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Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Four]

[Week Four: February 21-27]

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* I would like to apologize for last weeks ‘ever-so-lacking’ blog post. I will be sure to make it up to you with this week’s installment! Enjoy. Oh, and, don’t forget YOU can start ‘Doing Things Differently’ at any time. Please join us HERE!


Welcome to ‘Week Four’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’

Meleah inadvertently started ‘Doing Things Differently™’ on a Sunday. Which will now be referred to as ‘Day Eighteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ [D18/DTD]. And Meleah inadvertently started ‘Doing Things Differently™’ on a Sunday…

Totally. Accidentally.

Meleah realized she was ‘Doing Things Differently™’ when she traveled to her local ‘Country Club’ often referred to as ‘KHCC’, for ‘Several Reasons’.

1.) Meleah never goes to KHCC on a Sunday. [Unless it’s for the Super Bowl. But since that’s an ‘Annual Tradition’ it was still ‘Doing Things Differently™’ because Meleah went to KHCC on a “NON” ‘Super-Bowl-Sunday.’]

2.) Meleah arrived at KHCC and chose to sit at the OPPOSITE corner of the bar area, from where she usually sits. And anyone who knows Meleah knows what a ‘Big Deal’ that REALLY is.

3.) Meleah ordered a ‘Bacon, Cheddar, Cheeseburger’ [with a side of ‘Chipotle Mayo’ and on a ‘Garlic Roll’]. And, THAT would NOT have been ‘Doing Things Differently™’ – EXCEPT that Meleah was only able to eat HALF of the said ‘Bacon, Cheddar, Cheeseburger’. And, anyone who knows Meleah? Knows that she is more than ‘Capable’ of eating TWO WHOLE Bacon, Cheddar, Cheeseburger’s. At least – on a ‘Good Day’.

4.) Meleah started having one of her ‘Random Outbursts of Laughter’ because ‘Amy The Bartender’ sent Meleah a text message ‘Pointing Out’ that Meleah MAY BE taking ‘Doing Things Differently™’ a little ‘Too Far’ by sitting at the ‘Opposite End’ of the KHCC bar. And it was the kind of ‘Random Outbursts of Laughter’ that usually leads ‘Other People’ to think Meleah is in fact ‘Crazy’ and probably in need of ‘Prescription Medication’.

Meleah enjoyed several ‘Unsweetened Iced-Teas’, ordered some dinner for her son JCH, and went home to read/comment on her favorite blogs.

Meleah ended her evening after watching a ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Marathon’. And by watching a ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Marathon’- Meleah really means she fell asleep watching the movie ‘Forrest Gump’ and found herself in deep slumber by 9pm.

Monday, also known as ‘Day Nineteen’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D19/DTD] began exactly at 9am. Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and got ready to go ‘Outside’ when she discovered her mother was still ‘In Bed’. Sadly, her mother had a terrible headache, so Meleah was going to have to exercise ‘On Her Own’.

Meleah laced up her ratty sneakers, put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’ and she walked around the block five times in a row, for the first day, for the forth week in a row. And even though Meleah didn’t really want to make that ‘Last Lap’ around the block, she pushed herself anyway.

After cleaning her room, doing the laundry, and making her ‘Internet Rounds,’ Meleah opted to watch ‘The 5 O’Clock News’. And that was very much ‘Doing Things Differently™’ because Meleah usually only gets her information from another ‘Reliable Source’. And by ‘Reliable Source’ Meleah really means the E! Channel and/or TMZ.

‘Day Twenty’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or, [D20/DTD] otherwise known as Tuesday, began precisely at 9am. Meleah went downstairs to make her coffee greeted her mother good morning.

Meleah’s mother suggested they ‘March In Place’ rather than go for a walk that day because of the ‘Inclement Weather’. Meleah quickly dismissed and denied her mother’s request, because Meleah walked in the ‘Blizzard Of All Blizzards’, so she thought could certainly walk in the rain. And then Meleah wondered exactly when she took the ‘United States Post Office Oath’.

Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’ without her mother, again. Meleah walked around the block, five times in a row, for the second day in a row, for the fourth week in a row, and, in a ‘Torrential Downpour’.

Much to Meleah’s surprise ‘The Rain’ was not as problematic as ‘The Wind’. Meleah spent most of her time not so much power-walking, but wrestling with her oversized umbrella. Which by the way, is now totally destroyed.

A waterlogged Meleah came home ‘Drenched To The Bone’ only to find her mother seated comfortably in front of the fireplace [and still in her pajamas]. And it was precisely at that moment when Meleah’s mother offered up a ‘Water-Proof’ coat.

[*Gee. Thanks Mom. But that offer would have been nice BEFORE I went walking in a ‘Monsoon.’]

Later that afternoon, one of Meleah’s closest girlfriends from Cascade High School, who lives all the way in California, confirmed and booked her trip to New Jersey! Meleah spent the rest of the day doing the ‘Happy Dance’. And will be counting down the days till her ‘Sarah Sunshine’ arrives!

Wednesday, otherwise known as ‘Day Twenty-One’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D21/DTD] started at 815am. And once again Meleah’s mother was unable to accompany her. So, Meleah got dressed in her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’ all by herself. Meleah thinks if she’s going to keep this up, she’s probably going to need to invest in some more ‘Outfits’, because doing laundry every other day isn’t DTD, it’s really just annoying.

Meleah walked around the block, five times in a row, for the third day in a row, for the fourth week in a row, and she walked around the block FASTER than she’s ever walked before. And she did that for two reasons.

1.) Meleah had ‘Limited Time’ as she agreed to drive her mother to the ‘Train Station’ that morning.

2.) A neighbor’s dog was chasing Meleah. And not just any dog. It was a very large and muscular dog. Also known as a Rottweiler. Has Meleah ever mentioned her fear of really big dogs, especially ones that are barking at her and running after her?


While Meleah is pretty sure the dog thought they were innocently playing, Meleah sprinted as if she was running to ‘Save Her Life’. Meleah is happy to report she made it home safe and sound and without being mauled, but not before the ‘Moving Men’ across the street witnessed her ‘Sheer Terror’ and had a ‘Lovely Laugh’ at her expense. As Meleah slowly recovered from ‘Heart Palpitations’, she began contemplating changing her route.

And then, the rest of Meleah’s day pretty much went ‘Down Hill.’

After having a ‘Typical Family Dinner’, Meleah retired to her bedroom ever-so-looking-forward to making her ‘Internet Rounds’. She pour a fresh cup of coffee, lit a ‘Newport 100’, opened up her MacBookPro, and gingerly clicked on the ‘Firefox’ icon.

And that’s exactly when she discovered her ‘Internet’ was ‘Out Of Service’. And let’s just say that Meleah spent ‘Countless Hours’ – ‘Damning Her Cable Company’ – ‘Pacing The Floors’ and ‘Cursing At Everyone’ that crossed her path.

In the interest of keeping this blog post on the ‘Shorter Side’ [too late?] She will only provide the ‘Highlights’ that occurred over the next two days. Because Meleah can very easily ‘Summarize’ Thursday, otherwise known as ‘Day Twenty-Two’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D22/DTD], AND, Friday, otherwise known as ‘Day Twenty-Three’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D23/DTD] with this photo.




Meleah is so ‘OVER’, ‘The Winter’.

Meleah feels the need to share few things that happened on Friday, otherwise known as ‘Day Twenty-Three’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D23/DTD].

Meleah knew there was no possible way she would be able to take her ‘Daily Morning Walk’. Not even with the use of ‘Snow Shoes.’ Especially considering there was approximately 85 feet of snow on the ground [give or take]. Meleah is fairly certain she shouldn’t start ‘Doing Things Dangerously’ just because she is ‘Doing Things Differently™.’

However, Meleah is determined to remain ‘Physically Active’. So, she decided to ‘Surprise’ her still sleeping father, by shoveling ALL of the snow, from ALL of the walkways, and ALL of the cars, with only the help of her 13-year-old-son. And even though she may have sustained a ‘Severe Injury’ she never felt better mentally.

