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Happy Halloween 2008

What are any of YOU (or your kids) going to be dressed up for Halloween this year?

My son? Ugh. He decided to go as this.

But I think that’s just because he REALLY likes wearing a jacket and a tie.

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  • I’m dressing up as a nudist.

  • sid

    Going as Helen of Troy aka just another pretty woman.

  • What a character JCH is. He cracks me up. The most important thing is how does he pronounce ‘nuclear?’ LOL. Your decorations are gorgeous. Happy Hallowe’en.

  • then tell him to be alex p. keaton!!!!!!

  • I think he’s funny.

    Paula will be a vampire today. Isabel will be a little witch. I will be the harried mother.

  • Arv

    Nothing beats the Vampire mate… just wondering if I should dress up for it 🙂


    Happy Halloween… cheers..

  • I was going to go as bush, too…but my costume is entirely different.

  • LOL! Great costume 🙂
    Happy Halloween!

  • I don’t do halloween but this year, I had to make an exception (but only online) because of a small mistake.

    So I pretended to be Ron for that day.
    But Twitter friends decided to develop the character into Ronald the Mime.
    Then I killed Ronald the Mime last Sunday

    Somewhere between that, I a certain Countess did her work on me.

    And here I am coming back from the dead today !

    I think GWB or Palin are just as scary.

  • My dog has a devil costume. Happy Halloween Meleah. 🙂

  • Your son is the coolest. Little “D” is being a race car driver, Daughter #2 is being a fireman, and I’m being the Girl drunk on the porch wearing her Phillies gear and playing my music too loud.

    Have a great Halloween !

  • I was gonna go naked on roller skates as a pull toy, but I couldn’t find my skates.

    Maybe next year.

  • Happy Halloween! 🙂

  • I’m celebrating my birthday in Sarasota! My grandkids are going out as ketchup and mustard, and a monster! Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You’re not dressing up?

  • That really is too scary!!!!

    I’m going as a drunkard!!! 😉

  • Ohhh, nooo! 😀

    Olivia is going to be a flower, and Justin is going to be Chucky. Yes, that ugly, little, demonic doll. My 16 y/o is not too interested this year.

  • Hey honey, happy Halloween to you too.
    Rest well today.

    PS: JCH is funny.

  • I couldn’t get past security in my building dressed up as a Klingon 🙁

    Maybe I’ll get back the Halloween mood with three really scary very-NY dares:

    1 – grab a cab and tell the driver he’s padding the bill by taking the long way

    2 – brunch at Mickey Mantle’s and leave a 1% tip on a $80.00 tab

    3 – towel slap the naked cowboy’s butt at Times Square

    Happy Halloween all!

  • Meleah

    Thats funny.


    Good For You
    My son is forever cracking HIMSELF up.
    And me too.
    My mother is the best decorator.
    (I had nothing to do with the set up over here!)
    Happy Halloween!

    Damn It.
    Now THAT would have been great
    Of course none of his friends would have any idea who that was,
    but I could LIV with the APK costume!

    He is funny.
    Im gunna check out YOUR flickr.
    Im sure you have some great pictures of the girls over there?

    Vampires are always good for this day

    You kill me

    Happy Halloween to you too!

    That CAT scared the shit out of me
    I guess YOU will be participating in Halloween this year after all!

    I forgot about people dressing up their pets too!
    Have Great Halloween

    The Girl I Will Bring Home to Momma
    “Being the Girl drunk on the porch wearing her Phillies gear and playing my music too loud.”
    Thats classic.
    Im gunna need a PHOTO of that!

    There IS always next year!

    Right back at you!


    Nah. If I get ‘dressed’ at all today it will be a miracle!

    Debo Hobo:
    HA HA HA
    That should be easy enough!

    I think 16 is when they hit the “too cool” to be involved phase.
    Aw. A flower!
    That’s precious.
    And CHUCKY?
    That would freak me out!

    I love my boy.
    But not so much his choice of costume
    Have a great holiday too.

    Um. Are you trying to get arrested?

  • Your son is truly going to be the scariest!

