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Doing Things Differently – My Week In Review – Part Eighteen [Otherwise Known As ‘The Final Installment’ or ‘Doing Things The Same!’]

[Week 18: May 31st – June 6th]

* For those of you who are NEW to this blog, or NEW to ‘Doing Things Differently™’ you can find out HOW and WHY “DTD” began simply by clicking HERE. *

‘Once Upon A Time’ A Girl Named Meleah wanted to improve the ‘Quality Of Her Life’ so she started ‘Doing Things Differently™’. And then she noticed the ‘Little Changes’ she made every day had a huge impact on her life. And even though Meleah had a few ‘Setbacks’ she kept on forging ‘Ahead’.

After completing ‘The First Four Weeks’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ Meleah stepped up her game by taking things to the ‘Next Level’.  She momentarily took a break to ‘Visit With An Old Friend’ but she continued ‘Doing Things Differently™’ even after things became slightly ‘Boring.’

After enduring ‘Another Four Weeks’, Meleah still felt like things were too ‘Mundane’. So, she started ‘Doing Things Differently™’ with a little more ‘Intensity’. And then she got ‘Injured’. As such, she was forced to take ‘Time Off’ from DTD.

Meleah was finally given ‘Medical Clearance’ and she was able to Proceed withDoing Things Differently™’. So…she started DTD all overAgaineven though she was ‘Mad Crazy Busy’. Somehow, Meleah managed to keep up with ‘Doing Things Differently™’ while BOTH of her Grandparents Fell Ill. AND she continued DTD in the midst of several Family Birthdays, a Company Golf Outing, and one Fabulous Wedding.



Monday, otherwise known as, ‘Day Eighty-Nine’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D89/DTD] Meleah woke up to ‘Extremely Hot Temperatures’. Like, ‘Africa Hot’. So, rather than putting on her ‘Outfit’ or going ‘Outside’ she spent the day with her closest family members and celebrated her Mothers 62nd Birthday.

[Sorry people, my mother was ‘Anti-Photos’ that day.]

Tuesday, otherwise known as, ‘Day Ninety’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ or [D90DTD] officially became the day that Meleah stared ‘DOING THINGS THE SAME’.

Hell. Yes.

And that means, now she can STOP talking in ‘The Third Person’. And now she can stop writing these kinds of blog posts.

[I can already hear some of you rejoicing!]

Seriously people.

I never thought I would be able to complete 90 days of ‘Doing Things Differently’! And while it’s definitely been a struggle, it’s also been a very rewarding experience for me.  I have decided that I am absolutely going to continue walking every day [or at least three times a week] because that little bit of exercise has really made a huge difference for me: mentally, physically and emotionally. And, I will also definitely continue to play golf. Who knows, I might even consider going bowling again.

Honestly, this whole experiment has left me open-minded for new ideas and subsequently new opportunities. Normally, whenever someone would suggest something outside of my ‘Comfort Zone’, my immediate reaction has always been to say, “NO”. However, now that I have been ‘Doing Things Differently’ for three months, IN A ROW, I’ve learned to become willing to at least TRY new things and with little to no resistance. And THAT? Is a huge change.

I am also going to keep updating the ‘Doing Things Differently Facebook Group Page’ so that I will have some way to monitor my daily progress.

I would really like to thank all of YOU for supporting me and cheering me on through this process. Ya’ll have been my inspiration to stick with it.

And, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to ‘DOING THINGS THE SAME’!

But for right now?

I think I just need to take a week’s vacation!

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  • cuteella

    So proud of you. I knew you could do it!

  • Thanks Woman!

  • Hell yes, ladyfriend. So proud of you!

  • Meleah that is wonderful that you did this and pulled it all off. So you are doing things the same but it's the same for the better. That's very important and that makes it all worth it. I'm glad you did yo it.

  • I am sorry to get in right at the end of your DTD program, but that's the great thing about blogs, you get to read all the old posts and catch up. Hell and I don't even need a TIVO.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation, it sounds as though you earned and could use it.

  • 🙂

  • Aw! You rock!!

  • Thank you!

  • Hey there, gorgeous! Come by and see me…YOU WON!!!!

  • Wow, 90 days, now that is awesome!!! Way to go!!!

  • Mike


    I think when I first started reading DTD, there was still snow on the ground. Amazing that you stuck with it and that it rewarded you with a lot of new perspectives. It's very inspiring!

  • ladyV

    hey i applaud you for doing things different. it's an excellent idea. like you i don't like to do stuff out of my comfort zone either, but sometime we miss out on some good stuff by being so narrow-minded. i even thought of doing 100 sit ups a day, haven't started yet, but i'm still thinking about it. hey it can't hurt and would like to trim my middle a bit. so you done good!

  • Momo Fali

    Atta girl! I knew you could do it! Congratulations for sticking to it.

  • Wow! Congratulations! Didn't you do well? :))

  • Yippeee!

  • Thank you!

  • 🙂 xoxox

  • Thanks! Im still going to DTD, but now its considered DTS!

  • Yes, I think I did well!

  • Hope you've enjoyed your vacation!

  • Jeesh only 70 comments, lets get going here folks. This is the final installment of DTD. Just wanted you to also know I had to put you on my fav list, I do enjoy stopping by and the fav list helps my forgetful mind now. 🙂

  • YAY! I love being on your Favorites List! woot woot

  • Thanks. I did! Ill be back online and stalking your blog tomorrow! 🙂


  • WAY.TO.GO! 90 days! Woot Woot!

  • Thanks Terri!

  • MikeWJ at TooManyMornings

    Congratulations! And you have inspired me to take up exercise again. I quit about six months ago when my wife got ill, and now I weigh….oh, I don't know, how much does a nuclear submarine weigh?

  • I don't know the answer to your question but I do know that walking
    really helps a person feel better especially when under stress!!

  • Awakeinroch

    Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve made great progress! I wish you were here so we could walk together. Exercise is not my cup of tea, especially when it’s hotter then Dutch love out.

    My progress seems to be in small increments, but I think I’ve lost more ground then you. I get impatient with myself sometimes. But I need to plod on because one day there will be very noticeable results.

    Keep up the great work! 😉


    And, I would TOTALLY walk with you if we lived closer!

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