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Family Fun Night – The Bowling Edition

This past Saturday Night, my brother often referred to as ‘Abercrombie’ came down from ‘Somewhere Pennsylvania’ to hang out with me. Just like he’s been doing for the last several weekends In A Row. And, it’s been absolutely wonderful spending so much  ‘Quality Time’ with my beloved ‘Broham’.

My mother also enjoys getting to hang out with her two children.

So much that she offered to ‘Re-create’ some of our ‘Favorite Childhood Memories’ by taking us to ‘Burger King’ followed by some ‘Bowling’.

Now, I could tell you all about our evening in great detail.


I’d rather show you.

[I know most of us don’t have too much free time to sit around all day and watch YouTube movies. So, keep in mind this video moves very quickly. Therefore ya’ll need to pay attention! And, please feel free to have a ‘Hearty Laugh’ at ‘My Expense’!]


Clearly, my mother and my brother are much better bowlers than I will ever be. And yes. It’s official. I am in fact *special* .

* If you had any issues viewing the video, please click HERE for the direct link.

* And, ‘The Complete Set Of Photos’ can be found HERE.

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  • OMG! That was hilarious!!! Oh, and I bowl just like you, so I feel for you.

  • slyde

    did you fall down? please tell me you fell down!

    i cant see this at work, but im looking forward to it later 🙂

  • Love the video! You really did a great job putting that together.
    Now for the bowling……..hmmm………you get major points for trying! 🙂
    Have a good weekend.

  • Marty Wombacher

    That was a great video and bowling night out! That's my favorite Queen/David Bowie song (okay, it's the ONLY Queen/David Bowie song), but it was the perfect choice for this. Loved your victory dance at the end!

  • Aw! Thank you for that lovely compliment! i eat a lot of cheeseburgers! But I walk my ass off!!
    Yes, I make all my own video's and I do all the editing, it can be taxing, but always FUN!
    Im thrilled you enjoyed it!

  • Ahahahhah! I am not planning on taking up Bowling as the my Sport Of Choice!

  • Aw, thanks Roshan!

  • Im glad you enjoyed my video! I would be TOTALLY amazed if you knocked anything over too! AHAHHAHAHHAHAH

  • I had NO IDEA bowling could be so difficult!

  • I didnt fall down! Ahahahahahah

  • I make better movies than Ill ever be at bowling!

  • OMG! Thats my ONLY favorite Queen/David Bowie song too!

  • junkdrawer

    Yeah, but look at how much fun YOU had with your 23! Dancin' and everything. You know how to rock bowling, girl!

    It's hilarious watching my husband bowl, The Chucker. He walks up to the line and just chucks the ball from waist high. No nice, smooth swinging arm. Just a chuck. And he does well, which annoys us to no end. His technique is awful and he wins. Why?

  • territerri

    You KNEW I was going to enjoy that! Looks like you all had a GREAT time! Now if you ever head out my direction, we'll go bowling together and I'll show you how to throw that ball so it stays out of the gutter!

  • LOVE the bowling video! Your family is too adorable and it is awesome that you bowled together! Don't worry about how well you did, Meleah – those big balls are hard to throw down the alley – I am spoiled by Candlepins here. 🙂

  • I went bowling last week for the first time in about 40 years with a bunch of my gal pals. What a hoot! I pretty much sucked, but it was fun.

  • Adi

    Looks like bowling is fun after all. Should try it out with my family this weekend.
    Btw, great blog!

  • Ahahahahhaah. I would love to see your husbands chucking move ON VIDEO!

  • Now THAT would be AWESOME!

  • Aw. Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed my video!

  • It really WAS fun. I had no idea bowling could BE so much fun! I'm glad to hear YOU had a great time too!

  • Thank you. And Thank you again.

  • agg79

    Did Hank Arron quit when he first struck out?
    Did Micheal Jordan stop playing when he played a lousy game?
    Did Tiger quit when he struck out in the bar?
    You are only just starting out. Just like with golf, you have to give it a chance. Practice. Practice. Practice. Only then will you be able to handle your ball with style.

    You are “special”. Even if you don't think it. I might add that the problem with your bowling technique is you are not shaking your “money maker” enough. Although, I like the dance afterwards. You got that down pat.

  • Okay! You're right. And Im not a quitter! So I shall bowl again!
    And, I will always do my happy victory dance cuz that was the funnest part!

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    Okay, so you're not the best bowler in the world. Or the country. Or the state, county, city, neighborhood or bowling alley. But you looked like you were having fun. And that's what bowling's for, right?

  • Exactly! Thank you!!

  • Hey it looks like you had a fun time – I've bowled there before I think!

    You and Terri should form a team!

  • Its the Knob Hill Country Lanes on RT 33!

  • It could very well be a blood clot with that style of bowling.

  • Yeah! No one will ever say that I have Mad Bowling Skillz

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