Meleah spent the ‘Rest Of The Day/Night’ surrounded by loved ones, and welcoming her very best friend ‘Amy The Bartender’ [otherwise knows as ‘ATB’] back to work at KHCC. She laughed a lot, heard mind-blowing gossip, and she never felt happier.

On Saturday, otherwise known as ‘Day Twenty-Four’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D24/DTD], Meleah woke up much later than expected and started DTD at exactly 9am. And by 9am, she really means 10:30.

She put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’, and she walked around the block, five times in a row, for the fifth day, for the fourth week in a row. And then, something ‘Magical’ happened during that particular walk.

Some people might call this a ‘Moment Of Clarity’ and some people might even call this an ‘Epiphany’. But, Meleah is simply calling it ‘About Time.’

You see…

Meleah realized she hadn’t spoken to the ‘On’ again ‘Off’ again ‘Relationship’ in over Three Days. And by ‘Relationship’ she really means an ‘Unhealthy Entanglement.’ And for the FIRST TIME in Six Months, she did NOT feel ‘Sad’. And she did NOT feel ‘Guilty’. She no longer had that knot of anxiety in the pit of her stomach. The ONLY thing she felt? Was Relieved’.

Meleah finally recognized the ‘Noticeable Difference’ between ‘Standing by Your Man’ and just ‘Being Used As An Emotional Punching Bag.’ And that’s exactly when Meleah was ready, willing, and able, to change her ‘Relationship Status’ on Facebook from ‘It’s Complicated’ back to ‘SINGLE’.

And then she discovered two powerful and effective ‘Tools’ when she received several unwanted ‘Text Messages’. ‘Delete’ and ‘Ignore’. Meleah will no longer ‘Engage’ – because honestly? There is nothing left to say. Meleah is ready to ‘Let Go’ and ‘Move On’ with her life.

That very evening, Meleah’s brother Abercrombie came down for his own version of ‘Doing Things Differently™’. Now that Abercrombie is NO LONGER  a ‘Hostage’ suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ he is in the process of ‘Reclaiming His Own Life’ and Meleah is totally-super-ecstatic!

Meleah and Abercrombie traveled up to KHCC to spend time together and share laughs with Amy The Bartender. And they had yet another fun-filled evening.

And that folks, brings us to the conclusion of ‘Week Four’.
Stay tuned later this week for a blog post written in the First Person!


** A fellow blogger who we will refer to as the ‘Redhead Ranting‘ [because I’m not sure if I am allowed to use her real name or not?] also decided to start ‘Doing Things Differently™’, and here is HER POST! Please drop by her blog and give her some support!**

First, I would sincerely like to Thank Everyone who have already joined ‘The Doing Things Differently Facebook Group Page’. I am very excited about it. I love all the support everyone has been getting and giving. I am looking forward to welcoming New Members.

I would also like to take this time to encourage everyone to post to the wall just how THEY are DTD in their lives. This way everyone can share ideas.

AND, I would also REALLY like to encourage people to comment on each other’s posts. [Even if you are not ‘Facebook Friends] I am hoping the interaction between members will serve as inspiration!

Please don’t forget to ‘follow the rules’ and by ‘Rules’ I mean all Two Of Them.

1.) You MUST post on the ‘Doing Things Differently Group Wall’ as if you are speaking in the 3rd person.

** [However that rule DOES NOT APPLY when COMMENTING on other people’s wall posts!] ***

2.) You should try to incorporate the use of the initials D.T.D. when sharing/posting on the ‘Doing Things Differently Group Wall’.

*Oh. And by the way, ‘ATB’ [also known as ‘Amy The Bartender’] will be fulfilling the role of ‘Chief Of Police’ with respects to ‘Doing Things Differently’. I think that makes her new initials: ATB.COP.DTD. After all, she is the one who invented Rule #1 and Rule #2.

And remember: Dream Big, But Start Small!

Thank you so much everyone.
And most importantly, HAVE FUN ‘Doing Things Differently

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