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Family Sunday

Today, I went to mom – n- dads around the corner from my house with my son JCH to have a long awaited visit with my step brother Lee and my sister-in-law Maya, with their baby Jackson Cooper Colonna!





MOM (Maya) & DAD (Lee)

For dinner/lunch my father cooked and served homemade baked apples with almond paste centers, for starters. Then stuffed artichokes’drizzled in balsamic, which Lee and I demolished, followed by a rosemary grilled chicken, fresh steamed asparagus, and topped off with fresh fruit crepes. (2 knives were broken at this meal) Inside family joke, yet a TRUE fact as well.

I think I may have been a bit too brave, with the “successful eating” that happened on Friday and Saturday, because I went ahead, and ate like a NORMAL person, and, may have eaten too much for my poor tummy to handle, I felt sick ! sick ! sick! after dinner at moms.

I would LOVE to sit here, reflect, and write about how cute the baby is, I would love to write about how holding and playing with Jackson brought back all my memories of when JCH was that small, how wonderful being a parent is, and how hard it can be. I would love to be insightful, funny, and poignant, RIGHT NOW, however, I am pressed for time, by a very impatient 10 year old who suffered pangs of jealousy while watching me interact with a baby, and is now despearte for my full undivided attention.

Plus, I feel like I haven’t been able to really WRITE (used term loosley) since I started this other medication, everything is coming out so “flat/mundane” sounding… ?

Oh well, I have the next series of tests tomorrow, a 6 hour stint in the hospitaliano, another day of no food and / or drink. Glad I stocked up on nutrients at mom-n-dads today.

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  • Leslie

    AWWW. Cute kiddos!

    So he wants to blog. 😀 He had me make him one. I made it but I wont have time to teach him to use it until this coming weekend. So don’t bookmark it yet, but in a couple of weeks he’ll be at blog.thewoodwarrior.com 😀

    I’m corrupting him. 😀

    HUGS for your hard day tomorrow. Don’t foprget to get the Celiac’s test, NAG.


  • Anonymous

    HOPE THINGS GO WELL MELL at the hospital tomorrow

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