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The entire drive to work

The entire drive to work this morning was spent thinking, and imagining. I drove along in traffic, picking numbers to play in the NJ Lottery Mega Millions this afternoon, followed by exactly how I would spend that money.

Not necessarily in this order:

1. Put away enough money for JCH to go to the best schools and college, and secure his future forever.

2. Buy the condo I am currently living in (to keep for, storage, or guests or for when JCH turns 20).

3. Buy the house that is in the back of my parent’s house… and MOVE IN THERE. (It is my DREAM house. It was built in 2000, and NO ONE has EVER lived in it… I swear I am meant to live there. G-d is holding THAT house for me, until I can figure out a way into it.)

4. Pay off all my parents’ debts so they can retire and live in luxury.

5. Make sure Evelyn and Poppa Sye are well taken care of.

6. Give each of my family members a million dollars.

7. Give back to all the people who have given to me and helped me over the years.

8. Donate bookoo dollars to The Alzheimer’s Foundation … and maybe work on those things I wanted to cure in the LIST.

9. Go shopping with my mom to decorate my new house with everything from Domain and Horchow (there will be no sheets or bedding less than a 9000000000 thread count).

10. Buy every single piece of electronic equipment, accessories, programs, software from Apple / Mac.

11. Go on the biggest clothes shopping spree with Jennifer.

12. Treat my girlfriend Pammie to fancy shoes and expensive makeup (after paying off her remodeling loans, and installing a pool in her back yard)

13. Quit my JOB

14. WRITE WRITE WRITE every day, until my book is finished

…for starters


At least I have a BRAND NEW EPISODE OF HOUSE tonight….

Drawing for the mega millions is at 8pm tonight


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  • harry

    Sorry sweetie but Illinois is in the mega too and I will be winning!

    But Ill send some your way anyhow!

    Good luck!


  • meleah rebeccah

    Dood… once I have that PAY PAL and you win ghe mega millz… YOU BETTER make a “donation!”

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