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Friday Funnies

Jury Selected for Michael Vick!


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  • Snoopy looks pissed.

  • Meleah

    He is!

  • If this were only true – I would love to see Michael Vick thrown in a pen with another man and told to fight until dead…

  • Ha!!!! I was also going to say that my favorite was the look on snoopy’s face! You do NOT want to piss Snoopy off.

  • brookestone

    firstly, i’d love to be a bitch on that jury! secondly, i think they oughtta put him in a ring with the trained-fighting dogs that were left at his complex and whose fate is up in the air. and show it on pay-per-view. and donate the money they collect to rehabiliate the dogs.

  • LOL!!!, thats kind of funny…and I feel appropriate.

  • This was unfair,–there should be some diversity on that jury–like a couple of cats:)


  • Ren is sooo very angry with you Stimpy, er Vick…


  • what??? no snoop dogg?????

  • Where’s gruff the crime dog?

  • Dazd, Mcgruff is prosecuting, no doubt.


  • He’s such an idiot for doing that to the dogs. What was he thinking?

  • That’s great, Mereb! …although, the last thing that guy deserves is a jury.

  • Love it! They should put him in a ring and let him fight it out with another human – see how he likes it. One of the saddest pieces of footage I saw when the story first broke was two dogs getting prepped for a fight. They put their noses together and try to get them all hyped. One of the dogs just wanted to play – licking the other snarling hellhound and wagging his tail. I felt sick for days wondering what became of that dog in the fight. I don’t think he would have survived.

  • Good one! I hope the dogs tear his arse up! Hahaha

  • absolutely priceless! Snoopy looks Totally Pissed Off! LOL

  • saw this elsewhere. I hope he gets bet on in jail and they wind up having to put down his asshole because it is too torn up to be used again.

  • It certainly has gone to the dogs…

  • AHHHHHH, no Monday post yet? I’m freaking out!!!

  • Meleah

    Sorry Michael C… its up now. I am dragging ass today.

  • Damn! Can you say “worst jury ever?” We already know the verdict.

  • Meleah

    I can say BEST Jury EVER.

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