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Goodbye, Summer – 2012


What can I say other than it’s been quite an eventful summer over here.


* My 16 year old son, Justin, started driving.

* We managed to survive without air conditioning.

* I took a lot of photos.

* This blog turned SIX years old.

* Season five of the television show Breaking Bad totally blew my mind.

* I watched four seasons of the television show Mad Men marathon style. And loved it.

* My 4 year old nephew, MDW, outgrew the need for ‘swimmies‘.

* And, new bedding changed my life.

* I laughed a lot.

* I drank a lot.

* I ate when I was hungry.

* I slept when I was tired.

* I made unforgettable memories.

* And, I thoroughly took advantage of living the life of leisure.


Alas, all good things must eventually come to an end.

While I’ve loved every second shared with my family and friends, it’s a new week, a new month, and the new school year is about to begin. Considering I am the type of person who thrives more when my life is structured, the time has come for me to refocus. I am absolutely ready to get back on a normal schedule, that includes really writing again, both here on this blog, and with my novel.


Please enjoy my end of summer movie montage.



Goodbye, Summer.

It was fun while it lasted.

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  • Um yeah!

  • I did have a few issues health wise over the summer, but all is well now! Thank you, BobG!


  • YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you Terri!

    I’m ready for structure. And routines. And normalcy.

  • agg79

    Vaya Con Dios Summer 2012! We’ll miss those hot & steamy days.
    Love the video. MDW certainly knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Roshan

    All in all a good summer, eh Meleah? I hope the next few months are even better for you.

  • I cannot wait for Back To School tomorrow.
    And hopefully a shit load of snow this winter!

  • Thanks, yo!

  • But your autumn will be spectacular.

  • Hellz yeah.

  • ladyV

    hmmm, and this is what i get for not paying attention to my reader. i never check it and you’ve been posting. egads. well yes, summer is gone and it looks like you had a good one. there is fun to come though for the fall and winter ‘cuz we will meet again. booyah!


  • No more swimmies. YAY. What a cute little guy MDW is. I felt really excited when I saw him jump into the pool without the swimmies. You really do the best videos. I always really enjoy them. I hope your autumn is full of good times xxx

  • Thank you Selma.

    And I am VERY happy you’re feeling better!


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