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Good Friends : Always Looking Out For Me.

I received a wonderful email today from one of my oldest and dearest friends who is forever concerned about my health conditions. She knows exactly what it’s like for me to try and ‘work’ from home while in the middle of a Crohn’s attack.

So, just like a good friend, and one that is always looking out for me, she found the perfect “solution” to my problem. I am proud to share with you:

My New Office.

Thanks grrl. You are the best.

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  • i give you so much credit for being able to laugh about it… i know it must drive you mad.. simply drinking to much coffee and having to pee 200 times in a morning makes me crazy!!!!

  • Lee

    Now that’s an office I could get used to. In fact, some of my co-workers spend so much time in the bathroom, an office like that might make them productive!!

  • That is the perfect office! My husband could really use that….Keep him out of my bathroom!! Have a Great Holiday!

  • I so want those armrests.

  • That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. You should totally bedazzle it.

  • That looks very comfortable. But where is the tissue dispenser?

  • I do most of my thinking on the bathroom!!! Everyone should have one of these! Ha!

  • Danny AKA CGB

    LOL..Mel you are just comedy!!!

  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than my cubicle!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  • I want those arm rests as well and I hope it has a seat warmer…:)))

  • Haha, remind me to not use your computer, lol

  • Meleah

    I have good days and bad days. I am getting ‘used’ to it already. But it IS annoying.

    🙂 Me too.

    Chef Mom:
    We BOTH Need to get this

    Me too!

    Glad I finally made YOU laugh. You crack me up all the time.

    thats a good question….and could be rather problematic

    I do spend an awful long time in the bathroom, I might as well be productive!

    🙂 Yup.

    Michael C:
    It so much better than your cubical!

    oooooh a toilet with a seat warmer? Now we are talking.

    no problem. No One is allowed to use MY computer anyway.

  • Not bad, but it needs this computer.

  • : )

    My friend Ashley also has Crohn’s. You can read some of her story here if you’d like.

    Have a beautiful weekend. : )

  • Now that is what you call a multi-function centre. Hehehe. So glad you can laugh about what must be a very difficult situation for you. I’m sure all you want to do is just lie down when it hits. I admire you so much for the way you deal with it. Take care.

  • Lis

    I’m thinking the only thing missing is a mini fridge and I’ll be all set.

    PS: Glad you love the sonnet!

  • Meleah

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (too bad I am allergic to beer)


    If I didn’t laugh about it…I would be very depressed. I have to ‘make light’ of a “shitty” situation. xxoo

    Oh hell yes Mini Fridge(s) rule!

    ps….THANK YOU SOO MUCH for my sonnet. xxoo 🙂

  • Will your job foot the bill for this? Convenient but it could cost ya. 🙂

  • Meleah

    I wish. ha ha ha. That’s why I prefer to work from home.

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