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The Devil Wears Prada…and So Does My Mother.

I know I promised I would write up a snappy post for ya’ll. I lied. Well, no I didn’t.

I am actually in the middle of writing a nice post, but I don’t know if it will be up until tomorrow night as I have been thoroughly distracted by my new finding.

I as I was typing along, I received and email from my mother. (while I am writing I do not answer, or look, or even check my emails, unless, they are from my mom.) I love my mom, however, after receipt of her email, and the fact that I have to drop everything to write about her email is distressing enough…

I am now convinced, all her love and her support through all these years has been just a ruse. She’s a fraud! It’s all been a hoax. Her love has been nothing more than a red herring. To think, I believed all those damn lullabyes. Having Crohn’s, makes food intolerable most days.

One of the FEW things I CAN eat, is Chinese food. And she sends me  Chinese Food Song

Thanks MOM… For ruining my Chinese pleasures!

She is pure evil…Shit! I can’t even enjoy pizza and beer ever again, as long as I live, now she’s taken away Chinese food. I will seek comfort in the fact that the chandelier(s), rug(s), mural, will all be mine one day bitches…

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  • harry

    Ummm lol?

    Reminds me of a joke though.

    Q: What does a gay man order from a chinese restaurant?

    A: The cream of some young guy.

    Although that has nothing to do with sweet and sour cats it for some reason still reminded me of that joke.

    BTW LOL at the woman with the acting boobies in the post before this one!


  • meleah rebeccah

    I aim to entertain

  • Oh yeah, it’s Mr. Francisco to you

    Remind me to remind everyone that in true chinese cousine they do eat CATS!!!


    All I have to say to Meleah’s post is……..


  • meleah rebeccah


    I was kidding. My mother laughed her face off when she read this.

    And that’s just NASTY (the whole CAT CUSINE)

  • Anonymous


    THAT was funny.

    What was REALLY funny was the
    Chinese Food video….OH WAIT. The YouTube Date video
    was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    I get the gist of what your saying, but I am not that taken with this “editorial”…

    It’s ok, I guess….


  • meleah rebeccah

    Thank you for being honest

    That’s what I love about you…

    You are forever,My toughest critic

  • Anonymous

    If your mom didn;t laugh at what your wrote I would have to have Ron commit her to Rehap for the those with no humor….. the video made me laugh and now wanting to go get some chinese food..lol… Loved what your wrote sitting in my hotel room laughing.. love you…xoxoxoxo BFNC

  • meleah rebeccah

    knowing my mother as well as you do BFNC, you know she needs to be comitted, but not for lacking a sence of humor!

    her and me!


    Wow, I cant even believe Pammi has time to watch videos that arent yours.

    I am sick to my stomach over the whole cat thing. I tried to put that fact out of my mind in the 80’s but it seems thanks to you its back, well thanks to pammi really.

    Who would have thought Pammi would be sending videos and jokes to people. Finally she crossed over from being so serious to makin us laugh.

    Pammi’s pissed cause shes pretty!

  • meleah rebeccah

    Pammi’s PISSED cuz shes pretty!

    That was a GREAT day… too bad we didnt have video capabilities THAT day!!!

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