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Fourth Of July 2008 A Roof Top Party In Red Bank

Tiffany, Jen Rinaldi, and I, went to a ‘Roof Top Party’ on Thursday night in Red Bank NJ. I had never been to a rooftop party before. And, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go.

First of all, I am terrified of heights. In my imagination being on a ‘Roof Top’ is almost as risky as jumping off of a cliff. I think you are just asking for trouble and or death, especially if you get too close to the ledge.

Second of all, I become a total social anxiety nervous wreck when I am anywhere outside of my 4 square mile comfort zone. I was apprehensive about attending some huge blow out party filled with people I did not know. However, since Jen Rinaldi suffers from my same affliction, I found comfort in knowing she would be right by my side sharing in the hot-flash-panic-attacks-of-uncomfortable-ness.

I was contemplating not going to the party while on the phone with my mother. My mother said, “Meleah, yanno, you’re not 65. You’re not even 35. Geez. Us. If you don’t go to this party you’re stupid.”

Um. Yeah. Never in my life did I think my mother would be promoting party going. Anyway, after being convinced and threatened by Tiffany, I pulled myself together and agreed to go.

If you aren’t familiar with New Jersey, it’s hard to imagine what Red Bank is like. It’s a beautiful town, right by the water, filled with young business owners between the ages of 20-40 that party just as hard as they work.

When we arrived, the host Lorene, had hired security to block off the street she lived on for guest only parking. That was awesome. However, since we arrived late, all of the parking had been taken. (Not. Awesome.) We had to park 184627.9 miles away and hike back to her house in the muggy humidity that is New Jersey summertime.

As we entered the building I could hear the sound of a live band filling the air. Up the stairs and to the right we found ourselves in what seemed to be the kitchen area. Less one wall. There wasn’t a door that led to the roof. It was just wide open. Packed with people.

My heart was racing. (Probably from walking the longest mile in ‘stilts’ that were the shoes I chose to wear.) My first agenda was to find some sort of seating since I carry ‘luggage’ rather than a normal sized purse. My back was already on fire from the weight of the oversized bag.

Jen, Tiffany and I managed to settle into front row seats, just as the fireworks started. They were amazing.

While the fireworks were going off, the Live Band (who were incredible) played music befitting the event. And they played all night long. The band was so totally-super-awesome that at one point, I thought a Led Zeppelin CD was playing. That is until I realized the lead singer just happened to sound exactly like Robert Plant.

After the ‘firework show’ Jen and I were introduced to Tiffany’s friends: the host Lorene and her business partner / best friend Bonnie. Let me just tell you, these ladies are two of the most fantastic women I have come to meet in a very long time. They are super smart, super funny, super cool, and party harder than anyone I know. And they do it up right.

They had servers, security, a buffet that spread as far as they eye can see, bartenders, waiters, and a most diverse crowd. They even had Ice Liquor Luges.

My favorite part of the night was when Tiffany and the host Lorene jumped on stage and busted into rapping. This video is short, dark, and blurry, but you get the idea.

We stayed at the party until about 2am: dancing, signing, and laughing. I am positively thrilled I was ‘forced’ to go to this party. In fact, I am already looking forward to next years 4th of July.

Good Times. Good Times.

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  • Good times Meleah! Glad you were there to calm my crazy nerves. 🙂 Tiff is a natural in these situations (but of course she knew quite a few people there so she would be fine in the situation LOL). Glad we have her to force us to do things we’re not so comfortable with. It turned out to be good and the band was awesome!!

    Now next time I’ll get you wearing comfy shoes…cuz u never know if you need to walk 184627.9 miles somewhere…or you can wear the cute shoes (which I wanted to steal from you) and stick some comfy ones in that suitcase you carry! LOL! (I think the blog readers need a photo of the suitcase… as a matter of fact I think there’s one if you and the suitcase right here for everyone to see what we’re talking about: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3192/2637100095_70048b7124_o.jpg LOL!!)

