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For all of my faithful readers, my family, and fri…

For all of my faithful readers, my family, and friends, ya’ll know I can’t even deal with dating at all. Right? Ya’ll know I haven’t even been on a date since last July. So, I was not disappointed when mystery blind date guy called me at 4pm, leaving a message to tell me he had a “work emergency” and wouldn’t be getting out of work until 11pm. (because that is like sooooo believable! He knew at 4pm that he would be stuck with a towing emergency that would last 7 hours long! Right?) um, yeah. Whatever!

The fact is…I don’t need anyone. In fact, I don’t even think I have room for dating right now. My blogs, my book, my job, my son, my house, my family all keep me very busy and my life is extremely full. For the most part, I am very happy with the way things in my life are.

Unless a perfect person falls out of the sky, and I mean perfect as in OCD clean, caters to my every need, expects nothing in return, and pays all my bills so I can quit my day job to write full time, without wanting or needing much or very limited physical contact, then fine. But until that happens, I am not going through the hassle of getting a baby-sitter, doing my hair and make up, worrying about what to say, do, be, or what outfit to wear…I am so not interested in “being out there”… nah yo. Nah.

While yes, maybe? A companion for me would be nice for my father. If I had someone else that could field my daily dramatic phone calls about speeding tickets, car accident having ways, please help me change my tire, I am having an allergic reaction, and pay for my 8 month over due oil changes. (the “list” of things my father does for me is much longer than that, but you get the idea.)

But, honestly, I would really rather WRITE and clean things then go on a date. Sorry daddy you are stuck with a clingy needy daughter for quite some time. You too DAWSON, sorry, but, you will never be rid of me.

Speaking of writing things, I am so overwhelmed at the number of responses / comments on my Alec Baldwin article over on WATCHING SITCOMS. It’s so validating, reassuring, and most gratifying to be doing what I love to do. Write! Thanks to everyone I know, and too all the people I DON’T KNOW for sharing your thoughts with me!

As for my weekend, I ended up having a wonderful time with my son. That is, everything was wonderful, until Sunday. What the fuck was up with Sunday? Holy bad day. Let’s summarize with a list, because I can’t with complete sentences.


#1. I discovered LESLIE (my writing/blogging/life GURU) is going through a devastating loss. See here. My whole heart goes out to her. I wish there was something I could do or say to ease the pain. I wish I were able to be by her side and hold her hand to help her get through this. But distance and work puts an end to that possibility.

#2. I am trying to help my other girlfriend Patty, who is dealing with a manic/depressive/bi-polar/alcoholic, missing in action, childhood friend that she can’t find, or help.

#3. Then, there was this fun-filled surprise. Before I even had a chance to drink a cup of morning coffee, for no reason whatsoever, the alarm in my house, which I have never used in the whole four years I have lived here, would not stop going off. My house sounded like it was under a terrorist attack. Since I have never used it, I had no idea how to shut it off. I had to deal with the blaring sirens and flashing lights, for over an hour. The noise made my eardrums bleed. I simply opened a window to let in some fresh air…suddenly there was nothing but a SIREN SCREAMING HELL. So I quickly closed the window, LOUDER SIRENS SCREAMING HELL. I finally opened the door to my balcony to get outside and run away from the SIREN SCREMING HELL.

Guess who had to come to the rescue? Yes, my father had to come over and dismantle, unhook, remove all batteries from the entire system, because it would not SHUT THE FUCK UP.

#4. Justin went to take out the garbage while I was in the shower, and he accidentally locked himself out of the house. He was left hysterical in the street when he could not get back in the house. I did not hear the buzzer because I was showering and deciding to shave my legs for the first time in months.

#5. My neighbors hate and loathe me. They are planning ways to remove me from the building, for the shrilling uncontrollable alarm, followed by a screaming, unattended child on a SUNDAY.

#6. I tried to go to the store to buy some sundries, when I realized I left the list, my cigarettes, all the candles lit, and my son at home. My hands were still shaking from the alarm incident, so I turned my car around, came home and folded laundry.

We have no toilet paper or paper towels, and I cannot deal with the general public, or, standing in line of a grocery store right now. We will have to hold it in, or drip dry until tomorrow.

#7. I still can’t stop using “quotation marks” or italics when I write


I’m off to make dinner, hopefully nothing bad will happen, answer emails, return phone calls and write my post for WATCHING SITCOMS.

I hope to keep the momentum of that blog going!

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