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Doing Things Differently™ – My Week In Review [Part Eleven]

[Week 11: April 12th – 18th]

* For those of you who are NEW to ‘Doing Things Differently™’ you can find out HOW and WHY ‘Doing Things Different’ began simply by clicking HERE. *

‘Once Upon A Time’ A Girl Named Meleah wanted to improve the ‘Quality Of Her Life’ so she started ‘Doing Things Differently™’. And then she noticed the ‘Little Changes’ she made every day had a huge impact on her life. And even though Meleah had a few ‘Setbacks’ she kept on forging ‘Ahead’.

After completing ‘The First Four Weeks’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ Meleah stepped up her game by taking things to the ‘Next Level’.  She momentarily took a break to ‘Visit With An Old Friend’ but she continued ‘Doing Things Differently™’ even after things became slightly ‘Boring.’

Meleah completed ‘The Second Four Weeks’ of ‘Doing Things Differently™’ but she felt like things were becoming slightly ‘Mundane’. So, she started ‘Doing Things Differently™’ with a little more Intensity.


As most of you already heard, Monday, was also known as ‘Third Day In A Row’ Meleah spent in bed. She was still suffering from what she thought were ‘THE WORST ALLERGIES EVER’. Her eyeballs felt like they were covered in sandpaper. Her nose would not stop running, she couldn’t stop coughing or sneezing. Her throat was sore and her glands were swollen. There was so much fluid trapped in her face, the puffiness underneath her eyes made her look as if she’s been beaten with a bag of rocks. She was extremely weak and utterly exhausted. Therefore, she was unable to put on her ‘Outfit’ and she did not dare to go ‘Outside’ because that’s where all the ‘Blooming Flowers’ and ‘Evil Pollen’ live.

Instead, a ‘Defeated’ Meleah stayed ‘Inside’ and made her ‘Daily Internet Rounds’ by reading/commenting on all of her ‘Favorite Blogs’ while falling in and out of sleep thanks to a self-induced ‘Benadryl/Dimetapp’ haze.

Tuesday, also known as ‘The Fourth Day In A Row’ Meleah spent in bed started off badly. Meleah became ‘Increasingly Agitated’ as the day progressed. She was still unable to breathe. Her head was ‘Sofa King’ congested she thought the pressure might actually cause her brain to ‘Spontaneously Combust’. Meleah was just about ready to climb the walls of her house because hasn’t had this much ‘Down Time’ in what seems like ‘Forever.’ And sitting idle for that long was literally driving her ‘Bat Shit Crazy’.

For a moment she actually considered running up and down the stairs inside her house just to achieve some level of ‘Physical Activity’. But then she realized how much that would irritate all of the ‘Other People’ who live there. Finally, it dawned on Meleah. Even though she could not put on her ‘Outfit’ or go ‘Outside’ she was still able to do 100 ‘Stomach Crunches’ and 50 ‘Push-Ups’ just to ‘Burn Off’ some of her ‘Misplaced Restless Energy’ and without disrupting the entire household.

Meleah would like to ‘Thank’ all of you here on ‘The Internet’ who write wonderful ‘Blogs’ and funny ‘Status Updates’ for keeping her busy and quite entertained for ‘The Duration’ of what seemed like ‘The Longest Day In The History Of The World’ as she made her ‘Daily Internet Rounds’ by reading/commenting on all of her ‘Favorite Blogs’.

Wednesday morning, Meleah had just about enough. There was simply ‘No Way’ she could remain ‘Indoors’ for one more second. Fortunately she had a ‘Doctors Appointment’ wherein she BEGGED anyone who would listen to her ‘Desperate Cries For Help’ to please provide ‘Sweet Relief’ and ‘Right Quick.’

Much to her surprise, the doctor diagnosed Meleah with a ‘Sinus Infection’ AND an ‘Upper Respiratory Infection’ caused by her ‘Severe Allergies’.


When she returned from CVS wielding a ‘Bag Full Of Prescriptions’, Meleah overdosed on ‘Antibiotics’ and ‘Antihistamines’, before putting on her ‘Outfit’ and going ‘Outside’! And that’s precisely when she started ‘Day Fifty-Eight’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ or [D58/DTD]!

Meleah walked around the block SIX TIMES in a row, for the first day, for the eleventh week in a row. And aside from the ‘Excruciating Pain’ caused by ‘Shin Splints’ she was NEVER so happy to exercise in her whole entire life. When she came home, rather than smoking a cigarette, she did 100 ‘Stomach Crunches’ and 50 ‘Push-Ups’ for the second day in a row, for the seventh week in a row.

