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Hello Internet!

Yes, I am back. And I have missed every single one of you. Thank you for all of your comments, emails, and well wishes for a wonderful New Year. You guys are The Best.

So where have I been and why haven’t I been online? Well, I have been all too consumed with excessive worry. Yet, I have also been pleasantly distracted with The New Man.

The Bad News First.

I am officially unemployed as of today. I have been racking my brain for ideas as what to do with The Rest Of My Life. Which has made me feel: anxious, free, and buried alive, all at the same time. I am confused and fearful. I know that after the last six years dedicated to the insurance industry, I am not an office person. I do not fit the worker-bee mold, nor do I want to. I know who I am and I know who I want to be, but I don’t know how to get there. So, if any of you have any ideas for me, please leave them in the comments section of this post or shoot me an email!

I have also been quietly freaking out about my father. A few weeks ago they discovered blockage in my father’s heart. He is scheduled for surgery on January 5th. While I am fully aware this is a standard procedure, I cannot help from feeling scared. My father is the center of my universe. Without him I wouldn’t even have a relationship with my mother, let alone the family I have been blessed with. If anything ever happened to my daddy? Life as I know it would cease to exist. Therefore, I am riddled with concern. I am going to ask all of you to please say a prayer on January 5th for My Daddy.

The Good News.

I am officially ‘In A Relationship’. I have moved up and into the coveted ‘girlfriend’ status. After spending nearly Every Single Night together for a Month In A Row, we have crossed the line of just merely dating. And I could not be happier. I have certainly paid my dues for the last however many years I’ve been trapped in dating hell. I am no longer held prisoner to the misery of single life isolation. The Perfect Man has fallen out of the sky and into my lap, and I am not letting go!

And, that about wraps it all up people.

I have very high hopes this year will be a good year for me. I mean, anything would be better than 2008.

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  • Oh Meleah I am so sorry to hear about your Dad ! But don’t worry he will be alright !

    My dad went though a similar surgery two summer’s ago ! He being very careful about his diet today and at 63 he never looked better.

    Your Dad is most important in my prayers tonight.

  • We missed you too! Woo hoo Meleah is back!
    Happy to hear that things are going great with the new guy in your life.

    I am so sorry to hear about your job sitiuation. Joe has been in the same vote for 4 months now. He was laid off. Whatever you choose your path to be I’m sure you will be great. You are such a great person and wish you the best.

    We will be keeping your dad in our prayers. I know what your mean, I don’t know what I would without my dad either. 🙂

  • Meleah

    Thank you. I dont know what I would do without my daddy.

    Ive missed all of you guys so very much! New Man needs to get INTERNET in his house ASAP! I have NO IDEA what I am going to do for employment. I dont even have any ideas!

  • Lee

    I have every confidence the procedure for your father will go well. Luckily, it’s a very common procedure and the success rate is pretty much 100%. We’ll still be saying prayers, so your dad should be in pretty good shape.

    As for the job thing, I’m kind of confused how they can terminate your employment while you’re on medical leave. If you haven’t done so yet, at least run it by an attorney. If I’m right in what I’m thinking, you might not have to worry about working for a very long time.

  • I’m so glad your back. And your life’s work, should be writing….your very very good at it. Your gonna be fine, and you know that deep inside. You’ll find yourself.

    I’m so happy for the relationship status. You deserve to be treated well and be loved unconditionally.

    Don’t worry about your Daddy. Last year, my father had his 3rd heart attack and underwent a triple bypass. It was so scary, but he pulled through and is stronger than an ox now. Don’t you worry sweetie, your Dad will be fine. I will pray for him, even though he’s not going to need it.

    Love you!!!!

  • Nice to see you back!

    I’m sure your dad will be fine but I understand you having little worries over it.

    Regarding your dream – “I want/need/long to have the chance and the time and even the financial means required….”

    I think all of that is closer now than you dreamed of when you wrote it!

  • Meleah

    Thank you for your prayers concerning my father. You rule.

    I think I need to look into what you are saying. After all, you are my Internet Father, and DADDY KNOWS BEST!

    The Girl I Will Bring Home:
    I am psyched to be back in action on the internet!
    Ive missed you a lot.

    My DREAM JOB is to WRITE. Full Time.

    Its a miracle that I have this man in my life. I feel so lucky, yet that I also deserve to be this happy.

    Thank you for praying for my daddy.