    Anyway, I’m really glad we went and I’m glad to be getting out there living my life and doing things with my friends.

    Despite the toe stubbing & the hello kitty band-aid, my tongue and ankle, and walking 184627.9 miles, it was great to get out and I’m glad your mom and my mom convinced us to go!

    Love your girls!


  • Tiffany

    AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Rinaldi!!! The suitcase photo is priceless. it looks bigger in person though. Love you guys! See you tonite!!!!!!!!!

  • Meleah


    OMG my purse really is like a “CARRY ON”.

    (*blog friends – the giant brown bag on the table in the photo is my every day pocket book).

    Tiffany is like a duck to water when it comes to going to parties. We on the other hand are too nervous…thats why we NEED a Fanny to drag us to these kinds of events.

    I will never wear those shoes to a party again. But you can borrow them anytime you want!

    “Despite the toe stubbing & the hello kitty band-aid, my tongue and ankle, and walking 184627.9 miles “…and NO AIR – CONDITIONING!!

    We did have a BLAST. Thanks to Tiff and our mothers!!

    I know that purse is much bigger in person!
    Thank you for making me go to this party.
    It was seriously amazing.
    Cant wait for more good times tonight.

  • if the pix are any indicator… it looks like a blast… i so do not get how the shot luge works,, but i haven’t been to a party in so long… i wouldn’t…. i really do have to put an effort into finding a fiend or two that will have friends like thaty and force me to go to the parties with them!!!!

  • FV

    OMGGGGGGG melly!!!! I went to see the fireworks at Red Bank too!!! OMG they were awesome! 🙂
    Lori, me and the kids were right across the street from the bay just by the park… it was fun I took so many pictures, had a great time!
    the 4th however we went to see the fireworks at Jamesburg’s thompson park, nothing like the ones at red bank though,. I’m glad you had a blast so did we.


  • i’m not terrified of heights. i’m terrified of falling great distances. being high and staying there? good.

  • cmk

    So great that you had such fun! I, however, did NOTHING on the fourth–K had to work. But, that is okay–the fourth has never been my favorite holiday. (By the way, does anyone know WHAT holiday is my favorite? I seem to dislike most of them.) 😀

  • Looks like a grand time was had by all!

  • Meleah

    Woman..you have to see the videos.

    All of the links to the videos that are in this post:

    The Band
    Bonnie & Lorene dancing:
    Tiffany Rapping

    Really? You were there too?

    I know! Thats what I am terrified of. The FALLING part

    I have no idea what your REAL favorite holiday is. I know that you do not enjoy 99.9% of them.

    It sure was. What are you doing??

  • HAPPY 4th of JULY! 🙂 My blog-mistress is FINALLY back online!…she’s been on vacation (without the internet! *gasp*)… & read a great book in all her SPARE TIME!….have you read Eat, Pray, Love? If not, go get it and READ IT! You’ll love it.
    Gotta go now…..lots of catching up online to do!!!!!

  • I am extremely impressed that you went (I have the same affliction)!!!! GOOD ON YOU, GIRL!

    Plus, it sounds fantabulistic…..can I fly out and go with you next year?

  • Meleah

    Oh honey…you have NO IDEA how much I’ve missed you.
    Thank god you are home.
    Yes, I did read Eat, Pray, Love….it is a fantastic book.
    xxoo xxoo

    I am a complete wimp when it comes to going out. When I was younger I wasn’t afraid of anything. Now that I am older, I am scared of everything. Why is that?
    Hell YEAH you can come with us next year. It’s the best party ever. Even YOU would have a good time.


  • cmk

    Thanks, meleah, for the assurance that there MAY be a holiday I like–it gives me hope! 😉

  • Ugh, I couldn’t go to a rooftop party. Reminds me of the beginning of Cloverfield. I would be waiting for the head of the statue of liberty to smash the bands drum set at any moment.

    P.S. IM BAAAACK!!!!

