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Federal Express

I always despise the morning commute. So, gee, thanks Fed-X, for that wonderful game of chicken we played this morning. Remember? When you tried running me off the road. Yeah, that was fun right?

Now, I know you have to be on time for your super important package deliveries, with your company slogan being “The World on Time” and all, but the next time you get this fucking close to my car, I’m gunna let you hit it.

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  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you


    I’m the first to comment about FedEx. Ok so first of all, I am a full pledge fan of FedEx, they are THE BEST!!! screw those crap brown dressed drunken drivers from UPS. THEY SUCK!!!!! they are a bunch of low paying self centered big shots wanna be’s. SO GO FedEx kick some brown ass, unfortunely UPS earns more money than FedEx but when it comes to getting stuff from roadrunnersports.com I GET THEM ON TIME!!! yayyyyyyyyy

    BTW everytime I get a delivery from UPS( which is not often) I immediately think how the ass drunk driver managed to dip himself in shit to cover his uniform in that nasty, dark brown color.
    Damn UPS couldn’t you wear a different color?? what is it about that square moving crap aka brown delivery truck with no doors??
    I would like to add that a few days ago a UPS truck broke down across the street and did I even asked the delivery guy if he needed help?? Oh hell no, no way no how I was going to ask a UPS dude if he needed help if it was a FedEx truck well I would have done something differently as I know the driver of the FedEx is a WOMAN!!! woohooo a nice looking big boob blonde woman, she might not know how to screw in a bulb but she sure knows how to get around 😉

    phewww Mel, why did you have to pick on FedEx.



  • meleah rebeccah


  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    I try to run over everyone else every morning in my blue car HAHAHAHAHA

    mmmmmm breakfast at the Americana this monday morning???


  • Michael

    Glad you’re ok…! :o)

  • meleah rebeccah

    Thanks Michael, I m fine, I happen to have great reflexes, but I mean really, the next time, I am not moving. I want a NEW CAR and FED X can pay for it!

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