    Its nice to BE back! I honestly think that because I knew WHAT I wanted, rather than what I did NOT want, is the reason he finally SHOWED UP! As for what I want to be when I grow up? I just need to figure out HOW to do it. Maybe writing it out loud will make it come true faster!

    Thank you for understanding my feelings about my dad.

  • I am very happy for your perfect man! I hope he was not the last one left on the planet 🙂

  • Woo hoo for the perfect man! YIPPEE!!! (Pencil Skirt is doing a little dance in Bloggingham). Be happy, Meleah. You deserve it.

    I will most definitely say a prayer now and on the 5th for your father. If it’s any comfort, my dad has been through this more than once. It will be OK.


  • Wow — I want to trade lives! You don’t have a job that you hated, you’ve met The Perfect Man, you don’t have to worry about bills because of your family….you have a lot of blessings, girl.

    I will be saying a prayer for your dad…..I am sure he will be just fine.

  • Very happy to hear about the relationship. So sorry to hear about your dad. I am not a religious person, but I will definitely be thinking of him on Monday, and wishing that everything goes well.

  • Meleah … I KNOW there is nothing I can say to alleviate your worries about your father, but like the rest of the commenters here, I have been through this in my family too. My mother had stints put in place last year, and is doing really well.

    Big hug, and of course I will say a prayer 😉

  • I’m not going to wait until the 5th. I’ll start saying prayers for your dad right now.

    So excited for you with the whole “new man” situation!

  • I will definitely be praying for Dad. So, glad to hear that you are enjoying “relationship bliss”! Ahhh! 🙂

  • Meleah

    There is ONE for you too. I know it.

    Aw. You are the sweetest. Thank you!

    Yes. I am very lucky. I do have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    You rule.

    My dad is about to get the stint. Thats what is happening on the 5th. I’m happy to hear your mom came through so well. That gives me a lot of hope. Thank you for your prayers

    Thank you Terri. You have that good connection with g-d.
    I know can bank on your prayers!

    Thank you for thinking of my daddy for me.
    I am VERY psyched about the relationship.

  • I’m so happy for you in the relationship department. That is fantastic and I wish the two of you all the best. You deserve a nice romance right about now.

    I’m sure things will go great with your dad. He seems like a very strong person so there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll make it through the procedure with flying colors…and you will no doubt have an entertaining story or tell to regal us all with later on when it’s over and done with.

  • Hi Meleah! Welcome to 2009! I’m so glad to hear the happiness in your “voice” about your new man. And I will definitely be keeping your dad in my thoughts and prayers! Please keep us posted! 🙂 Hugs to you!

  • cmk

    You know me, everything will happen the way it is supposed to–so don’t worry too much about anything.

    I’m sure all will be fine with your dad. The Father had a heart attack a few years back and had surgery–as far as I know, he is doing better than he was before the surgery. He just celebrated his 75th birthday and is still going very strong.

    Glad you’re doing well with the new man. Again, everything will happen for the best–and I certainly hope the best for the two of you!

    So happy you’re back–I missed you! xoxo

  • Meleah

    I am also thrilled about the Relationship Situation.

    My father is a VERY STRONG MAN, and I do believe he will be just fine, but I cant help myself from imagining the worst case scenario.

    Lets HOPE I have a GREAT story to tell when the surgery is over!

    Thank you for your prayers!
    You are the best!
    I already love 2009!

    I know. I know.
    Everything happens for a reason.

    Thank you for sharing that with me.
    I need to hear tales of success right about now.

    I am back baby.
    I will be stalking blogs and posting on a regular schedule again.

  • Sorry to hear about your dad. My prayers will be with him.

  • Saying a prayer for your Dad, Meleah. For what it’s worth, my father-in-law and Uncle had a heart procedure done a couple of months ago and they are both fine now. I am sure your Dad will be too.

    As for the “girlfriend” status – go get ’em! Looks like a great year up ahead for you!

  • Hi Meleah,
    I’m sending my prayers, as well – for your father – that it all goes as well as can be. And for you, that the new happiness you have in your life continues to grow into something even more wonderful for you.

  • First of all, I love the new avatar! Second, I really hope your dad is ok! Wishing you all well throughout it all! Third, congratulations on the new man! Lastly, what’s next? What’s the next step?

  • Meleah,

    Sounds like the start of an exciting & scary new year. Good luck with the career change. With your outlook & attitude, I am positive you will succeed in any endeavour you take on (like the Marines: Adapt & Overcome).

