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Friday night was finally, much needed, pure alone …

Friday night was finally, much needed, pure alone time, to be flat, not move, stuff my PMS-ed face with everything I have avoided in months, forgot about my stressful week, freed from motherly responsibilities and had myself an un-interrupted movie night up in here, I saw North Country which was excellent, I love inspired by true story events! Then I saw Wedding Crashers which was MUCH funnier the second/third time. I went to bed around 1am, and slept, slept, slept, slept slept.

Saturday, I didn’t wake up until 2pm, or get out of bed until 230pm (that is something I NEVER get to do) it was WONDERFUL! Then, an old friend of mine wanted to take me out to lunch for an early birthday present. We went to this local Mexican restaurant, which has the best kick ass jalapeño spinach dip (which I did not get sick from) I may have eaten too much…..

(This was my favorite “post –break-up” t-shirt, however, since there hasn’t been anyone to break up with, now, it’s just my favorite t-shirt. (That’s why it’s in sooo many f*n pictures)

(Yes, there really IS a quesadilla, I just happen to REALLY like condiments)

After a long late lunch, we headed back to my house and watched some more movies, (I never go to the theatre anymore, it is way too expensive, and, I don’t like the dark! Sticky floors! People touching me!! No thank you!!! You can’t pause to pee, or smoke either, people talking, kids, teenagers, the overpriced beverage, snacks can give cause for a second mortgage) So, I basically see every movie like 2 years AFTER its been released. Inside Man good movie, unexpected ending, always a bonus. Failure to Launch definitely a good movie, pretty funny, however depressing, how many guys really still live at home with mommy and daddy? Ugh! Another reason dating blows! The last movie was my favorite of the 5 movies I saw in a two day span, Family Stone I guess it was my favorite, because, it reminded me of my sister-in-law, Traci, and how mean I was to her, when she was a new member to my family. I can see (now) how hard it must have been for her to deal with all of us, me in particular…I can’t believe she’s made it! Good for her! I have new found respect for her.

Sunday, I woke up at 9am, cleaned my house in usual crazy clean style, complete with a toothbrush on bathroom tile floors, vinegar and newspaper on the windows (it is the ONLY way to achieve streak and lint free glass) ect ect ect.

Justin came home from his fathers around 3pm, right about the time I was finishing up cleaning (5 hours , yes, 5 hours to clean my 1700 square foot condo) JCH loves when he misses cleaning day on account of being at his dads for the weekend!

Then, we went to mom and dads for dinner, to meet my brother Adam and Traci, for the night before “Yom Kipper fast” dinner. YUUUMMMMYYY.

(Yeah this will definitely have to go down as a binge and purge weekend, I have been out of control for 3 days… good thing I have to “fast” tomorrow, for “religious” reasons, of course…..next week, I will do that thing, where I push the food around on a plate so people think I am eating, but I’m not! I have to un-do this weekend of food damage control immediately!)

My brother Adam, has been learning the guitar he has gotten rather good in such a short time, he spent time entertaining us, playing tunes…

Now, what I could not stop laughing about, (or get over, because to me it just too funny) the name of my bothers new guitar…. (It’s my old nickname… it is the name I used for ten years, (no one even called me Meleah for 10 years) it was this whole other personality back in the day)

After dinner, desert, coffee, hugs, jokes, stories, we sat outside around the chiminia (outdoor fireplace) while my father smoked a cigar, my mother complained about her back, my brother made fart jokes, and Traci talked about her new students, I couldn’t wait to get my son (who is not feeling well AT ALL) home as soon as possible because I am DYING to read THIS BOOK by Augusten Burroughs

So, that’s about it, I ate too much, my family is the best, I saw a million movies, I feel fat as hell, I cant wait to read this book!!

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  • Leslie

    No wonder you aren’t online 🙂 Sounds like you had a groovy weekend. 🙂

  • meleah rebeccah

    the man in suspenders, also goes to the GYM, and works out,on the treadmill at 86 years old, in the GYM, wearing the suspenders, a tie, suit pants, pocket protector and 25 pens….poppa sye…. love him!

  • meleah rebeccah

    I read the ENTIRE BOOK running with scissors (sunday night 11pm-430am, and finished it monday morning 9am-12pm)

    Good book, very disturbing, funny? I’d have to read it again to find the humor. I was mostly shocked, and trying to figure out if that DOCTOR was just putting people on acid…I was right…at least about him drugging people to manipulate them…chills… the book gave me chills… I plan on re-reading soon (to find the funny/humor…hopefully)

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