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Free Car & 30 Rock

Guess what I drove today? Guess? Really….

Not my car! Not that it’s being fixed or anything. The “donut” without any jelly filling, or any other good sugary feature, is still located on the rear driver side of my car. But, since mom and I carpooled today (under one condition) I drove her car! A real car! With four tires, and….heated seats!

Did you see me today? on the NJTPK?…huh?

No? …. Oh, you didn’t? That’s cuz I was DRIVING really! Really! Really! faaaaaaast!

And… I was on TIME. How do ya like me now?!

But all’s well that ends well, back to the broken, shaky at best, painful Hyundai at 6am tomorrow. There are some lingering promises and a glint of hope that my car will find it’s way into a shop and magically come back with a shiny, safe, brand new filled rubber and perfect treading tire. I’ll believe THAT I when I see it!

My “desperate” face … pleading to have my tire fixed:

PS… one really BAD side effect of the new medication is INSOMNIA. I have spent the last THREE nights IN.A.ROW. awake, thinking, until 3am-4am. Not so good when I have to wake up at 6am. I have been abusing the snooze button after a mere two hours a night of “sleep”… I need sleep. Not just “naps” in-between full days. I am not even cleaning tonight…ME! Skipping cleaning! Instead, I am only making diner, taking a sleeping pill, and will be in bed by 8pm.

REVISED 945pm…. still not sleeping…and thats all because



and LOVE this show…. 30 ROCK

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  • Anonymous

    hey sweetie..got a kick out of the donut story and your current pic with the sad lip is cute..just wanted to give you a hug… boy can i identify with your story..Marc while avoiding an oncoming car swerved and blew out a tire and rim. Well after a month i finally got him a rim and tire..boy does this run in the family.. so hope you get some sleep..you can always call if you can;t I have had some of those nights this week waking up at 12/1 and reading watching TV until 3 or 4.. signed your favorite..

    bob..just incase you couldn;t figure it out.. LOL

  • meleah rebeccah

    Uncle BOB!!!!

    I love you!!! Thank you!!!

    Tire DRAMA is HELL, (well all car problems suck!)

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