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Have I Become One Of Those Bloggers?

Fellow blogger and super smarty, Greg, wrote a post that got me thinking when he said:

“I’ve noticed most bloggers only blog when they face difficulty. When all goes well and there isn’t anything worth complaining about, they are oddly quiet. This is a bit like keeping a photo album documenting all the times you were injured. Happy and beautiful moments too often take a back seat to tragedy.”

I think, inadvertently, I may have become one of those bloggers that complains about the mundane more than writing to write. I think I may have become one of those bloggers that uses this space to dump off some emotional baggage rather than tell a story. And I haven’t written anything funny in I don’t know how long.

It’s sad, but is it entirely true? Have I become one of those bloggers?

Not yet. [I hope.] But I might ..if I don’t knock this crap off and write something real pretty soon.

I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to blog when you are upset, or hurt, or dealing with some issues. In fact, some of those posts have helped me a great deal. (and I will continue to whine, bitch and moan at my leisure). Even though I do blog about the good times too, I will admit that I find I have less to write about when I am ‘happy’ or lacking in the drama department.

Why is that?

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  • You never struck me as one of those bloggers… I find a good balance in your posts. It’s natural for us to want to share our drama but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to say at other times… It’s just that the drama makes for more interesting posts! 🙂

  • it is easier to write i think when we are emotionally driven,, and for some reason life seems to offer us more negative emotion than positive….

    i never feel like that when i come here.. i have read some hysterically funny shit as well as some really nice family stuff over here… so just keep being you..

  • I never feel like you only write about your stressful and difficult experiences! In fact, those that ONLY write when things are good tend to make me wonder if their lives are really that perfect.

  • Jodi

    WHat Greg speaks of I call “mood writers”. I can do that at times, more with my Messages blog. Yet that kind of writing depends on my mood. LOL.
    You? You put that bar up…I am constantly in awe of where you come from and wish I could just post like as you do…

    Nah not you!

  • You are NOT one of those bloggers. Look at all the funny clips you post of you and your family. And blogging when in distress (which is going to be the topic of mine today) helps you vent it all out, and not aim it at any particular person. I think it also helps to get different opinions from people to help you through it. You make me laugh, worry about you, feel sympathetic to your illness, but all that makes me adore you for who you are. Don’t stop doing what you love to do. 🙂

  • Meleah


    Well that is a relief. I feel like I’ve been kind of a wet blanket the last few weeks.


    As one of my ‘long time readers’ its nice to hear that I keep giving you reasons to come back here. And yes, its true…emotionally driven writing can and more often is ….a little bit better.


    That’s true. Those Bloggers that are always happy…are kinda creepy!


    Awww….. Thank you. Okay. I am feeling much better about my posts. I just want to make sure I dont delve into the ‘mood writer’ category!

    Chef Mom:

    You are one of my biggest supporters. Thank you. That means alot to me.

  • I don’t feel like that about you. If I did, I probably wouldn’t be here! Even if you’re complaining, there’s always something uplifting in your posts. You can pull it off, and it just goes to show how talented you really are.

  • Meleah


    First thank you.

    But. Alright now I feel bad.

    This was not supposed to be a “please feed my ego” post. I am not looking / fishing for any compliments.

    I was just saying (apparently poorly) that lately I feel like my posts have been kinda flat. lacking in any pop. And that I was having a hard time making my complaints into something funny.

    I am a little weary since my numbers have been a little low / down over the last few weeks with respect to visits and comments. But then again, half the bloggers I know have gone missing, or bailed and the other half have had the Flu or bronchitis. I am probably just being paranoid.

    But…. now that YOU ALL have done such a GREAT job re-assuring me that I still “got it goin’ on” I do feel much better.

    So…okay…more ‘compliments’ can’t hurt……

  • You are not what I like to call ” a navel gazer.” You talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. Please no paranoia – it is a bad time of the year – and the people who are important (me for instance) keep coming back for more…

  • You are MOST DEFINITELY NOT one of THOSE bloggers!

    Also, I wanted to make sure you knew that Tina Fey hosts SNL this week. I’m so giddy…

  • Dood, YOU soooo NOT fit into that description. (Me, on the other hand….that description fits me like a second skin) I think we all see ourselves in that description at some point in our blogging experience. It’s f’ing hard to do what you do so well: constantly looking for a funny/positive spin on everything….I just go mute!

    “…half the bloggers I know have gone missing, or bailed…” I know, I suck.

  • Meleah


    So far we have “mood bloggers” and now “navel gazer” for those kinds of bloggers. These are some great nicknames that I never want attached to me!

    And thats true…the IMPORTANT people always do come back.

    BTW: Since when do I really care about numbers and stats anyway?

    Michael C:

    I love you…and I KNOW! I was writing a post for MeleVision for Saturday at the same exact moment you left this comment.

    PS…I emailed you a Tina Present. I am flipping out.


    Sometimes you write about turmoil…(only sometimes) But I have to tell you, when you do write (no matter what you write) you write so damed well I hang on EVERY SINGLE WORD.

    (you didnt exactly ‘bail’ … you’re just ‘mute’ right now.)

    Yes. Yes. It is F-N hard to show up on the internet and write / blog 5 times a week. It can be draining to ALWAYS find a way to spin the words the right way.

  • Um, no – you are NOT one of those bloggers! I’d say you are a well-rounded blogger. And I mean that in the best possible way! 😉

  • Hey, blogging is anything and everything, isn’t it? Hope it is, because that’s how I blog. Whatever interests me is what comes out. So don’t fret–keep up the good work–and enjoy!