That afternoon, Meleah made her ‘Daily Internet Rounds’ by reading/commenting on all of her ‘Favorite Blogs’ for the Third Day – In A Row.

That evening Meleah was still in a lot of pain. So, she decided to do a little ‘Research’ to try and figure out how to ‘Prevent’ the ever so agonizing ‘Shin Splints’ from reoccurring. She read about using ‘Insoles’ and/or ‘Orthodics’ to alleviate ‘The Possible Pressure’ stemming from her extremely ‘High Arches’. And she believed using something like that just might do the trick. Considering Meleah didn’t have the ‘Time’ or the ‘Means’ to be ‘Fitted’ for ‘Prescription Orthodics’ she settled on purchasing ‘Gel Inserts’ rather than buying an expensive pair of new sneakers.

‘Day Fifty-Nine’ of ‘Doing Things Differently’ or [D59/DTD] otherwise known as Thursday, started at 9am when Meleah received a phone call from one of her ‘Girlfriends’ asking to ‘Join’ her on the walk. And of course Meleah obliged.

Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’ but she could only walk around the block FIVE times in a row, for the second day in a row, for the eleventh week in a row, with the wonderful company of her friend Tiffany.

Yet once again, even with the use of ‘Gel Insoles’ Meleah felt the same ‘Excruciating Pain’ from ‘Shin Splints’ and Meleah started to worry. But, when she came home, rather than smoking a cigarette, they both did 100 ‘Stomach Crunches’. And then Meleah did 50 ‘Push-Ups’ [alone] for the third day in a row, for the seventh week in a row.

After enjoying a ‘Leisurely Lunch’ at the ‘Country Club’ with her friends Tiffany, Jennifer and baby Mia, Meleah was still ‘Incredibly Uncomfortable’. The pain in her ‘Right Shin’ was much more ‘Intense’ then the pain she felt in her ‘Left Shin’.

Upon further inspection, Meleah noticed ‘Three, Noticeable, Large, Raised, Bumps’ directly ‘Protruding’ from ‘The Right Side’ of her ‘Right Shin’.


As if that wasn’t enough to freak her out, she also discovered another ‘Circular Lump’ almost ‘Free-Floating’ on the ‘Left Side’ of her ‘Right Shin.’

[What the…?]

Needless to say, Meleah became ‘Obsessed’ about figuring out what the f*ck was going on with her body as every conceivable ‘Worst Case Scenario’ played in her mind.

And it was at moment in time when Meleah literally morphed into the character ‘George Costanza’ from the television show Seinfeld.

Is It ‘Meningitis’, ‘Scoliosis’, OMG, Is It ‘Lupus’?”

Meleah stared intensely at the ‘Never Seen Before’ ‘Bulging Swollen Protuberances’ and seriously thought: “What if these are Tumors? Or Blood Clots?”  And “OMFG! What if it’s the ‘Big C’?”

Meleah thoroughly ‘Investigated’ probable ‘Medical Conditions’ which only ‘Made Matters Worse’. After spending ‘Countless Hours’ on ‘WebMD’ and ‘Annoying’ her best friend ‘Amy The Bartender’ with her ‘Outrageous Suspicions’ she asked ‘Facebook’ for some advice.

Everyone told Meleah to ‘Rest’, apply ‘Ice’, and take some ‘Advil’. But of course she didn’t listen to anyone. Meleah thought if she just kept ‘Walking Through The Pain’, it would eventually subside. But she was wrong! Very, very, very, wrong.

Friday, also known as ‘The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For’, or,  ‘Day SIXTY of ‘Doing Things Differently’ [D60/DTD] started at 10am. And that’s exactly when ‘Doing Things Differently’ is supposed to become ‘Doing Things The Same’!

Meleah put on her ‘Outfit’ and went ‘Outside’ but she could only walk around the block FOUR times in a row, for the third day in a row, for the eleventh week in a row. And half way through ‘The Last Lap’ she wanted to DIE. The pain in both her legs was so brutal she almost had to resort to CRAWLING. With tears in her eyes she looked down at her legs and noticed the mysterious ‘Bumps’, ‘Lumps’ and ‘Circles’ on her ‘Right Shin’ had returned and with a vengeance.

But, when she got home, rather than smoking a cigarette, she did 100 ‘Stomach Crunches’ and 50 ‘Push-Ups’ for the fourth day in a row, for the seventh week in a row. And then she had to ‘Ice’ her shins for several hours.

