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Apparently, Lindsay Lohan gave birth today……..

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  • Lis

    Hehehehe good one.

  • hahaha Excellent!

  • You crack my ass up, Melz.

  • and yes, the baby’s birth IS sad, people, I’m laughing at Meleah’s lead in, not the baby.

  • “the boy had a blood-alcohol level six times the legal limit for driving”

    So somebody take his keys already. Let him sleep it off in the lobby.

  • Christ that’s fucked up…..it’s shit like that that got me out of social services.

  • That makes me so sad.

  • Oh my God. That makes me sick.

  • Meleah

    I know. The I hope real woman PAYS for what she did.

  • Well if it ever did happen the child would probably arrive in that state.

  • BTW I responded to your comment on my blog. No more talk like that out of you!

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