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Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Three]

[Week Three: February 15 – 20]

*Yes people. I have tallied the votes from last weeks D.T.D. post, and the results are in. The ‘Doing Things Differently™’ blog posts will be written in the ‘Third Person’. Thanks to everyone for participating, and, sorry to those who are NOT a fan of the Third Person. Since I was sick for most of last week this is going to be a very SHORT re-cap. You’re Welcome Moog.


Monday Morning, which should have been ‘Day Fifteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ didn’t exactly start off very well. In fact, it didn’t start at all. Meleah was utterly exhausted and still quite sick to her stomach. So, Meleah gave herself ‘One Day’ of ‘Doing Nothing’. And Meleah thinks it’s totally OKAY to have ‘One Day’ of ‘Doing Nothing’ even when you are ‘Doing Things Differently.’

Tuesday, which should have been ‘Day Sixteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’, also didn’t work out as planned. Instead, her day was completely ‘Hijacked’ by multiple doctor appointments. Which was certainly NOT ‘Doing Things Differently’ because with all of her ‘Annoying Medical Conditions’, Meleah spends most of her life inside ‘Doctors Offices’.

Later that evening, Meleah was hit with some ‘Private, Pressing, Personal, Drama’ and she was hit with the kind of ‘ Private, Pressing, Personal, Drama’ that she would rather NOT share with ‘The Internet’. And that IS absolutely ‘Doing Things Differently’ because Meleah usually tells ‘The Internet’ EVERYTHING.

Wednesday, which should have been ‘Day Seventeen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ started at 8am. But, Meleah still didn’t feel at the ‘Top Of Her Game’ and she certainly wasn’t ready to start exercising again. Plus, she hadn’t been able to eat, or properly digest a meal in several days. However, she definitely noticed just how crappy she felt having missed two days of ‘Doing Things Differently’ in a row.

Apparently, Meleah is a creature of habit, and very much requires structure, and a stable routine, for her to feel at her best.

What should have been ‘Day Eighteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ began precisely at 9am. When Meleah heard her alarm bells ring, her first instinct was to hit the snooze button. But then she remembered how terrible she felt the last three days of NOT ‘Doing Things Differently.’

And that’s exactly when Thursday technically became ‘Day Fifteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ [otherwise known as D18/15 of DTD]. And because she is ‘Doing Things Differently’ she realized she can always START ‘Doing Things Differently’ whenever she feels like it, and she doesn’t have to beat herself up – just because she missed a few days.

Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’. Meleah and her mother walked around the block, FIVE times in a row [which is two MORE times then she usually does], for the first day, for the third week in a row.

And had it not been for Meleah’s mom? She would have never made it around the block that Fifth Time. In fact, Meleah had to lean on the words of LL Cool J and blasted the tune ‘Momma Said Knock You Out’ into her eardrums. Because that song? Seemed very ‘fitting’ for that particular moment.

Meleah spent the ‘Rest Of The Day’ making all of her ‘Internet Rounds’ and dealing with mountains of laundry [which, by the way, was MUCH BETTER than shoveling mountains of snow].

Meleah isn’t too sure if it’s because she had exercised that day, or, if it was because her stomach was starting to feel slightly better, or if it was because she was literally starving to death after NOT being able to eat for many, many, many, days in a row, but she was suddenly suffering from a ‘Ravenous Appetite’. And she couldn’t stop craving ‘Chinese Food’. Sadly, by the time she figured out what she wanted to order? The only restaurant that would deliver to her house had already closed.

Friday, should have been ‘Day Nineteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ but it was technically only ‘Day Sixteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ [otherwise known as D19/16 of DTD]. Oddly enough, Meleah sprung out of bed at 745am without the use of her alarm clock. Meleah thinks her body might be adjusting to living her life ‘In The Daytime’.

Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’. Meleah and her mother walked around the block, FIVE times in a row [again] for the second day in a row, for the third week in a row.