  • Nope. You are not. You do your share of rants but hey, so do I and ten million other personal bloggers. I try and diversify my topics but I don’t take too much time out to write about the happy stuff because I find it soooo boring to write…

  • Meleah


    well rounded. I love you. WELCOME HOME. Maui looks like it was incredible. and THANK YOU for my present!! xxoo

    Thanks for the kind words!


    I know right….why are the happy moments BORING to write about? I think thats why I make VIDEOS of the happy moments and rant / moan / whine / complain the rest of the time. hahahahhaha

  • There isn’t any whiny self indulgent crap here that I can see, and it could be worse, you could be a whiny self indulgent MOMMY BLOGGER! GROSS!

  • Paisley makes a good poitn about writing when your emotionally drive…It doesn’t matter what the emotion is it’s good…if you feel like dumping ..dump away..and if your over the moon same thing..sometimes when your in the middle it’s harder..anyway I am running off at the mouth here…write how you feel.. it’s all good..:))

  • Meleah


    Um…since you are NEW here, I will go easy on you. Warning: before you say anything else dumb…I am a mommy, and I am a blogger…so are many of my readers and FRIENDS. Mkay?


    Paisley always makes a good point right? And feel free to run your mouth all you want! 😉

  • “I think I may have become one of those bloggers that uses this space to dump off some emotional baggage rather than tell a story.”

    I don’t think that is entirely true; I’ve read plenty of happy posts here.
    Besides, it’s your blog; it is for whatever purpose you want to use it. If some people don’t like it, too bad; they don’t have to read it. If people (like myself) have the good taste to like your writing, then everyone is happy.

  • Present received! Thank you!!
    I’m still trying to find the one of her as Tinker Bell for the Disneyland ads…

  • Meleah


    You are right…this is MY SPACE to do whatever I choose. I am glad that you appreciate my writing. THAT means a lot to me….(yes you do have good taste! 😉 )

    Michael C:

    He he he he he…I knew YOU would love that as much as me if not more! Ill find it. And Ill make sure you have a copy of it…(that is if it’s real!)

  • There is a great deal of warmth and humour in your blog. It is like sitting down to a nice cup of tea with a good friend. Of course, like everyone else, you sometimes talk about difficult times in your life but when you do there is always an underlying message of triumph over adversity. I suspect you have probably kept quite a few people going when their lives seemed overwhelming. What I’m trying to say is that : I Love You Just As You Are. Your blog is a gift to your readers and I am very grateful to be one of them!

  • Seems over the past year or so that statement has become true.. Not too many bloggers doing a new post everyday anymore -but while that was going on, and for the few that still are, I see a lot of different emotions in posts. Sure, when you’re down you probably write the deepest posts, the ones that really stand out and make people like that dude point them out, but isn’t that how most writing is? Aside from love, pain is the strongest emotion. So maybe for the people that don’t post daily that statement is true but there’s other sites out there… maybe dude needs to look around some more. 😉

  • Meleah


    I am so unbelievably touched by what you just said to me. You are such a gifted talented writer. You suck me into every single post as if it is happening to me. I truly admire your skills. on every level. I do talk about the good the bad and the ugly…but I try my best to make it as light hearted, funny, or at least send a positive message. Thank you for your inspiration. And undying support.


    True. I guess its all about weeding out the ones you like and the ones you dont. I just dont want to fall into the ‘turmoil, drama, misery’ trap. yanno? I will never be as funny or snarky as some of my favorite bloggers…but I do my best to balance things out. It is exhausting (at times) to pump out post after post especially when I have a full time job, and a child to take care of…so my time dedicated to bigger better posts is limited. But every once in awhile I manage to knock out a good one…(according to YOU guys)….and I guess I am just my worst critic.

    Oh….I agree when you said “I see a lot of different emotions in posts. Sure, when you’re down you probably write the deepest posts, the ones that really stand out and make people like that dude point them out, but isn’t that how most writing is?”

    Yes. It. Is.

  • you don’t just complain, you are very well rounded and thoughtful and most of all, the things you think about in your posts make the people reading it think and that is really what I love about reading your blog. You make me think, about myself, about other people, about life. You have lived a lot of lives in your 30 something years, more than most do in an entire lifetime and to me, you have what I like to call “an old soul”. This gives you so much to write about and share with others. Keep it coming!

  • I’ve always thought your blog had a great mix of the goods and the bads. and with that being said, what is wrong with only posting when you’re sad? It is your blog and you want to rant, scream, whatever, so be it. I know I like coming here cos you’re just downright honest and sincere with your postings so I really don’t see you as THAT kind of blooger.

    Happy weekend Meleah.

  • Meleah


    I have lived a long life in my short 30 something years haven’t I? Thank you for the encouragement and wonderful words. xxoo


    I try to keep a balance, I just dont want to lean to much in the pity party or depressing range. yanno? But you are rigth, I am down right honest and heartfelt in all of my posts and I guess that is why people keep coming back! Thanks for your support 🙂

  • I think you have a nice balance. But I think he makes an interesting point…comparing a blog to a photo album. That’s very thought provoking.

  • Lee

    The most profound comment I an make is “Ditto”. I think the best blogs are all about letting the personality of the writer come through. And yours does a great job of that. I think the “Mommy Bloggers” that Mike referred to are the ones that gush and blubber about what a wonderful thing motherhood is and how their children are perfect, etc., etc., and life is just a bowl of cherries. I’m sorry, but I’m the father of five children and parenthood sucked at times. Now being a grandfather, everything is rosey, because when I tire of spoiling the grandkids one of us gets to get up and go home. :0)

  • Meleah


    Greg is good like that. Always makes me think.


    Thank you. I feel reassured that I havent gone too far into the land of feeling sorry for myself. Oh….Thanks for clearing up the Mike comment. Being a parent can be HARD and CRAPPY at times…I can’t with the people that ‘glorify’ all of it all of the time.

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