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Happy New Year, Mo-Fos!

Here’s hoping 2011Rocks The Casbah.’

Okay people.

I am not very good at making or keeping New Year Resolutions. Seriously, I am not going to be joining a gym, nor will I try to quit smoking any time soon. But, I do need to make some changes. And that’s why I like to hear what YOUR resolutions are, because quite frankly?  I am fresh out of ideas. So, please tell me, what are you going to be doing differently in 2011?

Happy New Year MoFo’s!


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  • I miss you too AIR!
    Happy New Year to you. And here’s to staying healthy!

  • Nice!

  • Good one!

  • I think that works!

  • Im psyched about not achieving anything either!

  • Brooke Johnson made the cake!

  • Oh Nicky! I truly hope I get to meet you this year.
    Because THAT would be fan-fucking-tastic!

  • Thanks Selma.
    When you figure out how NOT to stress over the little things, will you
    please share your secret with me?


  • Hell. Fucking. Yes.

  • Ahahahahahah! Assclowns. Ahahahahahahhahahah!

  • But you ARE already skinny!

  • Fuck. Yes.

  • I like that idea the best.

  • That is a perfect resolution for you and Jules!

  • MOB:
    Thank you.
    And maybe ONE DAY when Im 40 years old, I will TRY to quit smoking. Again.
    But for now? *puff puff puff*

  • You really DO need a new job Jules.
    Good luck with your new exercise program.

  • Im SUPER lazy like that too.
    Probably why I can’t even come up with a resolution!

    Happy New Year, Lemon!

  • CG: Well, knowing how competitive you are – I’m fairly certain you will be
    35 in NO time!

  • Yes, that is “OLGA” The Traveling Bra!

  • Yeah. I like that way of thinking too.
    Happy New Year, Nick!

  • Hey, at least you ARE thinking about it!
    I’m only thinking about napping and eating!

  • Happy fucking new year wowo nice comment to welcome the new year…LMFO

  • I’m going to try my best not to break any more limbs. And a Happy fucking new year to you, too! (That’s my kind of cake!)

  • I don’t think I’ve ever made a New Year resolution. If I have I’ve certainly never kept one, because I probably forgot it as soon as I made it!

  • cmk

    Assclowns is one of my favorite words–it can describe SO much. 😀

  • Indeed!

  • Yeah, no more limb breaking for you!

  • Ahahahahah!

  • I think that might be my NEW favorite word!

  • Happy New Year to you, too, Mereb!! I resolve to be happy as much as absolutely possible – no matter what!!! Happy, happy, happy!! …and if somethin’ is goin’ on in my realm that’s making me unhappy – I’m either going to change it or ignore it. ‘Cause life’s just way too short.

    A safe and prosperous year to you and yours, Sweetie. xoxo

  • Life IS too short! And, I am huge fan of laughing!

  • Life IS too short! And, I am huge fan of laughing!

  • Life IS too short! And, I am huge fan of laughing!

  • Roshan

    Happy new year Meleah & family. My new year resolution is to get outta this shitty situation at work that I am in and tell that mofo in charge to shove this job up his backside.
    I hope u have a great year.

  • Yeah! You tell that MOFO!

  • Right now, I think I am just going to struggle to get through. I can’t think about resolutions.

  • I’m going to try to be more organized, write more, and care less about what others think!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  • I totally understand that.

  • I love those. LOVE THOSE!! Happy New Year, Terri!

  • Heh, my kinda cake!

    I don’t do resolutions. And this year, I didn’t write out a whole bunch of goals on a To Do List. That would look daunting and well, I’d just eat more cake and not look forward to work on Monday. Instead, I chose three words to guide my actions in 2011. They are: Create. Manage. Focus. (I wrote about them on the blog)

    I’m using those words to guide what I do in 2011.

  • I just saw that blog post – and it was AWESOME.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to try and “do it” whatever “it” is… instead of just thinking about “it”..

  • Love it!

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