Something must have snapped inside Meleah’s brain during her walk that morning. Either that, or, ‘Being ‘Awake’ ‘In The Daytime’ may have clouded her judgement. Or, she had simply gone one too many days In A Row without ‘Proper Nutrition’. Because later that afternoon? Meleah HAPPILY agreed to help her 13-year-old-son and some of his friends get into a Rated ‘R’ Movie.

Yeah. Um….

Meleah ended up playing the role of ‘Chaperone’ to TEN Teenagers dying to see the film ‘Shutter Island’. And by ‘Chaperone’ she means she sat as far away from them as possible. And by ‘Shutter Island’ she means the creepiest movie of the year. Seriously. Oh, and, she took all Ten Teenagers to the movies, on OPENING NIGHT.

And that was REALLY ‘Doing Things Differently’ because Meleah HATES ‘Opening Night Crowds’ ‘All Things Creepy or Scary’ AND ‘Teenagers’!

Thankfully, AND much to Meleah’s surprise, all ‘Ten Teenagers’ were VERY WELL BEHAVED. So much so, that Meleah would definitely be wiling to ‘Chaperone’ anytime they need an ‘Adult’ to ‘Accompany’ them to an ‘R’  Rated Movie.

Saturday, also known as what should have been ‘Day Twenty’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ but was technically only ‘Day Seventeen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ [otherwise known as D20/17 of DTD] started at 930am, which by the way, was the latest Meleah ‘Slept In’ for the entire week.

Her morning began with another special visit from her brother ‘Abercrombie’ and her nephew ‘M-Dee-Dub-Yah’. Unfortunately, Meleah had forgotten to charge BOTH of her camera batteries and was unable to take any new photos. Which just so happened to be ‘Doing Things Differently’ because normally Meleah is ALWAYS armed with her camera and incessantly annoys any and all family members with her flashing ‘Fo-Tog’ ways. However, NOT taking photos, will NOT become a ‘Standard Practice’ because Meleah truly believes all ‘Precious Moments’ should be documented, captured on film, and preserved forever. After all, she is the self-proclaimed ‘Family Historian.’

That afternoon, Meleah wanted to do something new. Something exciting. Something she had never done before. Her mother suggested they try ‘Snow Shoeing’ on the Golf Course. Now while this was NOT A ‘Monumental Moment’ for Meleah’s Mom [as she is a seasoned ‘Skier’ and ‘Snow Shoe-er’] it was definitely ‘Doing Things Differently’ for Meleah.

Meleah learned a ‘Valuable Lesson’ while ‘Snow Shoeing’ with her mom. Never, EVER, Ever, try to take ‘Two Steps’ ‘Backwards’ in ‘Snow Pants’ that are too big, with ‘Crazy Shoes’ you’ve never worn before.


Because you will end up like this.

Woman Down

* Meleah’s fears her tailbone may never fully recover.

After a hot shower, Meleah’s evening came to a peaceful end after she finally ordered the very ‘Chinese Food’ she had been craving since Thursday.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

Side Bar:
Meleah has been receiving comments, and emails, both on this blog, and on her Facebook account from readers, and  friends,  who also want to start ‘Doing Things Differently’. It was even suggested Meleah should create a ‘Doing Things Differently Group’ on Facebook. So…that’s exactly what she did.

And you can join The ‘Doing Things Differently Group’ on Facebook – just by clicking HERE.

However, Meleah has NO IDEA exactly how to set that page up in order for everyone who wants to participate, to be able to post to the page how THEY are ‘Doing Things Differently’? Meleah also has NO IDEA how to ‘Start A Discussion’ or, ‘Add Events’ or what ‘Events’ she even could add?

So…anyone with any ideas please feel free to ‘Speak Up’! Because Meleah would really LOVE to start ‘Doing Things Differently’ – with all of you. And this way ‘No One’ will be ‘Doing Things Differently’ ALONE! Oh, and Meleah is also considering taking suggestions and/or accepting challenges from all of her beloved readers! But more on that later.


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