LOVES *loves* to be DRESSED UP.
    He loves suits and ties.
    I have a mini Alex P. Keaton on my hands.

    Thanks for the compliment!
    Where does all the time go?

    Random Chick:
    Oh I was ‘away’ from the internet too for awhile. I am having a HARD time dealing with THIS. Hopefully, I will be back in the swing of things shortly. I thought I was ready to come back to blogging full time, but apparently I wasn’t.

    Good luck submitting your book proposal!!!
    I need YOU to show ME how to do that!
    Id like to start getting Rejected all over the place too!


    He BETTER treat the ladies NICELY!

    HA HA HA
    I just cant get over these pictures of him.
    He’s like a man!

    ha ha ha.
    Thank you.

  • I hear ya … Zac’s turning 14 in four months – GAH! How does that happen so fast?

  • Won’t be long before he is dating and learning to drive. Something for you to look forward to in a few years…

  • Meleah

    14? Oh boy….you’re really in for it now!

    Don’t EVEN remind me of that.

  • Jay

    He’s TWELVE??? Yikes … definitely growing up too fast! LOL! My friend has a kid like that. He was mistaken for Corben Bleu in a pub when he was only thirteen years old. What was he doing in a pub? Don’t ask!

    JCH is going to be a heartbreaker….!

  • Oh MAN!!!! I hear ya! (Mine are 14 & 15….zoinks!) Those pics of JCH are AWESOME…what a doll! (but dont tell him I said that….my son would kill me if I called him a “doll”! 😉

  • Thats what happens when you feed them!

  • Meleah

    I know. Only 12. But, he’s going on 40!

    ha ha ha
    I promise I wont tell him you said that!

    Then I am not feeding him anymore.

  • Is he taken? I have a nearly 10 year old daughter, you know…

  • Wow. He is looking so grown up.

    I am going through something similar. Paula is only 10, yet she looks so grown up sometimes. She is 5’2″ tall already.

  • Meleah

    I do know…and she is ADORABLE.

    Wow. She is almost as tall as I am.
    I know you are having issues with her as of late.
    I hope her new phase ends sooner than later.

  • Looks like a nice young man … the suit looks great, no matter what Jaffer says. Ha haaaa!!!

    Wait till you are a Grandma …. (smile)

    “Grampa Speedcat” is all good with the term.

  • I have two adorable daughters who would have a fit over this cute boy! Lets keep them far away from each other LOL!

    He really is a handsome young man.

  • He’s gonna be a lady’s man. Looking sharp for sure!

  • Rolando has a suit from the Dick Van Dyke collection.

  • He is very handsome, going to be a lady magnet for sure.
    That’s right you had said he loves to dress up in a jacket & tie. You don’t see that much anymore, it’s great. Future President!

  • I have a tear in my eye looking at him because as you know, my boy is the same age. Where did all that time go, Meleah? I mean, really. How handsome he is. He is a credit to you!

  • Meleah

    Yeah! He does look good in that suit.
    I cant even IMAGINE being a grandparent.

    ha ha ha
    Are they boy crazy yet?
    JCH is entering the ‘girl crazy’ phase.

    thank you!

    OMG. Either the President or a Republican.
    He loves to be dressed up!

    Thanks for the lovely compliments….But i still cant GET OVER how much & how fast he is becoming a man!

  • Now there is one handsome fellow!

    How does he feel about older girls? I have a sister…she’s 14!


  • Meleah

    As long as she is BLOND = he is game.
    He loves the blonds.

  • He looks like your dad! Look out. You’re in trouble.

  • wow, whatta looker. Very handsome indeed. It still blows my mind that I’m someday going to be standing in your shoes. Mine’s only 2, but he looks and acts like a 4 yr old. Just today I was trying to snuggle him and hold him like a baby in my rocking chair, just for old times sake. He put up with it for about a minute then, of course, squirmed away from me and asked for Blues Clues. My baby. My little kindergarten-sized-toddler. It’s not fair. I told Nate the next baby we have, I’m going to be greedy. I’m not sharing it with anyone so I can enjoy the little bundle stage longer. I never feel like I got to hold Lucian near enough. I told everyone else they could hold him all they like because I figured I’d get him for the rest of my life. Now I wish I would have been more greedy with him. He never really was wee little and was always hard to lug around.

    Well at least I can hope he’ll be as adorably handsome as yours some day. He really does seem to like to dress up. That’s a pretty neato trait to have. Most boys can be real slobs. You’re lucky. I hope mine is like yours when he’s his age.

  • i told you to make sure he carries a stick to beat the ladies off. school teachers too, this world is crazy.

  • Meleah

    JCH is practically a REPLICA of his father. Its scary!
    He looks like his father…bu he acts like me!

    The Mac Mommy:
    Thank you.

    Only TWO. Aww…I miss those days.
    Hang on to this age as long as you can. If you BLINK you might miss something wonderful.

    ha ha ha
    School Teachers

  • Yow! He’s a hottie! This is written purely objectively as I’m an ancient 43 year old. But I can see how the girls must be flocking around him! So he likes to dress up? Must get that from you! I recall your commenting you liked all the designer labels!

  • Eva

    What a handsome young man! He’s got a long line of hearts to break in the next 8 years… 🙂 Wow, since mine is only 2 1/2, I’m seeing the future flash before my eyes!

  • He’s extremely attractive. He takes after his mother. He looks great in a suit. You might have a business man on your hands. ;o)

  • Meleah

    Ms Q:
    I really do LOVE designer labels. but I would take a great pair of PAJAMAS over anything else!

    I never EVER dress up. Unless I HAVE TO.
    My son? Would RATHER dress up!

    You better hang on to your little man with BOTH hands and TIGHTLY.

    Aw. Thank you!

  • You know, he totally reminds me of Richie Rich in these pics.

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha.
    That is FUNNY.

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