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Happy New Years Eve


Can you BELIEVE I have to WORK today? In the Office! [sigh]. At least its only 1/2 a day. But still. Gah.

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  • That sucks! I hope it’s over soon. I got my performance bonus today, so I’m going furniture shopping!!!

    Happy New Year, my friend. May 2008 rock!

  • Lee

    Bonus?? What’s a bonus?

    Meleah, Happy New Year to you as well. Hope the morning passes quickly and you get to spend the rest of the day doing something fun. Just stay out of trouble tonight!! :0)

  • i do to… i have bronchitis tho,, i worked with it yesterday,, but i am thinking seriously of calling off today,, and tomorrow… not cuz i have anything better to do… but because i am coughing my head off,, cant breath,, and work in a deli… duh… you’d a thunk they would have had the common decency to send me home yesterday… wouldn’t ya?????

    happy new year meleah!!!!

  • The best friend

    dood, what can I say. that blows. see ya later bunny.

  • Meleah


    Yeay! Bonus! Shopping! New Things! Wheeee! Happy New Year Years Eve sweety! xxoo


    Slave Labor + Sheckles = Bonus.

    I hope this day goes FAST too. Happy New Years Eve.


    awwwwww……honey! I hate that you are sick. Yes. Call out. Sleep. Rest. Tea. Ect…. Feel better! xxoo Happy New Years Eve.


    See you 2 nizite. Im bringing OLGA. So be prepared. xxoo

  • Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and I wish you so much happiness for 2008!

  • Take the ice bucket and champagne with you it will make the half day at work more bearable….:):):)

  • That sucks that you have to work. But some stroke of luck, my office is closed today, but I looked ahead to see what the coming year brings and I’ll be working Christmas Eve in 2008. I haven’t had to do that since I was in high school!

    Besides, I’d probably be better off if I had gotten up with the alarm and gone to work. I am wasting a precious day off and accomplishing little. And I have company coming tonight! YIKES!

  • Happy New Year, Sweetness!

  • Hi Meleah!

    Have a happy new year! All the best for 2008…

  • Ugh. My hubby’s working today too. What’s up with that? I hope your day flies by and that you can run home to your fam soon. Have a very Happy New Year!!

  • Meleah


    Same to you darling! I am so happy to have *met* you this past year. Looking forward to 2008!!


    Now THATS what I SHOULD HAVE done…Or at least brought Olga back with me!


    You are a much better planner than I will ever be. I have no idea where I will be tomorrow let alone XMAS EVE 08! (Im still recovering from this one!) xxoo Happy New Years.


    xxoo xxoo xxoo 🙂 xxoo xxoo xxoo




    I hate that ‘we’ have to work today. I swear it is COSTING my office MORE money to be OPEN than closed today. Duh. Happy New Years!

  • Happy New Year my twin. I have to work too…until 5!!!!!!!!

  • Meleah


    How much does THIS SUCK!

    I have lunch from 12-1 then we can leave at 2pm? What The Fuck Is That?

    I feel BADLY that you have to work until 5pm. THAT really STINKS.

  • I’m working too – er – pretending to work 🙂

  • Have we broken out the BOOZE yet????

  • Meleah


    Yep. That sounds about right.



    I am taking you to a dinner party tonight at my best friends house. This should be interesting……

  • I spent quite a few years working 4:00 PM to 12:30 AM; missed a lot of New Year Eves. At least you’ll be off work before that. My very best wishes for you and your family in the coming year, lady.

  • I’m supposed to be working from home right now, but instead I’m checking your blog!

  • Hey! So sorry to hear you have to work!! You’ll be out soon. Have a great time tonight!! (can’t wait to see the Olga pictures!!!!) I have finally put up a new post….long week….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xoxoxo

  • I will try to behave myself…

  • FV

    Happy new year my dear Meleah!!!!


  • I’m off today, but have to work tomorrow. Tis very sad… or something.

  • Have a GREAT New Year’s Eve!

    New home, new attitude, new start….You got an earyl start so you’re good to go for ’08. Enjoy!

    I’ve missed you 🙂

    (The reason for me being M.I.A is long overdue I know…I’ll post soon)

  • kaylee


  • I know what you mean Meleah. I had to work today too 🙁 But now and off and the party is going to begin, lol NOT!

    We’ll be going on to dinner tonight. Hope you have a great New Years!

  • Had to work today myself! Hope you have a good one!

  • That is a really cool New Year’s photo!

    Hey, Happy New Year, Meleah, hope your family has a great 2008. I am so glad to have met you this year!

  • Happy New Year!!!!

  • Working is highly overrated. Did you fly them the bird?

    We cheered each other with our champagne at the 9:00 ball dropping in Times Square (west coast time) and I threw one your way, meleah!

    Let’s hear it for lots of success, health, and good writing in 2008 for us all! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think list making is on my resolution list. Unfortunately.

  • Happy New Year Meleah and to your other readers! I had a nice family get together at my sister’s apartment, some good food & some whiskey. It was quite but fun. Came home and slept till late. Didn’t go to work today as I had applied for a leave 1 month in advance (plenty smart me, no?)

    May your 2008 beat the pants off 2007!

  • Meleah


    Happy New Years to you too.

    At least working those hours for so many years kept you out of trouble?


    Now thats Blog Love right there! xxoo Happy New Year

    Chef Mom:

    Oh Yeay! I have been waiting for a new post from you. xxoo


    Whoo Hoo, But behave? Oh heavens No.


    🙂 xxoo


    Tis VERY sad Indeed,


    Yeah. Um….. Im gunna need a FULL report woman! I have missed you…and what about our skydiving adventure this year? hmmm…..




    Damn You too? What The Hell? Have a GREAT NIGHT xxoo


    UGH! WHY did they make us work today? Booooooooo


    You too




    Yippe. Ive missed you. Ah Yes! Welcome to the world O’Lists! 🙂


    Thank you that was very sweet of you. Happy New Years

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