    We’ll be praying for your dad. It may seem like a minor procedure to others, but any treatments or surgery on the ones we love are a major concern for us. I pray his procedure will turn out well.

    Good luck as well with your new guy. After some of the crap you have had to put up with in the past, you deserve the best and it looks like he may have landed in in your lap. Just tell him not to screw it up. The army of Meleah can be large & vengeful…

    Hope for the best in 2009!

  • i know how worrisome any kind of problem that involved the heart can be… they recently placed a pigs aorta in my dads heart,, and although we nearly lost him as a complication after the surgery today her is happy and health7y and has already been to st johns for a weeks vacation!!!!! so don’t worry yourself sick… all will be well,, and sooner than you know it it will all be behind you….


  • Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

    Oh how I have missed you.

    And as far as work, you should write. Sell out and throw some ads up to generate some revenue and do what we all love watching you do.

  • Oh my…lots of BIG news in this post. I am stoked about you having a boyfriend who you seem to cherish like there is no tomorrow. YAY!!!

  • Meleah


    Okay, now that I have heard from so many of you that these things turn out FINE in the end, I am slightly relieved.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Ricardo B:
    Thanks for the compliment on my 2009 profile shot!
    And thanks for the well wishes / prayers.
    Whats Next? I have NO IDEA!

    It really IS the start of an exciting & scary new year!
    Thanks for all your support!

    I remember when your father went through that. I can only pray my father has the same success.

    Ive MISSED YOU! Man its nice to see you back too.
    I am totally thinking about Selling-Out.


    Dare I say the words?
    I am IN LOVE.

  • ahahahahahahaha…

    “Internet Father”

    LMAO !

  • My theory on the job front is to apply for anything and everything that sounds like fun or vaguely interesting. What about being that person who goes and checks out claims, but is rarely in the office…or sales! They’re never in the office!

    I have faith that you’ll find something just for you…

    As for the man…See my email later that I plan on sending you later tonight. I’m so happy for you!

  • AND good luck to your Daddy…I’m sure it will be fine. HUGS. I’ll be with mine – he’s having knee surgery. I hope the hospitals have wireless internet (for both of us!)

  • It is very exciting to read that you are in love. It’s a wonderful way to start the new year and I hope you have a magical courtship.

    My thoughts are with you in regard to your father… and the right job will come along. Everything in life happens the way it is supposed to.

    Happy new year.

  • Eva

    Yay for 2009 and Perfect Men Everywhere (available in a store near me, hopefully)!!!

    Boo for icky heart problems and necessary procedures!!! But my thoughts will be focused on the bestest of outcomes on January 5th for Daddy of Meleah.

    My thoughts will also be focused on good things for you and your Man. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  • Your dad is sick with a blockage? That’s awful. I will say a prayer and I have no doubt he’ll have a complete recovery. Thank goodness they found it now. Those things can sneak up on you. It’s scary stuff.

    Yeah I totally hear what you mean by the job thing. I don’t think I can hack the office world over the long run either. I know I’ll go back, get stressed out, get sick and totally fail or something. I mean geez look at what happened to my health with the last job. I was falling apart.

    Now you do have some great news by having that special someone in your life. that does ease things a bit to have, right? Good for you. This was a long time coming.

  • Arv

    wow.. take care dear… Have a lovely year ahead… cheers…

  • I hope your dad recovers quickly. I know how I will feel without my dad & mom. I want them alive & healthy.

    I hope you find something real soon. Spread out your options. You may be happy & successful in something that you would never had thought of as a career.

    And I’m happy for you on the new boyfriend. I wish you both long lasting happiness.

  • Hey, your out of the lip lock! Coming up for air? LOL! I’m glad to hear that things are going so well man wise.

    I know that your crazy about your dad. I’ll be praying for him.

  • What DO you want to be? CAn’t help you if we don’t know.

    That IS routine. He’ll be fine!

    Glad you are happy in that regard anyway! Thats nice. Love is fun. Hang on to it! Be open.

    Looking forward to this years fun and interesting posts!


  • Hey Meleah, welcome back! Sorry to hear about your job and especially your dad. I put in a prayer or two for your dad. I’m sure he’ll be ok if this is just a routine thing. As for yourself I know it’s always a little nerve racking when any loved one goes into the hospital for anything.

