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Happy Halloween



Even though I do not have a working camera, people in my mothers office do.

Here are some pictures of MY MOTHER, she was the WINNER of her office costume party.

Also, thankfully, my girlfriend Tiffany brought her camera on Sunday to ‘Camp Ridiculous’ for their annual Halloween bash. Here are those pictures.

*Bonus feature: Jackson & Zaibryn… Their 1st Halloween together as brother & sister acting as:ย  Micki & Mini Mouse.

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  • Happy Halloween to you too Girlie! I’m pimping my kids out for some candy tonight. They are at the perfect age, old enough to get candy, young enough not to notice when some is missing! Mwhahahaha!

  • Lis

    Happy halloween!

  • BOO!!!! Happy Halloween to you too.

  • The best friend

    Jenny Winehouse.

  • The best friend

    Leah Lemon.

  • Happy Halloween to you too girl! I hope you are feeling much better – you are invited to my house – I hand out wine to the adults for their candy…

  • Happy Halloween!!! Hope you are feeling better.

  • Jodi

    Back atcha!

    And thank you…

  • I’m waiting for kids to come around. Last year there was no kid at all, this year, hopefully some…

  • Happy Halloween! I was told this year that I’m not allowed to go with my sister (aparently it’s not cool to take you’re big sister with you when you’re 13…) so instead we are handing out candy at our friends house. NO COSTUME REQUIRED. But I did carve the pumpkins.

  • happy halloween meleah.. what is the kid gonna be????

  • Hope you get all your favorite candy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HollyGL

    Happy Halloween!! Have fun!!

  • Meleah

    Thanks everybody.

    I am sad to say that this year, Halloween was a total BUST for me.

    I am still pretty damn sick. After my Doctors appointment this afternoon, it turns out that I have a severe Upper Respiratory Infection & Bronchitis, which has kept me IN BED.

    JCH went as the dood / main / serial killer from the movie SCREAM complete with blood shooting action. I, of course, have no FUCKING pictures of my son in costume, because my CAMERA is DEAD.

    (You have no idea how upset I am over this)

    And….I don’t even have the pictures of ME as TINA FEY / LIZ LEMON that were taken @ the Halloween party I attended this past Saturday night with my girlfriend Patty. Of course that had to be the night my 8 million year old camera DIED.

    I am even more upset because I am unable to retrieve the pictures I did take.


    At least I get paid this week. (I think?)

    Can you say NEW DIGITAL CAMERA?

    Yup. and Hellz Yes.

    Barring that I am feeling any better by FRIDAY, I am going to buy a BRAND NEW camera (one that even has a working FLASH, and video capabilities.)

  • The best friend

    ITS THE Kodak Easyshare c875.
    I have the dock that prints out pictures for it…
    I will give it to you..I never use it.
    I cant wait til you have a better camera and better equipment.

  • Happy Halloween- hope you feel better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meleah


    You will just have to go to the store with me to make sure I get the right one…and yes please, I will GLADLY take that DOCK off your hands. THANK YOU.


    Me too. I hope YOU a better Halloween than I did.

  • Happy late Halloween!!!!

  • Happy late Halloween!!!! OH MY GOD, NO LIZ LEMON PICS???

    I am seriously going to bed saddened tonight…sorry about the camera.

  • Just dropping by on my broom to wish you a Happy Halloween Meleah!

  • Meleah

    Michael C:

    I am soooooo upset you ave no idea. I did a great Tina. Oh well, I might have to re-create the scene when I get my new camera.

    Thanks Nick, nice broom.

  • Mom’s too too funny. That’s great she’s so full of life! Babies are too too cute. Sorry to hear you are sick!!! I’m thinking “well” thoughts for you…

  • A belated Happy Hallowe’en. Your Mother looked fantastic – what a fun thing to do at work!

  • Hope your Halloween was not too bleak!

    The photos are gorgeous. Your Mum is deliciously wicked and the little Mice are just adorable!!!


  • Wow, she looks great and scary! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meleah


    This is my moms FAVORITE holiday. Shes the best. The babies are Insanely cute. Thanks for the good thoughts.


    Thank you. My mom is GREAT


    My Halloween sucked donkey balls. I sat on the sofa SICK and CAMERA-LESS. But my mom did ROCK that costume. Thanks doll xxoo


    Thats why she won!

  • SWEET!!! I can tell that this is where you get the shy and reserved side of your personality from. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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