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Friday night started with the arrival of my BFF pr…

Friday night started with the arrival of my BFF promptly at 6pm. We were soon off to CHILIS so I could indulge upon a full fledged meal. I took the doctor prescribed medication, timed, and waited the 30 minuets for it to be released into my body, before biting down on a very plain grilled chicken sandwich. I took small bites, chewed well and washed down with an unsweetened ice-tea.

Afterwards we walked over to Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite places to be, and Jennifer, in her usual giving fashion, showered upon me the following treats:

Wally Lamb: I know this much is true and She’s Come Undone.

I also received the unfinished work of my HERO , Truman Capote, the book, Answered Prayers , and a new journal to keep a “food” record.

A “Food Journal” (with a really SKINNY person on it)
C’mon, that’s funny.

After an hour in the book store, I still felt good!! No buring! No gas! No pain! My high hopes of successful digestion were coming true! Then I decided, in light of the fact I was feeling good, we should take full advantage of my un-sick condition and brave a movie!

We saw THIS movie, THE DEPARTED, which kicked some serious fucking ass. GO SEE THAT MOVIE NOW!!! Probably one of THE BEST movies I have seen in years.

Leonardo DiCaprio was so hot, all roughed up looking. Matt Damon hot as well, but more in that parochial school boy rugby team player sort of way. Jack Nicholson has NEVER been cooler. Mark Wahlberg even with a bad haircut was the surprise of the movie to me, and Martin Sheen was fabulous. BUT, I have to say this on record, to many who will disagree, Alec Baldwin stole the movie with his incredible lines, and perfect delivery of each. I still think he is the hottest, even fat, sweaty and bloated. YUMMY.

After the movie we came home to my house where I introduced Jennifer to Truman Capote.

I explained WHY I loved him so much and what I think is so great about him. After I read her some excerpts of his work, we downloaded old VIDEO FOOTAGE and old interviews with him. I told her all about THIS MOVIE, and we watched THIS. Inspired, we TRIED to download the DVD, without success. (On accident we somehow managed to download the audio version of the book In Cold Blood but it was in FRENCH…oops)

After getting all worked up and into bragging about my hero, it was then decided, that Saturday, we would go see the NEW movie, Infamous , and BUY THIS movie.

INFAMOUS was not exactly the same as the 2005 CAPOTE film, eventhough both movies have a lot in common. Both are about Truman Capote writing the book that made him the most famous writer in America, In Cold Blood. In the movie Infamous, it was more focused on the “socialite activities” of Truman during the late 50’s- early 60’s. (made me want to run right out and buy a cigarette holder, and paint my nails red)
While Capote 2005, was more about his manipulation and the turmoil he suffered in the process of his writing


Friday and Saturday were both a success, in that I was able to eat ONE meal each day, and fully digest properly. I have to say, it was GREAT getting out of the house, and not feeling like a patient for two days.

However, I am not quite adjusted to the medications. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t write, think, or talk like myself. My sleep patterns are screwy, my mind is still way off kilter, full use of all my faculties aren’t here yet, I have slow reflexes, and,I find that I am either racing or exhausted, no even keel yet. I feel less like I am having a complete psychotic break, with some food in me, but I don’t feel “right” just yet…

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  • Leslie

    I’m going to shut my mouth about the medications, because you already know how I feel about those.

    I can not WAIT to see The Departed and I am JEALOUS that you and Jen get to go – no GFs here to go with – stuck at the GD bar all the time when I want to do Other Stuff. WAH. bah.

    And ROCK ON about the book store. I could LIVE in the book store.

    Wally Lamb is awesome. I reviewed She’s Come Undone somewhere. Maybe at epinions? epinons.com/user-phoenixx? I can’t remember now.

    Anyway – I miss you more than words. 🙂


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