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Digg Is Dead To Me

Seriously. I liked Digg at first. I really did. I might even continue liking it, if I can find a resolution to my issue.

What’s my problem?

Well, I have always followed the Digg etiquette rules. Like not submitting my own articles, or spamming other people. I leave my post open to my loyal readers, or any person who stumbled upon and liked a particular post I wrote to submit it to Digg themselves. Likewise I have Dugg other people’s posts. But only ones that I found to be informative, funny, or filled with valuable, educational content, yanno, ‘Digg worthy’.

And here is where my problem begins. Apparently there is a new feature on Digg where members can send ‘Shouts’ to other Diggers. (Diggers are notified via email there is a new message in their Digg Shout Box) Now, I don’t mind this feature perse. MyBlogLog & BlogCatalog have the same feature. Most of the people I get emails and updates from on MyBloglog & BlogCatalog are from bloggers I actually like and read. I am usually glad to receive an updated shout. Especially if I have been really busy and could you use a reminder to get my ass over to their blogs.

What is driving me fucking insane is the new constant barrage of emails…all sent from the SAME person. This particular Digger seems to think that every single word he has ever typed is so spectacular he is compelled to Digg every single one of his OWN posts and send Shout Outs to every single other Digger. I5 times a day.

I also DO NOT like how all of his Shout Outs sit on my page, and act as an advertising billboard for all of his lame posts.

Not. Cool.

I know I can, and I have spent a great deal of time DELETING all of his emails and Shouts. But all of this deleting is beginning to cut into my valuable personal time.

So, I had to take further action. First, I de-friend-ed him on Digg. I have tried blocking him, but I still get at least 10 -15 emails / shouts to Digg his posts a day. Finally I broke down and sent him a very polite email asking to please REMOVE me from his ‘shout list’ ASAP.

But no. I am still getting emails and shouts from this cat.

I don’t know what else to do?

Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of this guy once and for all?

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  • Switch to Reddit!

  • I can’t help you there. I am still in the Dark Ages here. I have never visited Digg or StumbleUpon or Reddit.

    It sucks, though. What an annoying person. Isn’t there anything the Digg Tech Support people can do? Isn’t there a code against blog spammers?

  • I think Ingrid is on the right track. You can try complaining to Digg’s Tech Support and eventually that guy might be banned.

    Otherwise, you could create a rule for your inbox that automatically sends his stuff to the delete folder. Eventually he’ll give up.

  • I would send an email to abuse@digg.com with the background history. I would also write a new message to him and state in clear concise terms that you have already requested him to stop sending you these shouts and he has continued to ignore your requests repeatedly, therefore you are left with no choice but to forward each new message he sends you to the abuse department at digg.

  • Meleah




    I have no idea how to block this guy! I cant STAND it anymore. I might try your idea.


    I like her idea too. He isn’t emailing me directly. But DIGG sends me emails alerting me that he has posted a new Shout Out on my page. Its not even the emails that bother me. In fact I like getting the emails so I know to go and DELETE his damn shouts!


    Thank YOU. Im all over that. (I kinda feel bad, like I am telling the ‘teacher’ or something…but this has GOT TO STOP.)

  • Never feel bad for getting a spammer in trouble. I’m sure he’s making many people miserable. You are doing the right thing by reporting him.

  • OR….you can do a real ‘classy’ thing like telling us all who & where this spastic spammer is and we can all bombard him with hate mail. Just another option to keep in mind….And yes THE BIG DAY is tomorrow…yikes! I would SO LOVE to go skydiving on the same day!!!! How fantastic would that be!? I postponed it till January–New Year, New Adventure…new potential human SPLAT! on the floor. No really it’d be GREAT.

  • It hasn’t happened to me yet… but I’d like to know how to fix the problem if it does!

  • I love love love The Girls Next Door! I am finding out more and more people who are beginning to admit to liking this show. I am worried that Hugh is looking a bit frail lately and that the show will be canceled! And ABC soaps, been watching them since high school. I even planned my courses in college around them so I could come home and watch most weekdays! Good news about you and your mom, I have a very similar relationship with my mom only she doesn’t see a problem and has no desire to work anything out. I wish we could resolve our issues like you have. For me, it is almost constant defensive mode every time I speak with her. Going “home” for Christmas and somewhat dreading it. Good luck with your impending move!

