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Guess who learned HOW TO EMAIL pictures from his cell phone

NOT THIS GUY (shown below)

But I received a photo from a secret paparazzi who can now TAKE pictures, and the same secret paparazzi can now EMAIL said pictures to me!!! he he he he he

You know I love you Dawson!!!

By the way, when did YOU get the tripple screens I have heard so much about? Considering you can’t grasp the concept of retrieving personal voice mail messages, how do you manage to operate three screens at once?

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    I too would like answers to those questions.

    I am psyched for you BFD!!! 3 big screens is the way to go! They make you glad to get to the office in the morning. It’s like a symphony of color every morning when you switch on, and all day long. It’s as if you’d been looking through a window the size of an airliner porthole for your entire career and then, overnight, someone has put a big plate glass window in its place.

    I feel bad for the people who “work” with one small screen, they use unnecessary keystrokes, clicks, and lots of time switching from one activity to the other. (It may not seem like lots of time, but it accumulates every day into a lot.) With three monitors, you never have to close anything. Your main priority sits in the center, and is always open, the Web is always open in the window on the right, and the monitor to your left is your working desktop, where you put the dozen or two dozen accounts in the set you are working on.
    I bet It’s not surprising how much better you work when everything is in plain view, instead of being somewhere else. When you’re working on a computer, your desktop is exactly the size of the screen you’re working on.You’ve got to be juggler to organize things in a space that small. In fact, you really can’t lay anything out on a desk that small. Calling it a desktop when it’s that small is really Newspeak… in fact, a huge error… until you get three screens.

    When you’re working in the insurance business or any business for that matter you’re always involved with several documents at a minimum. The ability to keep all of them in view while you’re working is absolutely necessary if you want to do the best job (and the quickest job.) This eliminates all clicking down through menus to find things.

    With three monitors, all of sudden your electronic desktop becomes a real desktop where you lay everything out and can see everything with one look. It’s much more like real life. It’s as big a difference as going from two dimensions to three.

    Rock on BFD!!!

    Triple screen systems are fun they really make work a lot more pleasant, more of a game. On a little screen, everything is hidden behind the one document on top. The desktop is so small you can only see one thing at a time. They talk about multiple windows, isn’t that what the plural in the name Windows really means? But there’s no room for multiple windows on an A4-sized screen. It’s tiny. Need I say more?

    That’s why everyone, really needs a triple-screen system.



  • meleah rebeccah

    Um… excpet for a few problmes. For BFD, 3 screens are just all to much information at once on too many screens. In theroy three screens rule, in reality 3 screens can make things more overwhelming.

    BFD likes to focus “ON THE TASK AT HAND.”

    One project at a time, he’s not-so-much a multi tasker.

    3 screens weren’t “his call” or “idea” per se.

    But I do like to watch him struggle (by the red face in the blurry picture is a sign of aggravation / irritaion of some kindl)

    Or his face is RED just because HIS PICTURE was being taken ( a rare EVENT) I hope Paparazzi Man will keep sending me more pictures over my way

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