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Happy Labor Day.

I cannot tell you just how wonderful it is to have this “extra” day all to myself. To do whatever I want, whenever I want. Ah.


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  • We celebrate Labor Day in October in Australia but a public holiday has been declared this Friday due to the APEC summit. You’re right – it is sooooo nice to have that extra day. Enjoy!

  • Yes, it’s lovely. I am looking forward to going to the pool and doing some grilling for dinner. Enjoy your day!

  • Happy Labor Day to you, too! Enjoy your day off.

  • Happy Labor Day, Melz!

  • Have a fun, relaxing day! 🙂

  • Happy Labor Day Meleah!!!! Enjoy it. Only a few more weeks to the premiere of 30 Rock with Jerry Seinfeld!!!!! Did I mention I love Tina more lately? Because if I didn’t mention it, I do….

  • Have a good one. I actually have to work a bit today. Blah.

  • Meleah

    SELMA: Thats interesting! I will have a great day…I am already!
    INGRID: Me too!
    MIKE THOMAS: Same to you I will!
    LESLIE xxoo 🙂
    HOLLY: Same to you sweetie!
    MICHAEL C Dood, I love her MORE than you ever will. I cant WAIT for 30 Rock and the final season of SCRUBS….wheee I love September. I better get to blogging all of this on MeleVision pretty soon!
    RICARDO: Awww… well that kinda sucks.

  • It should be called Non-Labor Day. Every other day, should be called Labor Day.

    I hope you enjoyed it, Mel. It is not over yet.


  • Never a day off in the TV biz. I need to get a state or government job.

  • For Labor Day I am celebrating by doing nothing. Well, ok I’m catching up on blogging and visiting friends such as yourself.


  • Happy “Lay back and Chill” Day 🙂

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