  • Whoops I wasn’t finished and hit ‘enter’. Anyway, I don’t have any other ideas for you as far as a job. The right one will come along, but it’s always good to get your resume out there until you decide what you want to do. Try online places line Monster.com.

    Congrats on finding the right man! It’s not easy to find the right anything now-a-days lol.

  • Welcome back to the blogosphere. We have already started the prayers for your father. We are praying for your peace and comfort too. May the center of your universe remain strong and healthy for years to come.

    If you are interested in switching careers, might I suggest the healing arts? There is nothing like helping people. Massage is a quick training, comparitively speaking, and allows for a rate of about $50-$140 per hour. It is a profession that allows you to share love and health & have a life. It also and it keeps the practitioner in good health and swimming in love because one needs to be in the right place physically, emotionally, etc. to provide what the customer really came for…more than just a rub. Acupuncture and chiropractic take additional schooling and money, but also are wonderful careers.

    If that’s not for you, I would suggest going to see the best massage therapist you can find. He/she can help you relax and possibly find your way.

    I did 13 yrs of college and 14 years of corporate work before I finally found my callings. Can’t wait to hear what you decide on. Whatever it is, I hope it brings you joy.

    I wish you much love, peace, health, and prosperity in the New Year.

  • OMG, there is so much love flowing out from this post. Your love for your dad. Your love for the “ahem”… you are like one lovable bunny jumping around spreading love that touches everyone.

    And I like your new picture! You’re so beautiful.

  • I am praying for your Dad too. I am extremely fond of him. I am sure he will be fine, but I know how worrying it is.

    I am delighted to hear about the new man. Boy, do you deserve it. That’s brilliant news!

    I also know about the whole unemployed thing being in the same situation myself. It’s tough to know which way to go because I am really tired of watching the clock all day long. I want to do something worthwhile, trouble is I don’t know what it is. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

    I am lighting a candle for your Dad right now and I will be thinking of him all day.XXX

  • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your job and dad. I am praying for your dad right now. As far as your job, I totally know what it is like to be so sick of that rat race. So much better to be your own boss! ugh! I hope the right things come together for you. And as for your man….yay! So glad to hear you’ve found someone worthy of you!

  • Meleah

    Lee really IS my Internet Father. For. Real.

    OMG. I totally need to check my emails.
    I promise to deal with THAT situation AFTER the surgery is over.

    Magic Kat
    Thank you

    Have I told you how awesome I think you are lately?

    I am trying to focus on the “they found it BEFORE anything bad happened”
    but all of a sudden it just hit me. Yanno? Ive been distracting myself with The New Man (in a good way) and Ive been thinking positive. But, all of a sudden, I closed my eyes and played the “what if (enter bad news) game”. That SCARED the crap out of me.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    Will Do.

    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You

    Yeah. I needed a breather.
    But, not really. I just needed to be HOME
    with my FATHER.
    I waited my whole life for My Daddy.
    I cannot imagine my life with out him.
    Thank you A MILLION TIMES for all of your love and friendship and undying support. I am LUCKY to have YOU in my life.

    I want to be a writer.
    I want my father to come through this 100%
    and, Id like my relationship remain THIS amazing.
    Got it now?


    Dating is a NIGHTMARE.
    But if I survived THAT?
    I’m sure I can survive figuring out a new job.
    I mean, except for the whole nobody is hiring thing right about now!

    Thank you.

    Aw. I love YOU too yanno!

    “I want to do something worthwhile, trouble is I don’t know what it is”
    Me TOO!!

    Thank you for lighting a candle for my father.
    I will take all the help and prayers I can get my hands on.

    I cant with the Rat Race anymore or ever again. I did learn that NO JOB is worth my health. So THAT is a good thing.

    My father will be fine.
    *fingers crossed*

    The New Man Is Fucking Fabulous!

  • YOU of all people deserve the utmost happiness. I am SO HApPY FOR YOU!!!! Yes, Read it again….You are free. Find it Mel..Find that thing that makes you happy. I love being a chef, but my second choice would be a bookstore manager. I was a night one once and I LOVED it. My other Half was asked to take a 10 grand pay cut or take the unemployment. He already had a new job in the works, so he took it. He’s been home for a month now and it’s been nice. My house is SO CLEAN! (he’s a neat freak). Take your time, find it….maybe not the first job, but it will come. All my best wishes and hugs and kisses!

  • Meleah

    Chef Mom:
    Aw. Thank you.

    “Find that thing that makes you happy.”

    Writing. The End!


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