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Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat?

Yeah. Um…

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat?




Because THAT is what I had to wear all day yesterday!


I suppose I should explain my ever so stylish outfit.

When I left my house it was all of 85 degrees and sunny. However, by the time I arrived at my Annual Family Picnic? It was all of 50 degrees and cloudy. Fortunately, I never leave my house without a sweatshirt and a pair of Dr Seuss-esque socks, because I never know when I will feel the need to bundle up.  And thankfully, both the sweatshirt and matching socks came in handy.

However, I was still freezing considering I was wearing shorts. Of course, there was a Target Store conveniently located less than a block away from the party. But, since I didn’t want to leave the party subsequently risking photo opportunities, I agreed to wear my father’s jeans.

Because that’s what a good Family Historian does.


As the Princess Paparazzi, I hope ya’ll will please excuse me while I busy myself: uploading, editing, cropping, captioning, comic life-ing, and posting a zillion photos from the day’s event.

But, I will be back tomorrow to read/comment on all of your blogs.

And, if there is enough time for me to construct a real post, with real words, I may even regale you with a little story about ‘A Girl Who Hasn’t Dated Since February’ that recently discovered she has a MAJOR crush on an ‘Unavailable Totally Super Hot Guy’. Sounds interesting right?

PS: I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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  • Hahaha…NO! You make those jeans look 10X oversized and far too baggy for you. When I read butt on facebook I had to come see:)

  • Paul the Canuck Meleah Fan.

    Errr… no… But it does make you want to find out more… 😉

  • you would look gorgeous in a feed sack!!!

  • Fat!? Where? I agree with Bobby they are way too baggy. But you still look good in them. 🙂

  • if i saw you on the street, i would beep my horn and tell you to pull up your pants. lol

    but no, i think the pants may have eaten your butt, in fact.

  • Meleah

    Bobby Revell :

    Find out what?

    I love you!

    Um. Yeah, of course they are too baggy! They are 80 times my size. They are my DADS jeans. Thus, the giant rope belt holding them up!

    That is hysterical. My dad actually made me pose for a shot with my draws hanging out the back, Ill post that later when I am done editing the whole set!

  • Whatever … you still look amazing! 🙂 Sounds like a fun family get-together … and with your family that seems like what you always have! lol

  • I was thinking on the same lines as Val. They look like they’re gonna fall off !

  • Ha was that his belt too? You looked so lovely anyway. Gosh, I bet you can still look lovely even if you bundle up in winter jackets out there in the Sahara desert.

  • amythebartender

    they actually look much better in the photo than they did in person! how can that be???

  • You look HOT in anything Meleah … look at all the male bloggers over here! ha ha haaaaaaaa 😉

    Hi Bobby, Rolando, Jaffer, and Paul

  • Question is… are those jeans half full or half empty? Only way one could ascertain that is if a common frame of reference had been provided, without that it is nearly impossible to come up to a conclusion. All this mumbo jumbo just as a wordy (overtly) excuse to ask “where is the picture *before* the jeans were fitted over?” 😉

  • Meleah

    DrowseyMonkey :
    I had a great time as always with my crazy family. And, I just discovered a HILARIOUS set of photos courtesy of my father! I will be posting those next!


    They almost did! That’s why I had to wear that rope belt!

    Aw. You’re making me blush!


    I have a really GOOD camera!



    Hmm…I think I have a photo of me in my shorts PRIOR to freezing and needing these pants!

  • You know, I purposely wore my pants like that in 1994-95-96, height of the Grunge look and the last time I could wear a size 10. Waste really.

    Nothing could make you’re butt look big, but you’re so cute for trying!

    Love the socks

  • I’m with your above commenter! I used to borrow my Dad’s jeans (who is almost a foot taller!) to wear over boxer shorts in my less fashionable days 🙂

    Hey, warmth before fashion, particularly when surrounded by family!

  • Meleah

    Cute Ella:
    Its all about The Socks!
    And, I think we should bring this look back!

    “Hey, warmth before fashion, particularly when surrounded by family!”
    Oh, BTW, I think I will do that blog post for you, Im just not sure WHEN!

  • The jeans don’t make you look fat at all but they do look like they’re gonna fall off. Kinda a rapper feel to it … LOL!

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  • No chance, Meleah! If they did, you’d end up on my website! Happy holiday to you! Sse you on facebook tomorrow, I’m coming back.

  • Fat or FLAT! I say just FLAT.

  • Meleah

    Yep. I think I look kind if Gangster-ish in my fathers jeans too.
    Until you look at my feet!


    YAY! You’re back! Sweeeeeeeet.


  • You can wear anything – absolutely anything. You are a natural beauty. I love that you wore your father’s jeans. Too cute!

  • Ninjas: They’re everywhere.

  • Ned

    So now I know at least part of the story of your big labor day weekend. My Dad has a pretty good sense of humor as well, but that sort of physical comedy routine takes a unique individual. It’s great that you have a nice big extended family that actually gets together. In mine no one can stand each other and that sort of event hardly ever happens.

    I’ll be holding my breath waiting for the story of the crush…

  • Meleah

    Aw. Thank you!

    For Real!

    Oh my family has a BLAST with each other. It makes me sad to think that yours is NOT like that. At least your dad is funny like mine. I think he is a comedic genius sometimes!

  • You look so gansta in those jeans. You ready to throw down with yo homies?

    Fat? Are you kidding me? You’d make a burlap bag look good.

  • No way!! You look young and playful!! AND that is a great look!!

  • Meleah

    And thank you.

    Cathy WMDA:

  • Loves the socks and sandals doll!

  • Girl, you could not look fat if you tried. You always look adorable, even in your daddy’s jeans!

  • Wait a minute… why did you dad have a spare pair of jeans on hand for the family reunion? At least I’m assuming it was a spare pair. I hope he wasn’t running around in his boxers for the sake of your comfort! 😉

  • Meleah

    Me too!

    Actually my father had TWO spare pairs of jeans! He packed one and so did my mom just in case it got chilly at night. Who knew it would be freezing all day! Im sure glad it worked out for my benefit!

  • Amy

    No, put your sandals are giving your toes cleavage.

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