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HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY TO ME ($35.00)

I love Barnes and Noble

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  • meleah rebeccah

    YES, I know I have no money, yes I know I shouldn’t be spending $ at the book store when I can’t afford to. But, I wanted to buy MYSELF a present. Sometimes, I just need to do something for myself.

  • Anonymous

    Happy B-day to you…how are you doing…how are things going..just wanted to say Hi ……xo

    uncle bob colonna

  • Anonymous


    (tim from NH)

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for this belated birthday wish! Hope you had a good one! This new job is great but the commute is like a part time job!!! Anyway, hope you have a great year and continue with your writing! It’s good stuff!

    tetsuzan (from myspace)

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Love you forever, Melz!

    John & Leslie

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday

  • meleah rebeccah

    i just realized my boob, is like, resting on a stack of books! oh thats a BAD picture!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Meleah.Trying to catch up with some old friends. Seeing your imagine picture sure brought back some old memories. Later

    Lee Veltxxx (high school cascadian!!!!)

    PS happy birthday!

  • Anonymous

    you will probably read this on monday so happy bday 1 day late.
    how are you feeling? any better?
    hope you had a great bday in spite of everything else going on!

    love, maya, lee and jackson

  • Anonymous

    Have totally been out of contact with everyone. I Fucked up my life pretty bad but about three years ago started putting it back together. Got in touch with Leslie and John. Gonna suprise John and call him tommorrow. You are so beautiful. Talked with Joshua Axxxx earlier today. I will call you tomorrow. Have a Great B day. Me loves you. Lee

  • meleah rebeccah


    Mr. stark raving mad,(a co-worker of mine) took me aside today, and said “this is between me and you” and then, he handed me an envelope.

    I said okay, gee…thank you?!

    I opened it, to find a BIRTHDAY card and a $200.00 GIFT CARD to buy whatever I want

    I thanked him like 500 times…

    I never saw THAT coming, yippee to me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to the Sexiest, and most Desirable woman I know.

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