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For those of you who read this, wondering, or curi…

For those of you who read this, wondering, or curious, I had a GREAT weekend.

Friday, after being sick, I came home, took an hour long maintenance shower, (you know, the kind, when you haven’t shaved in MONTH, exfoliate, deep conditioned, and sugar scrubbed down) climbed into brand new PJ’s (much like the material of new born baby clothes, accenting my new born skin feeling) popped a round of medication, and sauntered off to a deep, cuddly sleep (wherein I used the entire queen sized space all to myself). Thank god I am single. There was no room for anyone other than me in my bed that night. (Or, maybe I have just gotten so used to being single, I don’t make room for another person anymore?) I slept for 13 hours. From 11pm Friday night until 12 pm Saturday……aaahhhh.

Saturday, I woke up, drank black coffee, smoked a few cigarettes, watched an episode of Scrubs then, showered, got dressed, packed and ready, to go out.

Then, I received a phone call from my mother, that my grandmother Evelyn, a.k.a angry old Italian lady, was in the hospital with congestive heart complications again. Worried, I called my father who assured me multiple times that she was in fact okay, I should maintain my plans, but that if anything changed, he would call my cell phone.

So, I jetted out in 50mph winds to spend the day with my FRIEND Pammie. (I have two Pammies, mommy Pammie and FRIEND Pammie…just to clarify). I don’t know why or how it is, but I always have such a great time with her.

First, she fed me hummus and rice cracker things I have never eaten before (totally good/total treat) then she took to me the most amazing store… GLOBE TROTTERS

It was like visiting 10 countries all at once. From hand beaded purses, to antique collections, pottery, jewels, scarves, glass dragonflies, and sheer exotic ponchos.

The owner of the store has the best life EVER. 6 months out of the year he travels the globe in search of these treasures, an the other 6 months of the year, he runs his shop, where he sells all the global treasures to us folks right here in New Jersey!!

Birthday presents from Pammie to me… yeay!!

Then we picked up PETER whom I LOVE and have not seen in WAY too long

Then, the three of us, went to see the new movie Marie Antoinette I am not too familiar with history, but the costumes, sets and VERSI made me want to pack my life, and move to Europe!

Watching a movie full of decadent cakes, over flowing glasses of champagne, and fabulous shoes made me HUNGRY!!!

The three of us headed into town, to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants OSAKA, but, the roads were too flooded (thanks to excessive rain fall Friday night) and blocked our path… BOO! But, we went to a new place, of which I do not remember the name, but they FILL a hand roll with tuna and do not mess around with portion size. YEAY.

After dinner, we took Peter home, went back to Pammies and watched the Madonna 2004 tour, movie, I’m going to tell you a secret… I have always been and will always be in love with Madonna.

I came home around midnight Saturday, climbed back into those wonderful new PJ’s and my super soft fluffy bed and off to dream land.

Sunday, slept in, cleaned house, went to mom’s, JCH came home from a good visit with his father, and I was advised of a HOUSE marathon… oh yeah, that’s right a marathon, of Huge Laurie…. Yummm!!! Thank god, it made up for fxxking baseball getting in the way of my love affair.

Tomorrow night, I am finally working on the book FOR REAL. Al has finished the big 92 pages. We are having a meeting Monday night at 730 pm again, to go over everything I have so far. Next week, I will be no stop writing, and it will be the first time I upload the book on to the MAC

Thanks to big sister Leslie I have 2 cool writing programs to buy, download, and learn, today. (In preparation of book input properly!) Yipee to me.


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  • Anonymous

    Hi little one…

    it was wonderful seeing you this weekend. makes me wish I was born a mere mortal hetero so I could take joy in the fantasy of diving face first into your voluptuous ta-tas…

    but alas and alack…no go.

    just respect, dignity –

    and that oh so underappreciated element –


    writing summit soon?


    by the way, that was one of my sicker correspondences of the season.

    of course you would be the recipient.


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