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Happy 4th Anniversary: Momma Mia Mea Culpa

Yes people, that’s right. Four Years Ago today I wrote my very first blog-post. And quite frankly, I had no idea the impact blogging would have on my life. Writing in this here space has enriched my life in so very many ways. Not only have I learned how to ‘write for an audience’ but, I have also been fortunate enough to cultivate some amazing relationships.

I want to take this time and say, “Thank You” to every single person/reader that has ever taken the time to read my words, leave a comment, participate in a meme, hand out an award, made me laugh, made me think, even made me cry. And especially to those of you who have ultimately become my deepest and most cherished friends.

I am truly blessed to be a part of such an incredibly, talented, funny, and brilliant, community of fellow writers. I love each and every one of you with my whole heart. I will be forever grateful having been able to share my journey in life with you.

May the next four years be as fun, and as fulfilling, as these last four years!

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  • Happy Blogaversary, Meleah! I've had fun watching you grow and thrive. There's been some drama, but such is life. Mostly, it's been a celebration where those of us who visit have gotten to know you and grown to love you. Here's to many more years of living life and sharing dreams.

  • Noemi

    Happy anniversary!!! I am so glad you started blogging!

  • Awww! Happy Birthday Momma Mia Mea Culpa! I'm soooo glad that I found your blog and that we've kept in touch. You are such an amazing person with a great story to tell don't stop writing and telling your story. I think it's why you were put here…oh, and to make us laugh!


  • Thank you iDaddy2.0!

  • Me too woman!

  • Thank you so much Dana.
    And FYI – you are THE BEST EDITOR EVER.
    Seriously, no one makes me dig deeper than you do!
    I don't think I can finish my book without you!

  • A very very happy birthday – although I have been awol from blogging, all the times that I wasn't your blog was a a daily ritual and your strength, openness and honesty have always been a source of inspiration. May you always take life by the horns and write about it as you do with such truth and insight. Lots of love

  • Aw! Amber!!! Thank you so much for those kind words!

  • Happy Blogiversay, Meleah! And many more of them! 😀

    It doesn't seem like four years, but maybe that's because I hadn't started blogging myself then.

  • Thanks Jay!
    But, can you please make next Macro Monday an easy one for me?

  • BK

    We certainly love you too; I love you too my friend! Happy 4th year and many more to come! Mine is coming up soon too. Time sure flies! 🙂

  • Aw! Thanks BK! Xoxo <3

  • oldereyes

    Hey, Meleah –

    It's been a while and I've been swamped … but I'm back. There's a little something on Older Eyes for you at http://oldereyes.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/im-versatile/. Stop by, OK?

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  • I think it's also pretty cool that our blog B-day is also in July, cause only the best blogs have July b-days 😀

    So happy blog birthday to you! 4 years of blogging is an amazing feat!

  • Sure!

  • Thank you Mike!

  • Wow! Congratulations! It's been great being part of your community. Here's to the next four years and beyond!

  • Lucy

    Wow!!! Four years!! Way to go!!!! I guess I shouldn't be that surprised I soooo enjoy your writing!!

  • silverneurotic

    Let's break out the cake!

    By the way, not too long ago I was reading the beginning of your blog, and you have definitely come a long way.

  • I'll have cake today. Oh, wait. Make that a cinnamon bun. That's all I can get my hands on right now. My anniversary is close to yours. Today is my 3rd. No celebration or anything. I'll toast yours instead! See ya in 48 hrs, chickadee!

  • I may be a little late in saying this but Happy 4 years MOmma Mia, Mea Culpa 😀 I may not have been reading your blog for that long but in the time I have I must say I've enjoyed every second of reading your blog 😀 Here's to many more blogging years for you in keeping us entertained.

  • Michaelmwc

    Wow!! Congrats!!!!!

  • dcr

    Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

    Mine turned three… two weeks ago. Oops.

  • Thank you!

  • Aw! Thanks Lucy.
    I guess I've become a 'Seasoned Blogger'!

  • Thanks Nik!
    When I look back on OLD blog posts, I literally cringe!

  • Im SOOOOOOFA king excited about Saturday!

  • Im so happy to hear that Nick!
    Thank you!

  • Holy Blast From The Past!

  • Thanks DCR!

  • Happy Blogoversary (or “Gappy” Blogoversary, as I first typed).

    My third blogoversary came and went. I feel like a bad blog mom.

  • Well happy 3rd Blogiversary to YOU!

  • ladybanana

    Happy Blogoversary! And here's to another 4 wonderful years x

  • ladyV

    happy 4th. i've enjoyed your writing!

  • Jules

    Happy Blog Anniversary!!!! I've only been reading for a few months, but I find your blogs very insightful and entertaining. Keep them coming!

  • Happy anniversary!!!

  • Roshan

    I hope u keep blogging 4ever. Love u lots Meleah.

  • Happy Anniversary to one of my all time favorite blogs! I don't have the time to spend reading and commenting (unemployment did have its advantages) but I catch up here to check on you 🙂 Keep writing the blog and THE BOOK!

  • Thanks Ricardo!

  • Aw! Thanks! I hope so too!

  • Thanks Barbara! And I will!

  • Awake In Rochester

    Congratulations! Happy Birthday! It’s been a pleasure and privilege cyber knowing you. Thank you for sharing and caring.

  • xoxooxox

  • Thanks Lady!

  • And Ive enjoyed YOURS!

  • xoxoxox

  • Bee

    I just read about 6 of your posts and I have to say I missed coming over here! Happy Anniversary!

    Also, if you're ever in Chi-town gimme a jingle!

  • Well, Ive missed seeing you around here!
    And, I just might take you up on that offer!

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