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Everyone Needs A Little Evelyn!

Some of you already know just how ‘outspoken’ my Gramma Evelyn can be. I find her so very entertaining that I am forever following her around with my video camera. Because you never know what ‘Words Of Wisdom’ will come out of her mouth.  [And by ‘Words Of Wisdom’, I mean F-Bombs.]

Since I have countless hours of raw footage staring Gramma Evelyn, it came as NO surprise when my family asked me to create a ‘Movie Montage‘ featuring ‘The Best Of Gramma Ev‘ in honor of celebrating her 85th Birthday. And of course – I was more than happy to oblige.

I am thrilled to share this video with all of you: my family, my friends and my dear readers! Because ‘Everyone Needs A Little Evelyn‘ in their lives!

Please enjoy listening to Gramma Evelyn on various topics including but not limited to: Senior Citizens, Whores [yes, people-whores], Random Celebrities, Facial Hair, Parking, Cooking, Politics and much, much, more.

Thankfully, my video was a huge success and a big hit at Gramma Evelyn’s 85th Birthday Bash. I hope ya’ll enjoyed it just as much.

Speaking of Gramma Evelyn’s 85th Birthday Bash, it was so nice to spend the day with my fun-loving family. My Uncle Rick, and his partner Rich did a fabulous job throwing together this party. The food was great and the laughter was endless. It’s times like these I cherish the most.

We even had the opportunity to take some wonderful photos together.


In honor of Gramma Ev, I also designed and created matching T-Shirts for us to wear.


Here is a ‘Close Up’ of the logo:


And after watching the video, you know exactly WHY!

I think everyone should have a grandmother like Evelyn in their lives.

Don’t you?


PS: For those of you who’ve been asking:

* The ‘Complete Set Of Photos’ For ‘Gramma Evelyn’s 85th Birthday Bash‘ Can Be Found HERE!

* For More Video Clips, Gramma Evelyn’s Personal Blog/Website Can Be Found HERE!

* To Purchase Gramma Evelyn’s Merchandise Please Click HERE!

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  • YAY!

  • Sweeeeet!

  • Me too!

  • She gets my vote, that's for sure! What a great character Gramma Evelyn is 🙂

  • hesaidhistelephonenumberwas911

    First let me come out and 'delurk'. I wander in from The Girl's place now and then, not a blogger, only occasionally post. As for Gramma Evelyn, she's a trip, I love it. She's got my vote, and that's a great vid. And she's 100% on the mark. Now, back to saving my community from public stupidity. Jim

  • Gotta Love Gramma Ev!

  • Good Luck saving your community from public stupidity! And I LOVE 'The Girl;.

  • Your Grandmother definitely gets my vote. Don't you wish you could just say what you wanted as plain and as honest as she does? The advantage of being older and wiser!

  • I usually DO say what I want. But that's because I suffer from Foot In Mouth Syndrome! Thanks for Voting for Gramma Ev!!

  • She is your dad's mom right? She had better be…she looks just like him or rather just like Tony Bennett!

  • I love Gramma Evelyn. I have a Grandpa Joe that's quite similar.

  • Yes! She is Tony Bennett's mother!

  • We should set them up!

  • Oh my holy hell, that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! She is hysterical! I think my favorite part was her in her hearts and teddy bear sweater talking about whores.

  • A great tribute to your Gramma Evelyn, well done! – she has my vote! Take Care – Peter

  • OMG! Momo, her clothes make the whole thing even FUNNIER! xoxoxoxo
    I think I need to make a new shirt that says, 'We have all these whores running around…”

  • Thanks!

  • Oh my gosh, Mereb, this is priceless! I love your Gramma Ev! …almost as much as Poppa Sye…it's just that Poppa Sye laid claim to my heart long ago, but what's left belongs to Gramma Ev. Brilliant job on the video. Really, really well done, sweetie.

  • Aw! Thanks Steph!

    Poppa Sye is just AS wonderful as Gramma Ev!

  • Agreed! That would be HILARIOUS!!

  • sHE IS FUNNY! omg HOW CUTE!!!

  • Thanks Val!!

  • Thanks Val!!

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