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Happy 13th Birthday To My Son JCH

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  • Happy birthday to your son and happy mother’s day to you Meleah! You are a positive force who has made me think in your own special way and I truly wish you a wonderful day 🙂

  • AWESOME!!!!!! From one of my favorite Joni Mitchell tunes to how you switch up the video to more his speed ….. I love the timing when you have him like punching Bennett’s words with his upright drum sticks at the end!
    Happy Birthday JCH!
    Happy Mommy’s Day, Mel!

  • Happy Birthday JCH 😀

  • Happy birthday to the Big Teen! woohoo! Man, I think this is the 3rd birthday that I’ve known about. Have we known each other that long? (Even if “knowing” in the virtual sense of the word is not as exciting as the biblical sense of the word, it still counts. hehe)

    And have a wonderful Mother’s Day my dear. Lots of love toy you and JCH. xoxoxox

  • Happy Bday JCH! Try not to give your Momma a heart attack too often. 🙂

    That was so sweet Meleah, Happy Mothers Day to you!

  • Happy Birthday JCH.
    Excellent video clip. Embarrasing and poignant at the same time.

  • Meleah

    Aw. You’re awesome.
    Thank you.


    I did okay with the editing, but this was NOT my best work.
    Every time I tried to edit it at all, I would gt all weepy & teary eyed! So I decided to leave this movie ‘un-perfect’!

    Thank you.


    Wow!!! Lisa!! It sure had been THREE YEARS since we *met* . HA!
    I can’t even deal with my child being 13years old now!
    I am beside myself!

    Cute Ella:
    Thank you sweety!

    I figured since I am so emotional over him turning 13, I was better off leaving my feelings about this in a VIDEO!

  • Happy Birthday! A Teenager!!! lets hope not the terrible teens..lol I’m sure he’s very good really 🙂

  • Meleah

    So far, I have been VERY LUCKY because 99.9% of the time my son is very well behaved!

  • Jay

    I loved it! I particularly liked the ‘passed out in the car’ pic, and the sand .. um … thing. ROFL!!

    I love the second song too, and it seems to fit with his personality, for sure. Happy B-Day, JCH!

  • fanny

    That was awesome…..happy birthday justin TEENAGER!!!!

  • 2 very distinct thoughts crossed my mind while watching this. The first:

    “Meleah, stop making me cry today! First the Mothers Day post, now this.”

    The second:

    “Love all the mock boobie shots. I bet JCH isn’t embarassed at ALL!”

  • Meleah

    Thank you! He did that “sand move” when we were on vacation in the DR!
    PS: Happy Mothers Day


    Thank you so much

    I hope you are having THE BEST Mothers Day EVER

    I didn’t mean to make you cry!
    Thankfully, JCH does NOT embarrass easily!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Mothers Day

  • Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy born on the same day as me. I can’t believe he’s a teenager. I feel a bit teary about it. Hope he had a wonderful day!

  • A nice tribute to your son!

    From a mom who loves him a lot!

  • yay! GREAT video, meleah! what a tribute to your son! most awesome!!

  • Meleah

    I’ve been a MESS over him turning 13!
    Oh My God!


    Thank you darling.
    I really do love my son more than anything else in the whole wide world!

  • Wow. That made me cry and then laugh so hard!

    Thank you for sharing that…you son looks like a wonderful human being, just like his Mother.


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  • Meleah

    Random Chick:
    My son is ALRIGHT!

  • Happy BDAY JCH!!! 🙂

  • Meleah

    Thanks Leslie!

  • He’s a teen now. watch out. 🙂

  • Meleah

    I cant EVEN!

  • Another awesome video! Happy birthday (sorry so late) to JCH!

  • Meleah

    Aw. Thank you!

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