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Facebook Login Account Unavailable??

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“What? Oh Come On!

I almost DIED.

Great. I just figured out how to use just about half of the features within Facebook and now, I can’t even get into my own account. How am I supposed to get through my day without a new ‘Piece Of Flair’ ?

*Open Memo To The People Who Work At Facebook: Ya’ll need to get that fixed and right quick, because now that I am getting over my cold, I sure do have a lot of messages to read and reply to. Okaythanksbye.*

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  • Arv

    haa haa.. .I remember my first days of addiction to FB… everyone goes through it, I guess… he hee…

    you will get through it mate… Have a nice day… cheers…

  • Facebook drives me crazy. Everyday I have like 30 plants and smiles from friends, 18 notifications, it takes me hours to get through it all. YIKES….

  • I am just glad my facebook friends are boring ! That wayI only have to sign in once a week and find only a few messages.


  • I’ve not graduated to FaceBook. I don’t have enough time for another addiction 🙂

  • breathe slowly. in out in out. I know people who think they may know people who are related to people at Facebook. Let me see what I can do to help. don’t do anything rash….

  • OK, I see you posted this at 3 am – so was that your time or mine? They do have to do maintenance sometime and they probably feel that it is safe at 3 am….

  • Meleah

    Okay! I believe you when you say my withdrawls will lessen over time!

    Girl I Would Bring Home:
    I straight up DENY all plant/sea creature applications or anything of the like. I cant with all that either. But I do love me some Pieces Of Flair!


    I know. I probably shouldn’t have even signed up!
    But, its too late now. I’m hooked.

    I HOPE you know people who know people, cuz I need my daily dose of “flair’
    Make The Call!

    My time stamp is all wrong on my blog. The hours are way off. Right now its 1pm, but I have no idea what time my comment will say I posted this.

    Anywho…I think its working again! I just got back from IOP class so I have to check!

  • I don’t have a facebook account, don’t wanna scare people! Try a claw hammer!

  • Facebook is my worst nightmare. Everyone uses it, but I don’t want to put my info on there because I don’t want my employers to know everything about my family life–there are no deep, dark secrets–just that my employers are SO NOSY.

    SO, I don’t post stuff, which makes me look lame. And worse, I can’t figure out how to accept friends. So even though many people have invited me to be their friends, I think I only have 1 friend on facebook. Needless to say that makes me look really pathetic.

    Fun to read the woes of people who get along with Facebook a little better than I do!!

  • is it that good? i’m already in enough trouble. hope it opens up for you soon.

  • Jen

    I think Tiff and I got you addicted to Flair LOL!
    My board is full…I can’t even add anymore. hahaha

  • Meleah

    You wont scare people!

    Husband Clothes:
    Yeah. I can see why you’d like some privacy.
    Co-Workers can be nosy.
    I know that 1st hand.

    For me, its not big deal. I lay most of my life out right here for anyone to read. And, since my office already reads my BLOG there isn’t much they DON’T know!

    It took me Forever and a YEAR to learn how to use Facebook and I am still confused with some of the features. They say practice makes perfect. But I can only practice WHEN I CAN GET INTO IT!

    Sad Woman That I Love So Very Much:
    Nah. Facebook can be as annoying as Myspace. But since I went to High School in CA both MySpace & Facebook are a nice way for me to stay in touch with old friends. (Or find people that I have lost touch with.)

    And I have made ‘friends’ with most of my blogging pals.

    My Real Life Friend Jen:
    It really IS all TIFFANY’S Fault .

  • Never could figure out how to use Facebook so I don’t go there. I signed up for the other one awhile back. I can’t remember my Name & password so I can’t get in. lol Oh, well!

  • I hate that kind of thing. When I want my technology to function, it damn well better! …or I’m no fun to be around. 🙂

  • Meleah

    Facebook is crazy.

    That’s too funny that you forgot your name & p.w.

    I have sooo many passwords to so many sites it can be hard to keep track of all of them!

    I know! I get all worked up!

  • Still FB is far better behaved than other ‘social’ sites… yeap, even *THAT* one… the Space thing or something. The moment FB even considers allowing its users to go glitzy on their profiles… I pull the plug 😉

  • Jay

    This worries me not at all, because (despite the best efforts of my friends) I don’t have a Facebook account! LOL!

    Sorry for you, though. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it, when things don’t work as they should. 🙁

  • I hope it’s working now. I hate when that happens!

  • Meleah

    Fabebook is better than Myspace.

    Facebook is just another online addiction!

    Its all good now!

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