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Happy Birthday!!

You all know her as ‘SomeGirl’ Hiding In Public.


I have come to know her as my friend. She is one of the women I feel lucky to have in my life. I adore her strong will, quick wit, and sense of humor. Then there are her words. Her words make me laugh, make me cry, and touch the very depths of my soul. She is such an inspiration to me. She’s the Louise to my inner Thelma. And my Bi-Coastal partner in crime.

Happy 30th Birthday Ana.


May this year bring you the happiness and peace you so deserve.

Tonight, the drinks are on me….


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  • Here, here! Happy Birthday Ana! Even though we have never met, sometimes through writing I believe you can be closer to someone then face to face. ‘Tis true with you. Meleah couldn’t have put it any better. Happy Birthday!!!

  • I too enjoy reading Ana’s blog. Many times I have read her words and felt like I was reading something written by a younger version of me. Ihope she has a great birthday and that happiness is in the horizon.

  • awwww!!! THANKS.

    I LOVE YOU MEL….i do. Feeling faklempt…give me a moment.
    (I’m posting something later…)

  • Meleah

    Happy Birthday Daaaaling. You deserve it. xxxooo xxxooo

  • Happy belated birthday – it is a great blog indeed

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