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Happy 6th Blog Anniversary, To Me.

Six years ago, I wrote my very first blog-post. And quite frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes, I still don’t know what I am doing. The only thing I do know is that blogging has had an incredible impact on my life. I’ve learned how to write for an audience. And I’ve learned it’s never the story you tell, but it’s how you tell the story. As a result of this blog, I’ve also become the official Family Historian. I’ve learned how to take some semi-decent photos. And I’ve almost mastered making home movies.

But most of all, I am extremely grateful for the amazing relationships I’ve cultivated over the past six years.

Therefore, I want to say, “Thank You!” to every single person I’ve met along the way. Ya’ll have taught me so very much. And all while making me laugh, making me think, and even making me cry.  I am truly blessed to be a part of such an incredibly, talented, funny, and brilliant, community of fellow writers and photographers.  I love each and every one of you with my whole heart.

And thank you for letting me share my life’s journey with all of you.

Here’s to another six years!



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  • Susan,

    I think this might be the best comment I’ve ever received.
    And it means a lot coming from such an incredibly talented writer & artist such as yourself.

    Thank you, for making my day!
    And thank you for reading my blog.


  • I agree with everyone else in that you DO know what you’re doing and you sell yourself a wee bit short. Six years? That’s incredible, and despite that quantity of time, you still write with incredible quality. Here’s to many more posts! 

  • Hey Mia! SIX YEARS? Hats off to you, ma’am. I’m currently sitting on three and a half. And yeah, I’ve met many nice folk in that time. Indigo x 

  • Thank you, Abby!

    I think YOU are an amazing writer.
    And I am happy we fond each other online!


  • 🙂

  • Hi Meleah, great to meet you. I have just started blogging. I am determined to do this and as well do my product online.  Well so far I have been doing more surveys than anything. But it’s a start. Now I am going to read some of your posts!

  • Congratulations Meleah.  I’ve enjoyed sharing your life’s journey with you over the years and I’ve witnessed your writing improving greatly along the way! Then, of course, there’s your other creative skills.  Here’s to the next six years!

  • Happy 6th blog anniversary.  It has been fun getting to know you and your family.  You do tell a whale of a tale.  Here’s to another 6 years, indeed!  Cheers!

  • Welcome to my crazy world!

  • Love you, Babs!

  • Wooot!

  • ladyV

    6 years. way to hang in there.  thanks for sharing you and your family with us, by far the best and most entertaining internet family i know.  and i got to meet you twice. wooohooo.  thanks for the stories and making me laugh and weep (i was told i’m too old to cry, by my kid). keep ’em coming.

  • Happy anniversary, always love your posts, photos and family stories! I wonder where we’ll all be six years from today? Keep up your entertaining, fun and honest posts, we all appreciate them! And when I get a job, I’m going to go shopping at your store to celebrate!

  • 😀 I remember trying to talk you into blogging. And you didn’t think you had anything to say 😉 xoxo Monkee

  • oldereyes

    Wow.   Three years into Older Eyes, I know how hard it is to keep going for six years … and how many bloggers just give up.   Congrats.  And I agree with all you say about the benefits of blogging.

  • I love you Miss V!

    And I am so happy we are online AND real life friends!


  • Awwww! Marty!


  • You sure did!

    And Leslie, you changed my life!

    And thank you for dealing with all of the techy thingys that I clearly don’t understand!


  • Gracias, Bud!

  • Happy Anniversary, Darling Little Sister!  

  • Thank you, big Sis!!

  • Congrats on 6 wonderful years. You are one of my most favourite bloggers. I will never forget how supportive you were of me when I first started blogging. I can honestly say you are one of the kindest, most generous people I have met online. I hope you continue blogging for many, many more years. I think your T-shirts are fantastic. I will definitely get one. Love the dragonfly. Love you too xxxx

  • Awwww! I love you Selma!

    And it’s been MY PLEASURE supporting your blog.
    I love all of your stories and photographs.

  • Love your new swag, Meleah! And may I say the same for you, the laughing, the thinking, and the crying. So, thank YOU!

  • Wheeeee!!!

  • Congratulations on your 6 years!  I got to the ‘party’ late due to our paths crossing when they did, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs.
    You were ‘born’ roughly about the same time ‘Breaking Bad’ was, and although I have been addicted since day one, I can liken this to someone just getting into the show now.  They are able to watch episodes back to back to back and get their ‘fix’. I can do the same here with your blogs. Now that I am at the party, I intend to stick around, but never wear out my welcome.
    Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us.
    ‘Write On’…

  • Awwww!!

    I’m happy to have met you too, Boris!
    And thanks for reading!

    I assure you, you will NOT wear out your welcome!

  • Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us!

  • Sorry I stink and missed you anniversary. You know I love me some Meleah!


  • Happy belated blogoversary, Meleah! I started almost exactly 3 years after you on 25-Jul-09. (Feeling very Euro this year.) Here’s to another 6 (eek)!

  • xoxoxoxo


  • Rogelio Perea

    Been away from the blog-o-sphere, getting back on track playing catch up. Happy (belated) 6th Year Blog Anniversary Meleah, here’s for 6 and many many more 🙂

  • ROG!!!!!!!!!!

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