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Good Bye Mexico

While its been wonderful on vacation, we’ve had tons of fun, lots of sun, and loads of laughs, I am ready to leave. I miss the small things like watching television. I miss sleeping in my own bed. I miss my friends. I miss fabreeze & scented candles. I miss all of the things that make home…well, HOME.

[By the time ya’ll read this, I will be boarding an airplane *biting off my fingernails* and heading back to good ole’ New Jersey. I wonder…how cold it is there?]

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my Vacation Blog Posts & Flickr Photos. I am sure they were very boring for you. And thank you to all of those blog pals of mine that kept me company on Twitter & Facebook while the rest of my family was sleeping. xoxo

*All Of The ‘Family Vacation’ In Mexico Photos can be found HERE!*

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  • What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for taking us along with you. It’s been fun & interesting. And those photos are wonderful. I’m so very glad that you had fun, and relaxed!

    Weather? Ek, you don’t want to know. There is some talk about a snow storm on Monday, but I’m not into winter yet. I have my ears plugged. Maybe I need to go to Mexico. ;o)

    I hope you sleep though your flight. zzz See you soon! (so to speak)

  • Have a safe trip home and Awake is Rochester is right, you don’t want to know.

  • I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time. I know what you mean about missing the little things, though. Here’s to a safe return to home sweet home. xoxo

  • Lee

    One thing about your posts, Meleah, they are never boring. I’ve posted a few of my photos from yesterday on Flickr, and I’m saving some for Sunday Scenery future posts. Have a safe trip home.

  • so glad you had a good holiday and I love the cartoon strips

  • I was just reading the posts I have missed this week … LOVE the way you presended the photos!!! Did you create them on line, or yourself? The layouts are great.

    As perfect as any trip can be, I do understand getiing homesick. For me, it takes about three days.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have a HOME in Hawaii along side a gof course. (probably will NOT happen) ha haaa!!!!

    Welcome home Meleah!!!!! … was great to be able to say hello when you were in Mexico. The net ROCKS

  • WOW now that is one amazing final photo!! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing vacation!!

  • I loved your pictures and I hope you made it home safely (and without biting your nails off)!

  • did you take that sunset picture or steal it?

  • You MISS Fabreeze ?!?!

    Well….we miss you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s over already??? Glad you had a good time!

  • Welcome back to fresh water and traffic laws!!!!

  • Click your heels three times “Dor-Meleah” there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place lik……

  • Meleah

    Oh No. I wish I could bring Mexico weather to the NJ/NY area!

    I am thrilled you enjoyed being on my vacation ‘with me’ …it was GREAT to have you along for the ride.

    The Girl:
    You and AIR would be good buddies, both of you should check each others blogs out. Just a suggestion.

    I am looking forward to my bed!

    I cannot WAIT to get HOME.

    Aw. Im glad to hear that I am NOT boring.

    Thank you

    I created all of the photo collages and comics myself in an apple program called Comic Life. I am glad you enjoyed them.
    PS: I *heart* the internet

    Thank you. I took that picture at sunset the night before we left. Im glad it was so well received.

    Momo Fali:
    Nails = All Gone.

    I took this photo off the balcony from my room!

    I really do miss Fabreeze and all of its yummy good scents.

    Its over.
    (And not a minuet too soon!)
    I miss my house, and my things,
    and AMERICAN TV.

    I wish I was home
    I wish I was home.

  • Thanks for popping in on Twitter. I’m glad that you made it home, safe & sound. ;o)

  • Beautiful pic!
    I know what you mean vacations are great but after awhile you start missing home. Hope you had a good plane ride home. Did you get a tan?

  • That is an amazing photo..

    I know that feeling of wanting to get back home, there is no place like it!

  • I really enjoyed traveling along with you. You made it so much fun. I also love to go home after a trip too. It’s great to see all my stuff again. Safe journey.

  • Well, that just means it was a wonderful vacation, because it got you in such good spirits that you are able to think fondly of every day life. And isn’t that a great thing?

  • Meleah

    Me too. Me too.

    I got a pretty decent tan to come home with.
    I love this photo too. I took this right on the balcony in my bedroom.

    Ah yes, the simple pleasures of being home!

    Oh yay. I am glad to hear you enjoyed traveling WITH me!
    But, I was READY to leave!

    I think this ‘vacation’ made me appreciate HOME even more.

  • I travel so much by plane that I am more nervous about driving on Rt 22 than flying. I’m sure your trip home was good.

  • That picture is gorgeous. WOW…

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  • Meleah

    I know technically flying is safer than driving.

    But I dont like the feeling that I am FALLING, yanno when the plane shakes?

    Yes. It was very beautiful to look out of my window and see this.

  • beautiful photo. i’ve been checking yours out as you upload them

  • Meleah

    Thanks sweety.

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