  • I bet the fireworks look awesome from the rooftop. Who knows, maybe you made a new friend or two. ;o)

    I watched Washington 4th Celebration on T.V. It was just awful. All second string entertainers. I was so disappointed. I even wondered if the good entertainers were boycotting Pres. Bush or something.

  • the best friend

    I love it. didnt even look at the pix yet just read the post!! xooxoox

  • CBG

    The video of Tiffany is hysterical. Love the post and the pictures and the fact you had fun outside you “Comfort Zone”

  • Danny – you should have come with us!! LOL 🙂

  • I am SO glad you went! It looks like it was a blast. Those leopard spot tatoos on that lady are wild! Your friends are great for coercing you to go. There are safe ways to party and have fun – if you know what I mean. That was something I had to learn over time.

    By the way, your talk of the enormous bag cracked me up ’cause I have one too! It’s huge! Its amazing I haven’t slipped a disk.

  • Glad you were able to unwind and have some fun; after all the BS lately you needed it.

  • Meleah

    Yeah…but what ONE do you like???

    SHUT UP.
    That is like the best news EVER ….
    You are sofa king funny
    I cant wait to read your blog!
    Man I have MISSED you.
    xxoo xxxoo

    Well, there is a VIDEO with the fireworks from the rooftop. You can see them if you’d like by clicking the link!

    Aw.. sorry your fireworks sucked

    The videos are even more hysterical.

    Wished you came with us. It was a blast.

    Me too. The leopard chick was so pretty, and somehow that ink works on her.
    Oh the giant bag is necessary. My whole life is in that damn purse! I am always prepared for any event or emergency!!

    Bob G:
    Oh man, I really needed to blow off some steam, with all the work stress Ive been dealing with. It was nice to sing Led Zeppelin on the top of my lungs on the top of a roof!

  • cmk

    Either St. Swithin’s Day or St. Urho’s Day–take your pick. 🙂 (You can find both by doing a search.)

  • Meleah

    Google-ing Now!

  • Partying like a rock star sounds like SO much fun! I’m glad you had a good time!

    My 4th of July evening was nice too. I ummmm…. took a nap. The neighborhood fireworks woke me up. Yeah… I’m SO NOT a rockstar.

  • Not at all sure why moms had to talk you into going to a party. Are you nuts? LOL… Don’t answer that.

    But now that you went it appears (well, you did) have a good time. Does that tell you that you need to get out more? It is summer so you have to spread your wings a little bit more.

    Glad to see you smile.

  • Oh… Happy 4th and Thank you.

  • Meleah

    It was like being a rockstar. I have never been to an event like this. Although, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep on the sofa either. You are too cute.

    My mom had to talk me into going to the party because I would have preferred to sit home in my bedroom on my mac and read other peoples blogs. But, since I do that every night, my mom convinced me to step outside of my comfort zone and do something NEW.

    HAPPY 4th To You!

  • sounds like a good time. roof top? nice. i only go up there when i’m sad, imagine if i was happy and had liqour and music.

    your mom is so funny!!!

  • Meleah

    Dont be going on rooftoops when you are sad!
    My mom is pretty damn funny.

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  • It looks like you had a fantastic time. What lovely friends you have. I am so glad you went out. I am a bit like you, I will um and aaah and make excuses for not going out, but sometimes it does end up being worth it. Good on you for going!

  • Oh my goodness what a night! Sounds like a lot of fun minus the humidity…glad you explained Red bank in a little more detail for me. uh…I mean for your blog readers! 🙂

    You three ought to party it up more often and you and Tiff gotta grab Jen’s camera and snap snap some of that girl dancing, singing to doing the luge thing…lol-just don’t drop it b/c she would be heartbroken!

    Good times Meleah!

  • Meleah

    It was hard to leave my house…
    But obviously, certainly WORTH IT.

    ha ha ha…
    Red Bank is great I had no idea.
    you are right, I need to get Rinaldi dancing pictures

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