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Fridays are always for fun / Saturdays are for sle…

Fridays are always for fun / Saturdays are for sleeping / Sundays are for cleaning & laundry.

Friday night two of my girlfriends came over for mad card games and dishing about celebrity gossip. I didn’t go to bed till entirely too late. And as a result I slept until 4pm! 4pm Saturday. Good thing I have that “rule” Saturdays are for sleep or I would be feeling pretty shitty right now! I did manage to write me a few articles / posts for watchingsitcoms.com, but I still don’t have any of my log in information. If I do not receive anything by the days end on, I will be sending yet another follow up email, from my real computer and my real email program (thus avoiding any of the drama I had least week.)

As per my doctors appointment the other day, I am seriously malnourished / underweight because I am toooo scared to eat. When I do eat, I still get really sick, with a Crohn’s episode. Since I hate feeling that feeling, and being that sick, I just…don’t eat. Period. If I do eat, its plain grilled chicken. Leaving my body with close to zero nutrients. I am pale, tired, moody, and starving 24/7. My doctor told me I needed to get my ass to a nutritionist and to start eating like now, because I weight the same as his kids (who are 10 & 11 years old). He raised the milligrams of one of my medications so that I would be willing to be more aggressive in attempting to eat.

Being that I a carnivore supreme, there is nothing more enjoyable to me, than a porterhouse steak. So I destroyed, I mean full-fledged destruction, and total annihilation, of some serious red meat, eaten with a passion. Yum! Damn worth all of the trips to the loo.

Sunday I cleaned, laundered, and basked in a SCRUBS marathon. That show is off the hook with crazy good lines. (lines I plan on quoting in my own office and daily life.)

My son has something very funky going on with his eye. I don’t know what it is. I pulled out an eyelash that was stuck in there on Saturday, but his eye was bothering him all day Sunday too. This morning, when it was time to get ready for school / work, JCH can’t even see out of his right eye. Its red, inflamed, puffy, and painful. Scratched cornea? Pink eye? Who knows!

Thank g-d my girlfriend Patty works at an eye doctor’s office and will be scheduling an emergency visit for me as soon as she gets into the office. Until I hear from her, I am home with a blind in one eye child, and a serious case of the runs (thank you steak.) Once I do hear from her, I have to battle the flooded roads as New Jersey is in a ‘state of emergency’ after 7-10 inches of rain was dumped on us. Nice.

Of course I am freaking out that I am not at work today, and home with my injured and blind child. But I will just have to deal with that tomorrow.

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  • harry

    Sorry to hear about the Crones thing still going on but happy to hear you devoured a Porterhouse!

    I am the best Ribeye BBQer in Chicagoland!

    I was wondering how you were doing with all of the rain yous guys got!

    Happy to hear you are okay!

    Not happy to hear about JCH!

    Hope you all get better soon!


  • meleah rebeccah

    Thanks Harry… One day, you will have to make me a steak, and I will clean your house for payment!

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