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Happy 31st Birthday Broham


I love my brother Adam so much. Growing up together, we were inseparable. Always together like peas and carrots. We were as close as any two siblings could be. (But not in that creepy Angelina Jolie and James Haven sort of way.)


We invented our own secret language, we loved to spy on and torture our mother with incessant teasing and laughter. The best and happiest memories of my childhood are with my brother.



As we have gotten older, of course it natural to have grown apart. But we will always have that unbreakable bond. I cannot find the words that are big enough to express just how PROUD I am of my brother and the MAN he has grown up to be.


The loving husband,


And the worlds greatest father


Here’s to you little brother. You will forever be my Abercrombie.
Love Melbatoast.

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  • that is totally sweet! happy brother-birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to your brother. You were both soooo cute when you were little. How lovely to have that closeness!

  • The best friend

    AWWW. we love Adam, he is so cool/funny/smart/awesome!!! Happy Birthday.

  • The childhood pictures are so sweet!!!

  • Meleah

    I love my brother sooo damn much.

  • So sweet. You are such a nice sister for doing this. I’m not loving my brother right now, but he’s quite a challenge to love.

  • You’re so lucky to have such a strong bond with your brother. My brother and I tried to rip each other’s heads off every chance we got growing up, but we kind of like each other now.

  • Awww, sweet post! I have a brother that I am similarly close to. (And I DIED over your Angelina Jolie reference–HAHAHA!)

  • Awww! Big sister’s baby brother! Lol

    Actually its very sweet.


    And that Angelina and her brother thing was creepy. I remember that.

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