    My grandkids are dressing as Darth Vader and Dora. My daughter is going as Hatchet Face (Cry Baby) and my son-in-law is the caveman from the Geico commercials!

  • Happy Halloween Xx

  • Your son gave me a laugh that I needed for the day. Nice costume. I’m not wearing a costume but I plan on wearing a lime green wig along with some black lipstick. That’s the most dressing up I do for Halloween. Maybe in the next few years I’ll get back into the costumes so I can go out with my nephew who’s going to be a puppy this year.

  • Meleah

    Employee No3699:
    I KNOW!

    I just saw the photos of your grand kids on you blog. They are simply adorable.

    Oh! The caveman from the Geico commercials is a FABULOUS idea!

    Posh Totty:
    Happy Halloween!

    GOOD! You Needed a hardy laugh.
    Happy Halloween.

    Im not getting dressed up either.
    It will be a miracle if I get DRESSED today.
    At all.

  • my kid? sleep

    me? i’m going to be a good girl

  • Photos will definately be forthcoming. WHOO-HOOOOOOO

  • Does your son do Bushisms, too? 😆

    My Grandchildren were dressed as one De-BEE, one Fireman, one Princess, and two Spiderman when they tricked a Nursing Home Halloween Party for treats last night.

    Later, I will be dressed like Mrs. Beowolf Porpoiseburg to trick and treat my husband! 😀

  • Ek! That’s the scariest costume that I’ve seen in my life!

    No kids, just me. I might patrol my car. On good days they slash the tires around here. Oh, what fun. :o(

  • Jay


  • My son has grown out of the cute little costumes. So no more super hero costumes, this year he is going as a evil skeleton. My husband always wears a mask of an old man or either a skeleton. I am always a witch, forgot to buy my green make up this year, going to have to make a run here soon. Your son looks too cute in a jacket and tie. Our son hates dressing up. Happy Halloween to you and your Family!

  • I’m going as myself. I think that is scary enough. LOL

  • Meleah

    You are always a GOOD GIRL.
    Be Bad (for once!)

    The Girl I Will Bring Home to Momma:

    Miss Money Penny:
    OMFG. My son does do Bushisms!
    You have the right Halloween spirit.

    Consider yourself LUCKY!


    Aw. You are adorable.
    Happy Halloween to you and your family


    There is nothing SCARY about you!

  • i went as sarah palin. scared the crap out of everyone.

  • He looks great! Awww.

  • Now that is scary!

  • Meleah

    That IS terrifying.

    Thank you!

    Tell Me About It.
    He keeps JUMPING out AT me with that MASK on his face.
    I have a cardiac arrest every single time!

  • We had a lame Halloween. Only one trick or treater, and they didn’t even have a costume! I guess cause it rained. Didn’t stop me when I was a kid, lol

  • Lee

    Scariest damn costume I’ve ever seen. But I’ll make a bet with you: I bet JCH has an IQ 100 points higher than Bush.

  • I have a twelve year old too. She and her sister were content to NOT dress up. They enjoyed passing out candy to the trick or treaters. I have pictures of their attempt at Halloween this year. We are such a bunch of hicks! 🙂

    Have a great weekend Meleah Rebecca.

  • HA! Your son’s costume made me laugh – but not as much as the face your mom was making in her picture with him 🙂

    Hope he made out and is wallowing in all his candy.

    Thankfully we had somewhere to be last night, which means we weren’t home, which means I didn’t buy any candy, which means I’m not eating the leftovers 🙂

  • Meleah

    I was home, in bed by 930 pm.
    My Halloween was quite lame as well.

    Yes. You would be correct!

    My son could NOT wait to get out of the house and be out on his own with his ‘boys’….
    Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend too!

    My mom’s face in that photo is priceless.
    He made out fine and dandy in the candy dept.
    I haven’t had to make him a single meal in 24 hours!
    Just kidding.

  • I went as myself in Jeans and an orange sweater. It was a very scary creepy costume. LOL

  • Meleah

    My Friend Jen:
    Ha ha ha ha

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