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First Night Out: Results

In the first hour and half that I was out, I received: free Yankee/Dodgers tickets, complete with a limo ride to and from the game, for July 8th and a $100.00 bill.  From married men. Then, I received and offer for free weed, from a short Jewish guy who was on a bad blind date with another woman.

Too bad I don’t use drugs, or date married men because then I would have had a great night!

It’s so beautiful out today, I think I may grab a late lunch at the clubhouse, hit the apple store, and then stalk my favorite bloggers while sitting out on my balcony.

I’m forcing myself to go out again tonight, wonder who I will meet this time? Maybe if I am really lucky I will find me a heroin addict.

Wish me luck.  I certainly need it.

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  • dang, girl,,, that sounds just like the old days… i wanna go out too!!!!

  • Meleah

    I would LOVE to hang out with YOU. Oh… that would be a RIOT. 🙂

  • Just go out with the intention of gathering material for a really funny sitcom. Observe the people and their interactions with you from that place, and – at the very least – you’ll constantly be laughing. Its amazing, sometimes, how not looking what you’re trying to find brings about exactly what you want. 😉

  • I love it! I would have to seriously consider taking the ballgame tickets though… Act like your interested then dump the guy after the game.

    But then again, I have no morals.

  • olly

    shut up and go already!
    whatz a matta fa yu?
    your hot + truely single+intelligent+(quite the catch)
    and lonely?
    if you don’t do something about that
    who will?
    we all choose to be who we are for a reason
    work it babe!!!!!

  • Hah! That sounds like a fun night. If I were you I would have gone for the short Jewish guy.

  • FV

    Yeah what Olly said!!! HAHAHAHAHHA that’s funny!

    I would like to add that my friend Mel will eat any man alive if she meets someone who’s weak minded, coward, childish etc etc. I am sorry to say that his sorry ass destiny is to be being eaten alive by a sweet, dark eyes, angel like lady a.k.a Meleah H.

    Have fun Mel 😀


  • what is it with you and the married men? you attract them like mosquitos, I swear. I do love that you smack em down WWE style, sending them back to the bar stools rejected though. 😀

  • Oh what a hoot!!

    I knew I should’ve been there!!

    Good luck tonight!!!


  • You won’t have any problems finding men, you will have issues weeding through them. Sounds like a great start either way. Beats getting ignored.

  • Keep going out….DO NOT GIVE UP! He’s out there…waiting…you’ll see 😉

  • Wow, pretty impressive. And I do admire your restraint in turning down the mrried men, because although a limo ride is a nice flashback to Senior Prom night, we all now it wouldn’t go anywhere in the long run.
    Good Luck!

  • olly

    Is FV talking about me when he say’s “his sorry ass destiny”

  • Meleah

    OLLY! NO…..

    FV doesn’t even know you… Or who you are, or how close we are
    I think he is speaking in general, that I could ruin / destroy a man with my crazy ways, and not even realize how much damage I can inflict upon an unsuspecting man…. Like I need to carry a warning label.


  • Meleah

    Holly: I am BANKING on YOUR optimism! (as long as I am out there someone is bound to show up)

    Bowrag: Oh believe you me, I wanted them, free and limo and baseball.. hello!, but now. I did however take and keep the $100.00 bill

    FV; thats not TRUE. Thats not true at all. Maybe I do need to come with a warning label, but I am NOT out to crush people!

    Leslie: I have a SIGN or a CURSE. I don’t know WHY every single married man is attracted to me, or how to stop that from happening. I think I deserve a WWF belt for all my smackdowns!

    MINX: If only!! I can see the COSMOS being poured alredy!

    Ricardo: Thank you! That was sweet! 🙂

    DAWN: I wont! Im out there baby! for the good and bad. Its all bout DOING. I wont give up (yet) maybe in another year… but for now, I am up to the challenge!

    Exposed! Hey! my single dating in NYC counterpart! Thanks! (your blog is HYSTERICAL)

  • FV

    I know Mel, I just wanted to get a laugh out insanity. You are not about to crush anyone (I hope) anytime soon, well maybe me but not any married men who offers you a limo ride nor baseball tickets or some Jewish dude offering you drugs, oh no you will not such thing right? HAHA

    I hope you have had an awesome night Mel, too bad tomorrow is back to work for some of you otherwise I can just imagine you will be going fishing again!

    What type of shark did you catch last night?

    My apologies Olly, I wasn’t talking about you, like Mel said I generalize my statement so 🙂

    Ps. Mel, think P.F. Chang’s 😉

  • Oh boy, the dating scene is rough! I’ve just completely given up.. and you know what my friends say? They keep saying. oh yeah, you’ll be married before any of us because you’re not looking. Uh.. yeah, right.

    Good luck with the dating thing. You should have been sweet and gotten contact info on the married men so you could then call their wives.. lol..

  • Meleah

    Gerri: Hi. Thanks for dropping by my site and taking the time to leave a comment… and, I know that speech “oh yeah, you’ll be married before any of us because you’re not looking” YEAH SURE…. [gagging]

    I had completely given up. but, now that it has been a YEAR of solitude, I have to give it a shot, no matter how bad it is, eventually someone good had to appear… right?

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