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Friday Funnies:The Mom

For those of you that are moms (or even if you are just thinking of becoming a mom) and for those of you that have moms, you must watch THIS VIDEO.

So. True. So. True.


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  • meleah, this was hilarious. I am in awe of how accurate it is, and how she actually can get those words out that fast. Lotsa practice, right? Jeez.

  • Meleah


    Finally! Some one else appreciated that video as much as I did. I LOVE IT. It cracks me up. That woman is AWESOME. And brilliant. The lyrics? Holy Greatness. I have been trying to find them online to print and memorize em, but, all I found so far was that other blogger’s link… 🙁 I want the real lyrics…

  • Lol… Great video. The only worrying thing is that it seems she had been listening to mom when she wrote the lyrics. The whole of my childhood went flashing past my eyes whilst I listened to it. Aarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!

    Great post !

  • That was FANTASTIC!
    I’m so glad I only had one kid… my poor mother had 8. What was she thinking??? LOL… I guess she wasn’t 😉

  • Oh finally I can leave comment (somehow was shut out for the last few days)! Yeah!
    Oh what a song! I really enjoy that A LOT 🙂 I viewed it over and over again 🙂

    Btw, in reference to the blog yesterday, I was evil, very evil, and the one statement I couldn’t stand was – pat a puppy! What the …! Evil person like me won’t pat a puppy for certain… heeheehee (evil smile)!

  • Love that video. It’s sooo true. Do we really do all of that everyday? Hilarious. That woman is amazing! How does she manage not to stumble over the words?

  • Hilarious!!
    And at such a cracking pace!!

    And yes…so true..

  • Meleah

    Isn’t it though! Thanks Minx. xxoo

  • That was amazing – your ipod is my ipod… haha…it was just too funny!

  • Meleah

    I know I loved this VIDEO.

    AMBER! Its so nice to have you back!

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