Meleah really doesn’t understand WHY she’s been able to put on her ‘Outfit’ and go ‘Outside’ and walk around the block for ‘Eleven Weeks – In A Row’ – without having ANY ‘Shin Splint Incidents’ whatsoever. But more importantly than that, she should probably consider seeing a ‘Professional’ or some kind of ‘Specialist’ regarding the ‘Very Noticeable Protruding And Painful Lumps’ sticking out of her right leg. Because she would really like for this problem to ‘Go Away’!

Saturday, SHOULD HAVE BEEN ‘Day One’ of ‘Doing Things The Same’. But sadly, Meleah was still ‘Debilitated’ and she did not want to ‘Run The Risk’ of ‘Furthering The Injury’.

Instead, she packed up her ‘Beloved Computer’ and the rest of her ‘Electronical Devices’ and headed to KHCC. Meleah spent the day ‘Laughing Out Loud’ with ‘Amy The Bartender’ and patiently waited for her brother Abercrombie to ‘Arrive’.

Sunday, Meleah managed to pull herself together and went out for an ‘Awesome Day Of Golf’. And even though she was basically ‘Crippled’ and barely made contact with the ball, she had ‘A Most Excellent Drive’ on the ‘Fourth Hole’.

And yet somehow, after all of this?  Meleah still isn’t totally satisfied with her’ Self-Imposed-Life-Altering-Challenge’.

Especially since she feels like she’s missed too many days – and too many days in a row.

Which led her to thinking.

Meleah only needs ‘Thirty More Days’, for this to become a ‘90-Day Mission’. And maybe she can pretend that ‘The First 60 Days’ were merely a form of ‘Practice’ to get herself ready for the ‘Real Challenge’.

Meleah intends to treat the next 30 days much like someone attending AA. But, instead of going to 30 meetings in 30 days, she is going to continue ‘Doing Things Differently’ for 30 Days ‘In A Row’.


Yanno. AFTER she visits a ‘Real Doctor’ to find out  ‘What Is Going On’ with her ‘Shin Splints’ and how to treat these ‘Mysterious Lumps’ on her legs.

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  • Oh, hon. Wishing you the best!! 🙁

  • I hope your sinuses are feeling better. Definitely get to the doctor. Lumps and bumps never sound good. I don't exercise so I can't offer any helpful suggestions like so many of your other readers, but sitting on my butt works for me :).

  • Thanks Love!

  • Ive been doing NOTHING but sitting on mt rear end! Ahahahahahah

  • Time to see the expert, you know after a few days of self first aid and no improvement then you have to move onto the doctor. It sounds like you are doing great on sticking with changing your habits and I can understand why you don't want to slide back, hang in there!

  • Ice is definitely good for shin splints. I ran track in college and that was always what the Trainer had the shin splint people do. Ice, ice, ice. But I understand the pain. I finally had to stop running in practice one day because the pain actually made me cry. It will get better!

  • Hi! Give your body a rest before you really pack it in. Having a six pack on a six pack is not worth the trouble. My suggestion is to take it easy and if you have to go for a walk, do it in style in your favourite clothing Boutique and buy something nice!

  • Don't ever research medical issues on the internet (unless you've already been diagnosed with something). Doing this has turned me into a hypochondriac – Now stop complaining about your protrusions and go get them looked at before you damage something beyond repair. When my husband is sick or hurt he will will whine and complain and fuss until I finally have to tell him I don't want to hear another word until you go do something about it. (not that this is you, just saying)

    Take care of yourself!!

  • Hopefully its just a matter of needing new shoes or something simple!
    But, I cant get into see my doctor until Friday –
    And Im going CRAZY doing nothing!

  • Oh the pain totally made me cry too!
    I've never used so much ICE in my whole life!

  • The only nice thing will be buying are New Sneakers!
    But, yes, I am being forced to REST right now. *sigh*

  • Okay! I will stop complaining – and I will stop looking to self diagnose online! Oh, and I have a doctors appointment this Friday!

  • I for one, would love to see footage of that drive on # 4! ( me and my bulbus pinkie toe ) .. hehee

  • Okay then. One of these days I will make sure someone gets video footage of
    me playing golf instead of just still shots!

  • I am trying this disqus reply with email thinggee with my phone … it works?

  • it TOTALLY does!

  • YES! It does!

  • cuteella

    Go you!

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  • xoxoxo

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