  • Meleah


    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


    I will so send you his info and you can SPAM his ASS!! January? Sky Diving? Bi-Coastal style! That actually might be do-able!

    Oohhh..YEAY…the big 30! I am so excited (for you)!


    This dood is a nightmare.


    Yippeee. Someone else who loves Holly, Bridget & Kendra! Hugh is looking old and tired. But I am dying to go to the new Playboy Club @ the Palms hotel in Vegas.

    Erica Kane rocks.

    Thats a shame about your mom. That makes me sad for you.

    Thanks for the well wishes. The Move is in 4 days. Yikes.

  • Report him to Digg’s abuse channel. 🙂

  • WOO HOO!! Look here for some inspiration! http://www.skydivemontereybay.com/

    What if I send him a million e-mails about Erectile Dysfunction!!!!

  • Meleah


    I am. I am. I cant even anymore.


    That would be SOFA-KING awesome! (both the skydiving and the E.D.)

  • You could Digg him….a nice hole, about six feet deep.

  • I can’t stand blog Catalog because of that very thing. It does give me traffic so I deal with it. Maybe you can email him a computer virus so he’s knocked out for a few days.

    I never really got into digg but I kick around the idea of adding it now and then to my blog.

  • Ever thought of threatening him with a loaded shotgun?….lol! I think you wll find it quite theraputic and gratifying…lol! It is a shame that the minority have to spoil it for the majority.

    Best wishes, Graham 🙂

  • I am out of the Digg loop, I’m afraid. I will confess that I have no idea how to use it. I am hopeless with all that stuff. This guy sounds like a pain in the proverbial. You have to report him. I’m also with somegirl – bombard him with emails about erectile dysfunction, also penile implants. LOL!

    I also love The Girls Next Door. I think it’s because despite the unusual nature of their relationship, the girls and Hef actually seem like a real family. Holly’s gonna cause trouble though, she wants him all to herself. My favourite is Bridget – she has a sweetness and frailty to her that makes her really likeable. I am hooked!

  • Have you tried to email him personally and say, look dude, you are really making an ass out of yourself by annoying me and EVERYONE ELSE. He may think “all publicity is good” but its not, getting a reputaion for being an inconsiderate blogger is B_A_D!

  • Meleah


    you leave the BEST comments all over the internet… HA HA HA HA …. thanks for dropping by!


    I have never been ‘assaulted’ like this before…not even by blogcatalog or mybloglog.


    well, no…maybe I should.


    Stay out. Your better off, this has become way too much work for me. Im all about SG crushing him.

    The Girls Next Door is sooo cute. Im in love with all of them. I know Holly wants him and thinks Hef will marry her one day…and maybe he will…but man… this show reminds me of the GOOD days waaaaaaaay back… at the bar. I am totally hooked on the show.


    Yeah. I tried that. I think that has only made him send me MORE annoying shit.

  • FV

    Mel my dearest friend!

    Think of him as if he was the turnpike., not matter how much you avoid him, he will always be there. So my suggestions is:

    Don’t pay attention, don’t let it get to you and I’m sure you will be fine.



  • Gosh, I don’t know. Maybe leave him nonsensical comments on his blog. Long ones. About hemorrhoids. And incontinence. ;o)

  • Can’t help you there Meleah, I’ve no knowledge whatsoever on this Digg thingy. You might say I’m a little in the past of stuff like these. Hope you get it resolved soon though.

  • Meleah


    Now that would be funny.


    I hope so too.

  • The best friend

    this is hilarious. “this cat”!! i’m dying. Oh I wish I knew what to tell you..JUST ASK LESLIE, SHE’LL KNOW. HAHHAH. “this cat”.

  • Meleah


    That “CAT” is annoying me. I did ask Leslie. She knew what to so. She ALWAYS knows what to do!!

  • I don’t understand this Digg thing… I’ve checked it out, read it and I still don’t get how it works. Report him to the highest authorities… shame him in public! 😀

  • Meleah


    I reported his ass.

    Oh Digg is just another way to get your posts “out there”

  • How annoying you should reply in kind

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